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He says it's the same account

no I'm in twitter DM's with him

this is the real slim shady

yeah, we're setting up the roles rn

Orwell my dude, would you be able to change the top role to Administrator? plus allow it to kick and ban members

<#392484867188850691> channel is here

Yeah I wish the <@&392479757356498954> role was called Administrator. + Orwell should make an @Owner Role and set it as the highest role, and give it only to himself..

@Orwell & Goode you still up fam?

Hey Serp


@everyone No Gore, No CP, Nothing NSFW outside of NSFW channels

@everyone No doxxing, Obviously

@everyone No raiding, unless Orwell declares one (Unlikely)

@everyone Shitpost only in <#392484867188850691>

Sure sure

kek no

We now have NSFW channels

No degenerate Porn. Weeb shit is the only exception.

If you don't like 2A then fuck right off

This is the only special rule for this channel

I own one of these knives, it is good, it is sharp. I accidentally cut myself on it.

Spammers will be warned, then muted for 10 minutes, repeat offenders will be kicked

Furfaggotry will get you put on a watchlist

Is anyone else getting a 522 error when trying to connect to Wrongthink?

@everyone Accepting Janitor role applications. 3 more slots are open, this job involves deleting spam + illegal messages, and kicking repeat offence spammers

DM me your applications

we need to get KeksArmy in here

I was the crazy Ausfag

I'm not in braving ruin's discord

DM keksarmy

Yeah I done did that

keksarmy mein neger






Good morning

All furfaggotry will get you put on a watchlist

Make a ring out of international jewry, because that shit is fucking indestructible


Is it made of human matter that is still in the process of being alive?

if so then yes it is killing

If it's a matter of convenience just because they didn't take sex seriously then Abortion is abhorrent

tfw it's not just ones own body anymore

I don't think that people should have unprotected sex if they aren't willing to bear the responsibility to have the child

I'm not calling for regulations or the subversion of anyone's rights. People should take responisbility or some fucking birth control

Yeah too few people to shoot due to the natural communist starvation.

please also note that a fetus's mere existance implies consent on behalf of the mother and the father for all the changes neccessary to accomodate its existance

they fucked, unprotected, and didn't use any form of birth control afterwards

Rape is the only exception

The state can take away rights. For instance, in australia we have the right to freedom of movement, that is restricted upon an arrest made by the police

If you're not letting them then it's rape

extra worried, wear 3


Plus, in almost all circumstances (except for rape) the woman consented to having the fetus exist in the first place

I get it, you personally don't like the idea of people taking responsibility for their own poor decision making

yet you advocate for convenience abortions

So they kill it instead

this is fun for me

if it didn't prevent it then chances are it's damaged the fetus beyond the point of it being ok to let it live

Shhh, keep yer voice down

don't give 'em any ideas

aye, but you chose to let it enter (except for rape and birth control failure)

I'd give up the use of my arm for 2 hours if it'd stop someone falling off a cliff

Fuck I actually think that's mandatory over here due to the good samaritan laws in australia

What about the fetus's freedom to use it's own body?

It's body is its property

but it is a human, thus it has rights to its own body

It can also be applied to a trip to a casino

looks like someone is losing their temper

No adhom in this room

alt codes

hold alt and type 0153

therefore it was a useless waste of text

Sharing my own tweets


Hippity Hoppity, Women are Property

Allahu Akbar

My nama Jafar
I come from afar
There's a bomb in my car
Allahu Akbar


nm cuck

aint nobody but us niggers

<#392496722536038401> is the degenerate hidey hole

Lucky son of a gun. I have to police it for furries


damn G

we don't have a raid channel and I doubt I'll ever have to set one up, unless Orwell gets a funny idea

you lucky guy

wew, people really seem to like my twitter shitpost

<#392499032414486529> it's in there

I was sorta hoping it'd be the final thing I'd ever post on twitter

Jack Dorsey was shitting bricks over the idea of losing users

This purge was a scattershot. It only hit a few people

but it's still ongoing

Damn straight he is

I noticed this before we moved to this new server

he was in the old Orwell & Goode server too

Damn it's quiet

Spooky music helps make it even better

no, I live in australia

and I want to die

not too long until we strike niggers

What gives fiat currency monopoly money value?

Good day sir

good morning

Good morning

Intense, but silent, Homoeroticism

It's unseasonally cold in my part of Australia

3 months

In australia we have 4. Fucken' hot, Fucken' rainy, Fucken' cold, and Fucken' hayfever

nah cunt, if some fucken creepy crawly tries to bite ya, ya just fucken punch it out cunt

Footie is football m8

yeah nah cunt, fucken tinnies ayyyy

nah m8

football as in Australian Rules Football

look it up it's fuknsick cunt

aaaand I need just 1 more janitor for the staff team

any volunteers?

Delete messages that fall into these categories: Against Server Rules, Should be in other channels, Spam, CP, Gore. Applying the Spamslut role to Spammers, kicking repeat offenders, reporting furries to the mods or to me so we can put them on a watchlist.

if you post furry porn you get watchlisted. not kicked or banned, just watchlisted

any takers for the janitor role?

There's a brave lad

@everyone Orwell is doing a quick Q&A

;;play chrono triggor black omen

;;play chrono triggor black omen

;;play 1

;;play chrono trigger black omen

;;play 1

We now have a music bot

check <#392494909309059073>

or type ;;help

The art of redpilling.

I have noticed 5 distinct types of redpilling.
Natural, Exposure, Injection, Immersion, Incineration.

Natural redpilling involves a person's own pattern recognition, they see troubling things in the world and their opinions form naturally without the input of others.

Exposure redpilling involves one person having a conversation with another, slowly exposing them to more and more redpillings. I.E. talking politics with one's dad

Injection redpilling involves the redpilling of an entire community through the use of slowly exposing them to memes and redpills until they themselves cannot help but recognise the redpills as correct.

Immersion redpilling involve the community slowly redpilling the individual. I.E. watch sargon, then watch milo, then watch molyneaux, then go to /pol/, then go further.

Incineration redpilling involves rapidly exposing an individual to the hardest redpills, WARNING this method doesn't always work, and the outcome will not be the same as the rest, they will be redpilled in a way you haven't seen before.

<#392484867188850691> channel exists for a reason fam

but nice shitpost anyway

yeah, I went through Incineration

I went through immersion up until the point where I joined the /mlpol/ community, then holy shit, every redpill happened instantly

Exposure works with some boomers

my dad for instance

you just have to make sure to frame things as generational issues

that too

oh shit I dunno, I used to be a communist, but that was when I was on my meds (Really strong version of Ritalin)


Anyone up for a bit of fascistic theory?

;;play sabaton angels calling

;;play 5

Early access but it looks pretty damn good

plus it's on sale

This truly is the greatest timeline


I was unable to catch the christmas livestream, how'd it go?

break it down for me man, the video is down on youtube so I can't see for myself

I heard that voices got raised at some point?

what happened my dude?

Reading above chat for a second, Question lost his shit?

details pls

go on

When this stream was planned Orwell said that CRP would be coming on, did he behave himself?

I still don't know what I think of CRP. The way he converses reminds me of me when I was on 54mg of Methylphenidate Hydrochloride daily. plus he comes off as shifty

Basically he converses like an ADHD kid with Aspergers that take ultra high strength Ritalin. But not in a benign retarded way, more like a used car salesman who pretends to have mob connections

He's ok, I much prefer Jim tbh

Please take into account that this is a gut feeling I am basing this off, but something about him just grates with me, I do not trust him.

fucking niggers

I know not why but he reminds me of this quote
β€œThere are five character flaws that are dangerous for a general. If he is reckless, his men can be killed. If he is cowardly, his army can be captured. If he is short-tempered, he will react in anger. If he is self-important, he can be deceived. If he is attached to his men, he will hesitate at a crucial moment. These five flaws are certainly unfortunate for a general because they cause great destruction in war. These five flaws cause generals to fail and armies to die. Consider them well.”

I can't quite pin it down, the way he acted around Jeff Holiday has thrown me for a loop

The way he fell silent when Jeff called him on the Kilroy comment suggests to me Cowardice

but that's unfair of me to say, as jeff pursued the kilroy comment a bit far

Yeah, he has no attachment at all.

So he's failed as a strategist when filtered through the metrics of Sun Tzu

I had to do stuff with my family


it was pretty good

but yeah, CRP fails the Sun Tzu test, and I'd say that Sun Tzu knows a little bit more about strategy than CRP

Merry christmas my dudes.

Who needs a webcam anyways?

Orwell doesnae need one

Redpilling is a risky task.

A webcam isnae a safe choice

Yes yes, let the internet see all angles of our face, it makes it easier for AIs like Deep Face to analyse and store data on what we look like

Some curmudgeonly hermit who lived far away from normal people, who decided to ruin a fun, family oriented, semi-religious holiday, simply because he's a cunt. This is now a communist icon.

Xth Crusade Now

I have some leeway with my left-right axis because of classical fascism being so inoffensive

good pin fam

Good evening sir

I am nutting so hard rn

Did I just see a man fucking a dinosaur?

It is NSFW in a SFW chat. Funny, but still in violation of rule 1.

we also have to delete the offending message.

but for some odd reason we need to give more money to the science budgets that will be given to said climatologists

*the sound of almonds suddenly activating*

@Valet the Clown remember the fan memestream we were on my dude?

it'd be fucking hilarious, but I don't know if I'd be allowed on again

I did name the jew after all

hang on a second? I can't find the fan memestream on Orwell's channel

we could do


hey, can you both take this to the <#392485988024320001> channel

Holy shit, you've had to deal with communist furries too?

Who was this communist furfag?

Oh lord jesus, how inept can you get?

who fucking cares? do we look like Hitler or Merkel to you?

Holy Shit

everything suddenly makes sense

Your national cricket team is a bunch of faggots

Oyy Veyy. Climate change is totally real goyim, we swear it's not just the blanket term we came up with when we couldn't just call it Global Warming or Cooling again. Give us those Research grant Shekels, surrender government power to us, goyim.

Nazism or Communism, Pick one


Glory to Arstotzka

I only speak autism

only <@&405191504320135170> and staff members can post in here

@everyone we have a new role, it's called <@&405191504320135170> . If you have this role, reconsider every action that led up to this point. If you don't have this role then consider mercilessly tormenting those who do

If you fuck up, we will not hesitate to give you this role

Heil Creepswork

722 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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