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Plissken I'm edgier than you, and I've seen garbage you would not believe.

I spent ten years working for a heartless multinational corporation while volunteering for a scojus group in the most pozzed city in this country. Let me tell ya. The robber baron and the moral busybody agree on something very important. You are a replaceable cog in the machine they both operate. To be used up and replaced as frequently as possible.

Don't knock it until shove it's delicousness down your throat Vargas

Back in thirty. Gotta call my wife.

and talk to my wife's son

That I made in her womb with my epic level virility.

Just shot him right up in that uterus. No ovum involved. So I guess technically he's not her son. Since it's 100% my DNA

It is when you do it right πŸ˜›

Ya damn right.

back in 30 my dudes

What did OJ do now?

oh, thanks for that

Autistic chick? Are we talking about Aydin

I'm only interested in impregnating two women right now. Aydin, and my wife.

Doesn't mean I won't try and try and try.

She's oddly waffled on the topic of her fertility actually.

She's mentioned not being able to have kids on one of her earlier videos. But then she also recently mentioned looking for the right guy to knock er up on someone's stream.

My son is still adorable as ever. He was watching Teriffic Trucks while my wife was cooking dinner.

By the right guy, she meant like husband material not someone who is capable of overcoming her issues with his sperm count.

She has posted the occasional body pic on her twitter.

She's got some good vids. Very academic, very funny.

LIterally autistic.

Ebo I used to do the cooking. Probably will again in the future it's fun.

My only issue with Jim and Jade is that he has failed to impregnate her thus far.

I'm going to this weekend.

Jim checkes out of something whenever we need him most. Which is annoying but i understand why.

Does anyone find it hilarous that the advocates of diversity's stated end goal is a world where everyone is a bisexual, agnostic, acultural, agendered member of a unvarying grey skinned mongrel race. I.E. Total global invariance.

I don't

That does help

But that was actually two different statements on my part that reads like one

Statment was is that Metokur should knock up his girlfriend.

Statement two was that I was going to see star wars with my wife this weekend.

Good job, I've failed to do that.

I even know when she is ovulating because that's my fetish. Unfortunatly when she is ovulating hasn't been a good time for us for the last year or so. We've both been working to much and don't get to see her.

I know

But if you say things back to back on discord it comes out looking like one thing.

like this

bananna speedo

What is your goal?

I want as many as possible, but I got a late start and life problems.

kids aren't that expensive, it's true.

My house isn't that big, but we bought it at the bottom of the crash. Luckiest break I ever had.

Nothing at all as long as it's a minor societal variance and not a large cultural trend.

I hope all races, including yes, the blacks and our echoey friends persist for as long as humanity does.

True dat.

Because get this. Diversity really is strength for humanity as a whole. But the modern proponenets of "diversity" aren't really pushing diversity they are pushing a globally invarient humanity. Where there are as little differences between people as possible.

^very true

That's the first ten

Ohhhh I knew that was coming.

That just needs slight adjustment.

Firstly birthright citizenship if at least one parent is already a citzen. Second, rights DO NOT apply to non citizens in any way shape or form.

Non citizen? Slavery is a-ok. Go full Rome on em

hmm may want to rethink that

I am a leaf

in the wind

watch how i soar

We can't do like Rome because that ends in degeracy and decadence and every civilizations goal should be to not make the same mistakes previous ones had.

Fun fact on that. Do you know what god was always pissed about in the old testament?

That's true dino.

See i'd support a law that streamlined immigration. But it would have to include a roundup of all current illegals, their deportation, and blacklisting for citizenship and any future children they may have.

Laziness and misplaced compassion.

Blacklisting them from U.S. citizenship is not legally a "punishment" is what I would argue in that case.

Laziness because laws can be difficult and expensive to enforce.

Misplaced compassion because some people think we need to solve all the world's problems. When all we really do is be a pressure release valve for countries to avoid fixing their own problems.

If we shut down Mexican immigration in it's entirety, Mexico would short it's shit out in ten years or less.

Or be a smoking crater everyone blames on whitey.

But most of the world is that already so we've got nothing to lose.

Furfags yiff in hell

That's always the first step. If sociologissts weren't shit at their jobs they'd be looking into a connection between toxoplasmosis and being a furry.

Everyone's furry for catgirls.

I'd take a 3d one though.

Smells like fish and cinamon

One time a friend of mine said that, and now I know what his wife's vag smells like.

I did not need to know that. Even if his wife is hot. Actuall, ESPECiALLY because his wife is hot.

I feel like a shitposting channel is redundent with general because all general just turn into that anyway.

Where is that %furry graphic when you need it.

Have you not seen that before?

Toxoplasmosis. Purge the monstrocities.

Then don't blow your cover stacy

All good girls should be collared.

Ok compromise. Which is actually what I gave my wife when we got married.

That's right

On our wedding day

I gave my wife

a pearl necklace

Yes, but you are also supposed to get her a gift on her wedding day.

I got her a pearl necklace because her favorate one recently broke.

If you do it right it is not expensive if you do/plan it right.

For example Wedding dresses can cost thousands of dollars. However, my wife got hers for just under 300 and it was beautiful.

and that was the most expensive single thing in the wedding except maybe the food budget.








Vargas. I thought your avatar was a guy squatting down and gaping his anus until just now.

So the most common interracial pairing is white male, asian female.

They did a bit multi year study to figure out why, and the reason is that White men and Asian women are the least discriminate about the race of their romantic partners. #conquistidormindset

In other words white guys and asian girls are the least racist people.

Those die. Just like your love will.

Got my wife a diamond. It wasn't that expensive. Around 800 or so. Paid cash for it.

That's the wedding band

The engaguement ring is supposed to have a gemstone

white gold for me too.

International Jewry is a distraction at best, a misnomer at worse

There are some bad dudes out there with some bad designs for the world who just happen to be jewish.

Isreal on the other hand? If they wanted to reduce the rest of the middle east to glass I wouldn't just Ok it. I'd push the button myself.

I need to start lifting. It's been years.

I haven't tried since back when I was a soyboy.

Hell yeah

When I was in my late teens There was this fit girl I was really really into. Readhead freckled Karate enthusit. I started lifting because I wanted to be great for her. Long story short. No #gains.

I worked with a guy who met him at several USO things when he was in the marines. Nice guy by all accounts.

Allegedly Bob Ross was also an air force drill seargent.

My wife didn't know about him until last year.

God, now they're talking about abortion in the pol channel.

R Lee Ermy he played the abusive drill seargent in Full Metal Jacket

He used to be a real marine drill seargent. For years he was Hollywood's go to lound military training guy.

He was also the voice of the army men in Toy Story

I don't blame people for not wanting to vote for or not liking trump esp pre election. I was a massively unknown quantity.

2017-12-19 05:29:49 UTC [Orwell & Goode's Frens #kfit]  

Who isn't

Watch streams erry day!


I hope we're already doing that to them.

Smite it. Smite it so hard.

The left is always so "Freedom is not the absence of consequence" until it comes to a consequence/action combination they don't like.

The worst part is, not only are the usual suspects going to draw dashcon, etc parallels. But this disaster is going to be touted as proof of the left's superiority (they can organize) and that our ideas about freedom of speech are impossible to put into practice.

I've seen how that works, even on a small scale. People not being able to check their ego is a big part of the problem. That and being stupid teenagers sometimes.

Unfortunatly, we can't mirror the left's organizational form for many reasons. Not the least of which is use of the progressive stack, and individualism being super important.

When I went to union meetings there are actually seperate organizations that do nothing but organize. Basically, it's this big pre internet social network.

Lets say you have a hundered scojus groups in an area with 4-50 active members each. Every time any group has a beef they call into this central group, and that group calls all one hundred of those affiliated groups.

Now not every group is going to have someone show for an event, but if only a third of fifty groups can send out one to three people on a given say that is still in excess of 50 people. Enough to be intimidating.

But the thing is most those people don't really know or care about what is going on. They just want to "fight the man"

That model "works" but it is also ultimately exploitative because it uses people for political points and then discards them when they aren't of use anymore. I know this because it is what happened to me.

Also because of the progressive stack the collective cares more about small victories for a few of the group members (say, transgender bathrooms) than big wins for big groups (say large wage and benefit increases for a large unionized workplace).

I'm not.

I'm just talking about a funcional leftist organizational model and it's flaws. Also the reasons why a more right leaning group can't use it.

This is something we shouldn't/can't do on the path to greater organization. but there may be some tidbits worth cribbing here and there.

I'm old enough to understand that I am no leader and that people don't generally listen to me.


I think if there is one thing we need above all else it is ego checking.

None of this would have happened if someone wasn't needless paranoid about NDAs and non compete clauses.

One of the first obstacles to pass for this kind of thing is not having someone nominally on your side decide they can get a few credibility points by kicking your legs out from under you.

That's the problem with the more Randian side of the right. They expect all of us to be Howard Roark at the same time. So they think it's always justified to tear someone down if they aren't being "real" rnough.

But you're always going to need people to scrub the toilet. Metaphorically speaking.

I feel that way as well.

Yeah, Charlottesville and what the media did to the Tea Party are good things to look at in terms of what not to do and how to anticipate you will be depicted. They'll even go as far as to plant people to make you look bad. An activity we should focus heavily on.

As in we should be doing it to them. All the time.

Heck, considering the proclivities of people on our side it will probably be easier to get them to do stuff like that than real organization.

Like that guy in the last election who claimed to be in the KKK and that they had donated $10,000 anonymously to Hillary. We need a lot more of that going on.

Just like how we need to emphasize that you can't be a national socialist with SOCIALIST.

And that's how we should always present it because it is something the left proudly owns.

I'm talking I want that (((SOCIALIST))) so yuge you can't even hear that national part anymore.

Nazis? Fascists? What are you talking about? I don't see any (((SOCIALISTS))) here.

Oh yeah much better optics.

Other than having a whole myriad of sleeping disorders not really.

I stilln can't figure out what Kraut's end goal was.

Did he think he was going to become undisputed king of the skeptosphere?

Did he think he was going to rise above the Skeptic community entirely and become even more and more famous?

I feel like that way more often than I am comfortable with.

I've been meaning to stream that at some point. It might start my "Tennagers are terrible" series.

It's not hard. The corporatists are in one of the most degenerate of relationships.

At some point they got it in their heads that anyone who deviates from their exact position on the political specturm doens't have to be their audience. Becuase they think a huge majority of people vote exactly the way they do.

Very toxic attitude. To use their nomenclature.

Pinochet tours is what's going on there.

The most cost effective tour a communist can take.

Two Hillary voters and Trump haters. Both alike in dignity. One speaks on about the glories of the hegemonic globalized future. The other laments the evils of globalization and capitalism. Both have internet eccentric jobs that pay six figures or near it. So as far as I am concerned they are both bourgeoisie degenerates. But the question is, how long before they realize they're politically opposed and rip each other's throats out?

Does anyone else know what's wrong with this picture?

He's also getting his eggs scrambled.

I don't know what that's a euphamism for, but I bet it is downright filthy.

Sorry, was talking to my wife.

Seems like a slow evening, yeah. But it's tuesday. What did ya expect?

There were hardly even any videos put out today. At least on the channels I follow.

All kinds of stuff. From orwell to moviebob

He's very good at making sure I'm not building myself a hugbox.

By being a terrible piece of genocidal self hating garbage.

Do you hide your power level?

In used to have progressive friends.

Then my wife outed me.

Dropped me like a rotten pumpkin.

Yeah fortunatly, I have other, better friends.

Bleh. Gonna go stream some isaac.

I own shirts older than that.

Nothing odd or suspicious.

So what's going on today? I've been stuck in the kitchen making fruitcake until just now.

Yeah, as part of the process I gotta spend two whole days macerating.

Gotta get the right kind. Admittedly you have to get a good one. The average one will be nasty and probably put you off em for life.

Wait, who is CPR?

Oh yeah.

This is not news

Fruitcake? Do not buy 7-11 fruitcake. Dear God.

Heard about that. They're calling it the most realistic depiction of teen male sexuality ever depicted.

Because only homosexuality is good in me.

Don't let that dick near a vage where it might corrupt the wamins

God now I'm getting salty.

Making me look up this gay crap.

Well, i should have known there's more than one of them.

The one I heard about is called Call me by your name. And the love interest for the teen boy is twenty three

Man I wish wedging homosexuality and the rest of intersecionality by claiming it for whit supremacy was possible.

Intersecionality kills. It ruins good causes all the time.

If everyone's thinking the same thing, the somebody isn't thinking.

Because Homosexuals never do anything like grooming.


Did they just make a young Milo biopic and not give him credit?

Honestly even with the sexual assault Young Milo > Young Sheldon

Just kidding it's based on a best selling novel. Which means you can make a sencere novel about how great your tennage rape was. But if your a conservative and you joke about it you're done zo


Cannot stand that show, and it's freakin everywhere.

I worked with women that wouldn't shut up about it for years.

Just another reason to always ALWAYS hide all your power levels.

brb gotta check on fruitcake.

My wife loves that show.

Really funny

Too bad it only got two seasons better than most stuff on TV

Speaking of my wife. I'm not getting home until late. I'm going to blast this song on her bluetooth speaker about thirty seconds before I enter the bedroom.

After tonight they're going to change the name of today from Wednesday tow Lewdsday

But when you actually listen to the song it's the anthem of the passive molestive male feminist ally. I'm going to pretend I'm nice and safe so I can get in your pants.

Meanwhile I'm over here and the only promise I'm making to the ladies is that I will not hover hand them.

(also note he wants to get in their pants because he knows there's no way these wamins will be wearing a dress/skirt)

or as my wife likes to call them "easy access for my convenience"

It would be hilarious if twitter's plan to purge is just to ban everyone that likes/ r/t's that.

T level is super important. i know from experience.

Damn this is such a bunch of crap

Complaining little child

Oh this drama stream

That is amuch nicer 7-11 than I have ever seen in the u.s.

Worski is just a right wing keemstar isn't he?

The toothpick finally came out clean (that means the fruitcake is done) Got my bags packed. and my stuff set up.

I think I will do a bit of game streaming myself before my ride gets here.

I don't understand women.

That's why I try to keep a diverse twitter follow list.

Stop being a masochistic woman anyway

Until a king/queen starts using their power as commander and cheif of the british military I don't care about the royal family.


Wait, whiskey. Are you full tradwife?

I think those should go into the same phone, personally.

Damnit. Why won't they grow up.

Seriously, this is being ruined by a bunch of kids who decided to go absolutist.

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