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Here I is and I sho is glad to be huh. It wasn't letting me write for some reason.

Yes. Thanks fam.

Metokur's at it again. This time with internet bloodsports.

@Whiskey-Vargas Oh yeah. We went there

You'll finally hear my beautiful effeminate 20 year old ebonic voice

I don't mean to brag but I do a pretty good Trudeau voice

We need some good old fashioned music in here. https://youtu.be/gn-ngetN65Y

@Whiskey-Vargas yeah, I tend to speak with a fusion of a Caribbean and British tinge in my voice

Oy gevalt

It's almost as if gun control doesn't work or something.

Negligent parenting and wanting fame in the worst way possible are 2 reasons I can think of.

"Front page"

MFW 70 degrees F in CT tomorrow. Feels great, man.

I couldn't believe it either. It was 60 degrees F today.

Lol, it's snowing on Thursday.

Holy shit, that man needs to become the next PM. He just exudes Britishness.


Beags dindu nuffin

That dude is fixing to become a professional crisis actor

5 ft 10 master race

Feels bad, man

Super female Vitality FTW

Germans have been a blight on humanity since the fall of Rome. I say, let them go. They won't be able to hurt anyone else anymore.

Let's see, they caused the fall of Rome, they made WWI worse, they practically started WWII to make up for WWI and then to "apologize" they started importing millions of incompatible people. Yep, the Germans have to go.

Austria is cool though. They can stay.

I think Hitler was using the gas on the wrong people

They did it before and they will do it again

It looks like they're trying to pull a 4D chess, but they're playing checkers at this point. I don't see what they're trying to accomplish by doing that.

I've got my own caveats with them though *cough, denying the Armenian Genocide, cough*

Fucking bigot, the correct term is Turkroaches

I'm not too worried though. St. Paisios' prophecy is in its early stages.

Rome was fine. Germans were a mistake

Now that I remember that Romans frequently partook in child fiddling (they were infamously known as catamites), it was for the best that they be sacked

Well, shit. Why didn't the Germans go after Greece instead?

Ah, I see now.

Gas the Germans still

Cucks gonna cuck

There's more, dare I say it, diversity in this one

@Whiskey-Vargas Physically remove, you say?

Life imitates art

Unpopular opinion: internet bloodsports is getting boring now

Black pilling is for losers. Take the white pill

Well, if you were going to be a carpenter in those days, you were going to end up being somewhat jacked.

This could very well take off.

Man, I can't wait to tell my grandchildren about the great meme wars of the late 10s, early 20s

It appears Jesus ate very well back then.

He still gassed the wrong people

Tell her that your system needs time to recharge, otherwise, you're just expelling fluid and there's nothing in it.

Welp, no swimmers, no babies

Dafuq is that?


Oy gevalt

Could it have been someone that is going to declare himself tsar on the 18th of March?

Π₯ΠΎΡ€ΠΎΡˆΠΎ для вас, Ρ‚ΠΎΠ²Π°Ρ€ΠΈΡ‰

They better not, but I see that Sikh Trudeau wannabe trying to slide right in

I'm still getting results on my computer

This is why I don't use Snapchat

I just did it again. I didn't see that it was the shopping section at first

Take away ALL the guns!

Rare magma Pepe

So, an omnivore then

Of course Boogie is cucking on free speech

The bloodsports are getting boring


New California 51 when?

Every time I go to get gains, you start streaming. I'm starting to notice things

Why do white people have normal names?

Well, Connor is boring as hell and no sane person names their child Boogaloo

Not enough based darkies like me there?

Yeah, but isn't he a fedora also?

That's what I saw the last time I looked at his account

I wish there were folks in NY so we could do a meetup

I live 40 minutes by train from NYC

Long Island

Temperance, dude

Have fun with cirrhosis then

Get out while you still can

AZ is too hot for me

That was just a fluke

Ok, I'll give you that one

1. Poor boy. 2. Going to church shouldn't be a chore. Your mom is going it wrong.



I propose you check out Orthodoxy. There's got to be one somewhere where you live

It's more based and it doesn't have a single central authority. (And more importantly, no child fiddling)

I'd recommend a former Jew who converted to orthodoxy on YouTube, but he's a little cuckoo sometimes. He also has trust issues with Trump

OMG he's cucking, he's cucking! Remember when he "cucked" on DACA?

Cockroach Lady was strangely silent on the Parkland shooting

Was it because of that Icelandic guy?

Possibly put this in narcissistic tweet sharing

However, if it looks like a cuck, acts like a cuck, and sounds like a cuck, he might as well be a cuck

None other than Linda Sarsour. Sarsour means cockroach in Arabic and she's somehow proud of that.

It could be a distraction from something that we don't even know about

Remember, Trump is a master of distraction

How long is it going to be? I have to go to a dumb administrative meeting for my school club


Actually, it is shaped like an eggplant

Ethiopian Orthodox monarchy when?

Holy shit, I haven't seen that other face before. Still just as hideous

You forget, Ethiopia used to be great until commies fucked it over in 1975

Anal is unsanitary, whether it be gay or straight

Don't worry, Putin will be declared tsar on the 18th

He should sue on the grounds that his freedom of expression was infringed upon

I don't think I want to move to Somerset when I get older anymore

But I have the incorrect opinions

Perhaps, but I don't want to live amongst an increasing population that literally conflates black peoples with slaves

Well, be glad you don't live in South Africa. They would have given you a lot more than disrespect


People fought and died in WWI and WWII for this shit? (((They))) need to heck off with their wars and such

Wew lad

I can't believe you wanted to ethnically cleanse me. That's alright, I'll make my own country with blackjack and hookers

Lol, fuck the confederacy. Lousy country dividing pieces of shit

The south should have just gotten with the times and industrialized. Think of all the factories that they could have built alongside the Mississippi River

Still, a whole lot could have been averted. Fuck, why didn't they do that? They could have even used horse drawn or steam powered harvesters or something

I suppose not if workers will be displaced, but we have a severe propensity for being lazy. Eventually, most everything will be automated, the only thing is that we can't flood countries with useless people beforehand.

You wouldn't happen to be one of (((them))) would you?

Then why all this talk of ovens?

I think your son is a future shitlord in training

Lol, I've got to have children when I get older


Why can't people be content with human porn?

@.drib it's a safer yet strange alternative to having intercourse. Why risk getting knocked up or getting an std when you can ogle someone's feet?

Footfags should begone, but if that's what floats your boat, then so be it


This is what the police cited Lauren Southern for that got her banned for life. https://twitter.com/caolanrob/status/967444384668057600

People should be more wary of blood transfusions now

They're now going to refuse you entry if you try to go back

At this point, any government that doesn't even try to fight back against this deserves it. Serves them right for turning to degeneracy

Gross, I'm already trying to cut down my weight. I don't need soy to muck things up

The only boobs I'll be growing are huge slabs of muscle on my chest. I could beat them like a war drum

Serves them right for putting historically white people in blackface

Keep that shit on blacked.com

I thought she got deported to Calais

Hold the fuck up...

Any Stephen Hawking jokes are going to be awkward now. https://t.co/FM9ETpiLui?amp=1

I thought the current god of atheism was Dawkins

I despair for the female half of my race

Why not just call them negresses?

It used to be where you could find very good wholesome ones, especially in church, but now western American churches have become so cucked, especially the black ones that get caught up in identity politics

Wait, what did you solve?

Privatized investigation force when?

South Africa will have to fall. Only then will those Bantu and Azuki blockheads finally get it.

Azuki- WTF *Zulu

Spain colonizing Mexico was a mistake

Don't you fucking dare

I said don't you dare

Dylan Roof was far from a gud boi

Emotional appeals won't work

Accept defeat, bigote

Something made him into a bade boi

WTF, I like Anita now?

I'd rather die first

Guys, I think I've figured out how to vet "refugees". Make them eat bacon, drink beer, pet a dog, and shake a woman's hand. For some reason, shaking a woman's hand is a death sentence to the kebabs.


This is the first time I've seen someone having an ear fetish

I don't think it would be wrong, it would just be fucking weird

Was Archie your Bassett?

I'm watching videos of Bassets now. I can see the appeal of them

One of these days, one of them will take out Merkel once the welfare goes belly up

Still here.

I can't go. I'd be banned from the country in a heartbeat

No, but I'm sure that I've been out on a few lists

Secularization was forced upon them in the 20s so it's not surprising to see them revert

It's more like this

Why didn't you clap?


Chechen Muslims are particularly cancerous

If Putin was serious, he would have Deus Vulted Chechnya already. Fuck, he would have Deus Vulted Turkey already

I've fully solved the mystery. If the Turks stayed in Central Asia or at least converted to Christianity when they migrated to Anatolia, there wouldn't have been a need for Europeans to find a trade route going west. Think about it. Islam is the reason why most of the world had been screwed up since the Middle Ages. Europeans had well been in their way to abolishing slavery within their own countries until the Western Hemisphere was discovered. That prompted the need for huge numbers of slaves to cultivate the crops to spur the economy. Had Islam not intervened, Europeans could have had normal relations with Africa. Remember, some of the first nations to convert to Christianity were African. Sorry for the sperg rant, but this is crucial info

Tldr- Islam is the reason why the world has been so fucked up for the past 564 years.


Don't you dare tarnish the reputation of the Russian borzoi. The tsar had (((them))) in serfdom for a reason

I've scratched the U.K. off my list of places to go to. Glad I went back in 2015 before this bullshit became standard

I mean, he's not a real pope

Yes, but since the occupation of Anatolia, things had progressively gotten worse

There are multiple orthodox patriarchs

So what you're saying is, there has never been a true pope?

What I'm getting from this was that He was being metaphorical?

Leave it to us to screw everything up as always

I bet this is what led to that baseless Mary worship also. She's important and is to be revered, but she's not part of the trinity.

Oh bother

Hell, I'm technically prot, yet I still recognize the saints as they helped to advance the faith. Praying to them however is idolatry imo

Brits gonna Brit

Blasted IRA cuck


Cut cable and get Roku or something

Just to have the fucking machine? Why is Ireland so cucked?

Is there going to be a show today? @Orwell & Goode

Lol, I just found out that RT made the Hillary shooting star meme. They're state funded, so that means Putin has a sense of humor. https://youtu.be/F9W6C9UulCM

Serves him right for being a heathen. I give him a month before they fully have a case and they bag him

In other words, oof

That's too kind


We have to send these fucks a message. Touch a kid's ass, you get the gas.

Or we could drown them

Dissolving in acid maybe?

Gas is universal

This shit just pissed me off. I think this counts as a redpill. https://youtu.be/AHX6tHdQGiQ

Ffffffff why didn't they just take Tours and be done with them? I'm fucking tired

We fought two world wars for this shit. (((They))) must be so proud of themselves

And when I say (((they))) it's the ones that are Chosenites in name only. They're not actually religious but they use their identity to deflect

He's not /ourguy/. Sad!

He signed it, didn't he?

Oh well, much like the Syria air strike, we'll be alive and Assad will remain un-Mossaded

Remember, he likes to distract. He just put out a tweet about banning bump stocks. There's a development that we don't know about

Would it kill some people to trust him already?

The bill was shady AF but for all that we know, he could have found a solution for most of the things in it and he didn't make it public yet

It's sinful but (((they))) didn't get the memo

Tbh there has got to be a better system that doesn't involve usury

All of them

There just has to be a better way without being devoured

It also not being socialistic will be a cherry on top

Those fuckers can openly affirm their atheism, just not in Muslim majority countries

Where the hell is #ChristianDay?

I swear, all of these people are deathly afraid of there existing a being that is better and greater than them

Why be afraid of the greatest gift to humanity?

Physically remove materialists

That just makes him even guiltier

Eh, the pope is shite anyway

Why couldn't they just branch out into different papacies like the Orthos do?

I'm surprised there's still a patriarch of Constantinople

I can't wait for the day when the Orient express reopens and we can see crosses on those minarets. Hell, Syria and Egypt should also get their shit together so the Taurus express can be reopened

Soon to be flag of Egypt

Fuck, so much could have been achieved if the Turks had either stayed in Central Asia or just converted to anything else but Islam.

I see you're not only one that follows Wictor

But what if you're barren or impotent?

Rees-Mogg for PM

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