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So should we bail on the old server?

Hot damn

A South African hospital

2017-12-19 02:13:07 UTC [Orwell & Goode's Frens #kfit]  

I have a cheap one from a secondhand store


2017-12-19 02:20:18 UTC [Orwell & Goode's Frens #kfit]  

Nice. Any prospects?

2017-12-19 02:21:15 UTC [Orwell & Goode's Frens #kfit]  


2017-12-19 02:22:59 UTC [Orwell & Goode's Frens #kfit]  


Being with 50 feet of a woman? Haram!


Who isn't?

I'd go on the stream but I'm ugly

@Deleted User unfortunately

Apparently enough to be ruled invalid

It was beautiful

@Grumplebee JF's woman

If you're not being sarcastic tho. Doesn't translate through text well



It is Twitter tho, I've said worse

Wait, isn't she anonymous?


Think so

Metokur just called Warski a cuck!

@Whiskey-Vargas ya don't say

Just wait

I can tolerate hapas

That they let in for 40 minutes before getting suspicious

Metokur the ball buster

Fuck him

This is what happens when we give women rights

My parents raised 3 and my dad never even worked a steady job and we did just fine

Race mixing is racist. When will it happen?

Pan European gay ethnocommunism when?

It is earned through blood. I do believe in blood and soil. But you should have one parent be a citizen for at least 5 years

@ebowden illegals and anchor babies and all of them

It's a front for Israel and multinational corporations

@ebowden not before 1965

I say we bomb the cartels. It helps both Mexico and us

@Dinosorcerer because immigrants don't vote Democrat overwhelmingly or anything

He said he wanted every amendment past 10 repealed, not necessarily the same

It was, minus the slavery part


@Dinosorcerer Roy Moore

What'd I miss?

@ebowden "Libya is better without Gaddafi"

The CSA even had plans to end slavery

You can find murder too

We're all debt slaves

@ebowden muh horseshoe theory

*tips fedora*


Has anyone looked into Satoshi?


As bad as it is, do we really want the kind of people who'd get abortion raising children

Abortion is a bloody natural selection

But I will say no more on this. It's too controversial

It's removing your genes from the gene pool

But I'm done commenting on this. This is one of the few issues I dislike talking about.

Dogs are naturally vegan

2017-12-19 05:31:26 UTC [Orwell & Goode's Frens #kfit]  

I'm an offended and that's illiterate

So you think

He'll pull a spino?


So is Rage's revenge complete?

Abortion is a wedge issue. Pro life politicians have no interest in ending it.

Abortion is a cultural question, not a policy one. If you're really pro life, you have to convince people rather than ban it

Good God, Jim.

The fact that people think it has value about it

Go on


It's slow

@Whiskey-Vargas I Kno a few people

Hopefully soon, I don't have all day

It was 17°F here this weekend

Australia is just trying to defend itself from Australians

What's the job description?


Fair enough

I'll do it

They're going through a transformation.

The Dems have even lower approval


He did that on Saturday

I'd put styx between Sargon and Molyneaux

Prilosec has always been an ass

Especially now that the centrist """skeptics""" are imploding

I've had my gripes with them

Partially true

I debunk ridiculously easy arguments from religious people from Alabama so I'm qualified to speak about politics

Most of them were on board with the progressive agenda until they went after muh Vidya games

Yeah, bit they're just progressives going the speed limit imo

Didn't it already?

No, not that.

I thought I saw it

The might've shoah'd it

But she's a woman


I'm not necessarily opposed to it

I just gotta find my headphones

Just click on the speaker in the menu with all the channels

I would but my schedule's a bit full

Ah, but my point still stands

If you want brain AIDS

You caught me

Take his advice. Throw him under the bus.

Typical non white

I disavow your hate filled statement

I think he's attributing malice where there is none

He's not much one for restraining himself

Or that Amy Harmon bitch

The NYT journalist in Kraut's discord

Do you have push to talk

Should be

I've never had fruit cake

CRP admitted himself he is a views whore.

Coach Red Pill

Wow, my family dyslexia is coming out

Oh boy, another Kilroy drama stream is on

Thank you, come again

@nuPlissken is planning to miscegenate


Sounds gay

Is he disabled and PoC?

That's not healthy

Homosexuality is the last bastion of implicit white identity

Jim should be there soon

She's 70% tits

Still doesn't mean they ain't yuge


What's the opposite of soy?

Do women eat onions?



Keemstar basically is a drama curator

Get a room

$5 and you gotta deal

Fine. How many pesos is that?

Works for me

Fine :(

More than a woman! More than a woman to me!

I have this one and my two old ones

Hmm you're whiter than I expected

This Kilroy bullshit is still going on

Styx is trying to figure out what the hell is happening and Metokur is laughing at it's all

Idk if he's still going. He said he was going originally just for his fans

He's working on it

@Valet the Clown get on this ^

Did you take my advice

Don't have to justify it to me. I'm a good boy who doesn't drink.

Open question?

I'd take that advice, but I'm related to everyone in my church

It's been archived

Is it a permanent ban?




Granted any woman over 5'9 isn't a woman imo

He's a bit of an attention whore


It'll be hilarious either way

I think we all know he's a bullshitter

I don't dislike him but he's not without his flaws

Franz Ferdinand?

Funny haircut right?

Ah okay

On an unrelated note, he looks and sounds like a side character in Goodfellas

Because it's great. I went to a Romanian festival back in August


Of course

I think it's admins

Racist ^

I'm on the waiting list

2015, before I even started using this pseudonym

So how about [insert topic of choice]

Now let's just all settle down

THOTocaust when?

So that's what you're into

KJU can't strike soon enough

Not a bad person at all

How much is on the line?

Oh damn

Well you always have a backup plan

Dammit, what woman stuff are you wasting money on now

Put America First by standing up for muh greatest ally

I support the move, but it's for utterly stupid reasons

Same, but we don't really escape globalism if the Israeli lobby still remains powerful.

I don't recall Palestine stealing our uranium and nuclear triggers

Look up the Apollo Affair and Israel's egregious record of espionage

Plenty confirmed

Because they have nothing to gain by projection. Israel also attacked the USS Liberty

Iran > Saudi Arabia

And because we spent 20 years propping up a puppet dictatorship

When was the last terrorist attack on a Western country by a Shi'a group and when was the last time a Sunni group did one

But they stay in the Middle East where we shouldn't be. The Sunnis come over here.

We should've gone after Saudi Arabia. Osama was an asshole, but he wasn't behind 9/11

I think we should reinstate the Immigration Act of 1790

We didn't have to fight a million and half proxy wars. We just had to follow what Eisenhower did

We should've stood by the Republic of Vietnam. Full scale involvement was a mistake.

It's mainly LBJs failure. Gulf of Tonkin was under him.

And we fought a war with conscription. Big mistake.

Beggars can't be choosers


The beauty of the internet

Just don't become a raging lesbian

What if I want to take my cats trick-or-treating and drink wine with my kids

Well I am Italian. 30% of our blood is composed of wine

Normie tier pasta

Damn, can't make it live.


>having a job

I'd rather go on the Venezuela diet

I ain't complaining

Isn't that sexual exploitation of a minor?

He is a little twunt

No idea

Poor bastard

Wtf was that?


Less interesting

Полюшко Поле

You're kinda the glue that holds things together around here

37 mins. Still another 7hrs left

Get in

It was hilarious

He invaded another stream and was bitching about how he got kicked

Sinatra_says. A channel with ~20k subs. He bitched in a few superchats

Absolute clusterfuck

Still great

They talked about AIDS Haitians, "diversity in movies", went through Vice headlines, talked about racial differences, invited this pagan sperg on, and a lot more


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