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Toxic masculinity is one of many made up jew bullshit catch phrases designed to tear us down

It’s funny. You put a lot of work into it

You should submit it to buzzfeed or the guardian to see if they will print it

It’s peak degeneracy, so the entirety of the msm is an option

Put it on Wordpress

That would be entertaining

He is turning their own agenda against them.

They have been pushing for whites to pay reparations around the globe

They are pushing for Australians to pay

Europe has to pay jews for muh holohoax

They want Australia to pay aborigines

It’s all about bilking the white man as they genocide us

Mark did a good job on this video exposing a lot of details that I didn't know about. https://youtu.be/XRaMYdGCYME

AIDS for your eyes

obviously the rules don't apply to these videos. JewTubs ignores all the complaints and instead propels it to top trending.

He is one of the speakers at this conference

Everyone subscribe to Pat's new channel. https://youtu.be/GhP-9-HCKUA

His soul purpose is to taunt us.

he pisses people off

have you ever heard of 'needling'?

That's what he is doing to people who support the second amendment

Are they fighting over who is more oppressed?

The news is so fake now that they actually tell you ahead of time what the fake news will be. https://youtu.be/Lb-6FoYfCSo

Just in case any of you goys forgot about the holahoax, the jews made a brand new movie to remind you. https://youtu.be/iGBNA7l9K8E

I see a lot of other video links posted in here. Why are you singling me out and wtf is the big deal if someone posts a youtube link in the section with the most traffic?

Na. Fuck this. I will leave the server.

131 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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