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Hey is Somelittlellama here?

I want to shout at her a bit.

Ella dijo "algunos de ellos merecian ser doxxed"

@blackmailerthesnek It appers she is not there.

I unironically want to carry a real rapier.

Is it a cup hilted one?

I'm looking for this one.

My instructor is looking for one.

I'm practicing HEMA

An economic rapier is around 300-350

And the suit around 1000 bucks

The clothes I just showed, I still need to see.

Is free we are a club.

A new club mind you.

If you need a good man for the rapier:

We are yet to see how to raise money, either we are planing to each put in a jar, or we will do shows etc.

I'm back, bitch is not there.

I fucking failed.

livestream, when?

Too bad Aydin is barren.

She said it on her twitter to someone who was making fun of her.

Bc she was barren the sick fuck.

It could be bc it is harder for her. Which I believe bc she is tiny, tiny hips and tiny frame.

She has posted pictures of her with a Dr. Layman shirt, thankfully not her face, until the trouts attacked.

Very smart.

The guy apologized to TL;DR so I can stand him sometimes @Deleted User

i know but I can respect that

He fucking did hahaha @Constantine

I just want to call Jeff a faggot.

Jeff Holiday is a lying, thin skin, doxxing faggot.

I like his 24/hr cosplay as Jack Sparrow

Oh god fucking damn it, fucking Bunty King.

My fucking arch enemy

I just got banned from Politipod's discord the absolute bitch.

@everyone I'm about to piss a Leaf off, if I loose my twitter remember me as I lived: As a faggot.


I just told her hahahaaha and she blocked me.

Ok don't get in my balls

Move this shit to politics


For me, the rapier is my weapon of choice, but i can understand if you want the longsword.



Why is he so dumb? Is he baiting us?

Yes as far as I know.

Are you a bot?

Your introduction was a bit strange.

HAHAHA, oh Somelittlellama. @blackmailerthesnek

Well, tbf that is the spanish school maybe the italian is more your style?

That is true.

I'm against it bc I don't think is just a lump of cells.

God no.

Marriage would be a nice solution.

>Comparing a white cell that will never turn to a human to a baby who will.


I prioritise freedom of choice than freedom of responsability.

You guys have any solutions to the problem of single mothers? I do let's first hear it!

No, you idiots, solutions.

You know what we shoul do? Ban welfare, support community charity, and incourage sex when married.

You are both faggots, none of you are giving solutions as to why it happens.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are literally giving reasons as to why we should legalize abortion, a solution to those reasons.

That is really gay @meijinsan :^)

I want my cake.

I actually linked to "Meditations on First Philosophy" maybe we could read it together πŸ˜ƒ

To be fair a I don't care if you call my a shithead, as long as you don't care if I call you a faggot.

When I was still inside my mother's womb they thought I was a girl.

No that is why I don't make arguments from a woman's pov.

Not even a woman has another's pov.

Hell, how many women are pro life? 40% to 50% it is a rather strange and divisive issue.


Your pool has aids @meijinsan

I don't know why he thinks you have aids.





>Not the Jesuits kys

I was talking about the happy elephant.

I should watch your video, btw.

Well I didn't know you lived in Silicon Valley :^)

I did

Guys, what are we going to do if CRP does turn out to be a rapist?

Bc That Guardian says he has something for him. Yeah Sargon was probably saying : Kraut stop, please stop, Kraut, YAAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOO.

Sargon is a fag but he is a too known fag. And I have heard he is a cuck.


CRP should have pulled out before climaxing on his face.


I don't know, never used it.

I'll be back

Hey @nuPlissken give killroy drama link


"""""""""""""""""""""""BASED"""""""""""""""""""""""""" MAMA"""""""""""""""""""""""""

Mate, her tits are sagging, she only has her hips.

I've seen bigger and jucier.

Why everyone woman besides Whiskey, is a bitch?


They say it raises your T level, meat increases your muscle mass.

I don't know who Keemstar is, but if he is comparable to Warski..... fuck him.

Ohhh Fuck his entire family then.

I want to lick your feet @Whiskey-Vargas


ok :^)


God Whiskey wtf?

>Rosie O' Donnell

Whiskey stop being a woman.

Ok you can be a woman now, Whiskey.

One has gossip, One has Trad vids

One has makeup tutorials, One has Jared Taylor vids.

Poor man, poor Styx.

Let's hope Internet Historian talks about this.


Yeah, mate don't worry you a good girl @Whiskey-Vargas

Lol @Whiskey-Vargas why do you have such a bad taste?

@ebowden You can talk to @AydinPaladin here, mate.

In music, but now on TV shows.


As a Catholic, I disavow and condemn THOTS.

>Watching a girl eat.

Whiskey what is going on big girl? you just watched my girl eat.

What is going on big girl? You didn't get my joke.

Trishya would out-THICC you?

^ The meme king



Fucking Korean can't they stop being so gay?

Korean nuclear holocaust except korean tomboys.

No, they are girls so it is not gay.

But women nonetheless

But I'm 20😩

If she is an old lady i'll help her, if she is on her 20's no.

You should have aded: But I will still help you.

I leave for 2 days and you guys are talking about Wiskey's love life, and syrup.


Was anyone surprised by these results?

If it was "real socialism " it is irrelevant, if it is was never been truly apllied it may be because it is unobtainable.

@deesenaughts I'm playing warframe.

It is only through cuckservativism we get normies.

When I feel down I think of this.

@Whiskey-Vargas During Krautgate he whined about the alt-right and I could not nor would I hold myself to drink his tears.

Somelittlellama, Dave Cullen, Shaun and Jen, Hbomberfag, and...

DMCA Holiday

I didn't know you guys had a band.

Only if this guy joins:

DaisAn no Bakudan!

"La tercera bomba" pero las letras mayΓΊsculas forman DAB @Whiskey-Vargas

I'm already cafΓ© latte why would I need to tan?

All that is missing is our faces @Whiskey-Vargas

We wuz kangz vs we wuz vikangz

I would have to be 15yr/o again to bait him.

Lol @Yacks the guy has +83k subs and only +1k views?

Want @Orwell & Goode to set up another?

I have named a transvesti and a filthy sihk and I have been there twice.

We could meet in the next memestream you know?

I'll talk to Orwell but you do too.

I know it even happen on my chat with QuQu and the rest.

You could join us @Whiskey-Vargas

This went to terrorism to furfags to natsocs/ cucks.

@Yacks Do you have a link to that livestream you mentioned?

Really? I don't remember.

Delete this

What did you say? Chocolate ice cream is the best in the world.

I give up you win.

The what?


AlgΓΊn dΓ­a te darΓ© besos en la mejilla @Whiskey-Vargas

Let us not forget the king's cur.

Sargon and his """"clasical liberalism"""" is getting old, good thing I unsubscribed from him.

Go and watch QuQu's videos on it @Constantine

Personally I want either city states ala Florence or a kingdom like France.

Oh btw take this to <#392485988024320001> @nuPlissken @Deleted User

We have to go back and stop Lucas from selling the rights to Disney.

No, they have to stop.

I wanted to watch episodes 7 and 8, not 4 and 5 with better effects, but worse actors and plot.

I still like Jordan B Peterson tbh.

Damn Yacks, 98% laissez-faire?

The goym know.

Quien demonios es cucu?

>Calling someone a baby


No empecemos a hablar de "meter" cosas aun. @@Whiskey-Vargas

The only thing I got was "Watashi" @Grumplebee

A meter mi mano en el jarrΓ³n de galletas de la cocina? Si @Whiskey-Vargas

My love for you is no joke @Whiskey-Vargas


For you, my Killer Queen

Love is embarrassing, but not as much as being wrong.

That is what people will say, after they hear you speak about what we will do tonight.

Darling, why are you giving ammo? "His screws are a little too (((tight)))"

Tbf the people who I used to pick on, kicked me out of their discord.

Lol I wasn't even that active, I just made fun of their e-celeb.

I can't carry you to our new house if you are as big as me.

For now.

I thought this was America.

We know de way now.

What show?

Wtf mafia?

That looks fucking gay.

"""""""" Centrists""""""""" are just ashamed liberals who will go back to calling themselves liberals when it's cool again.

A republican in yt is a democrat from 10 years ago.

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