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What happened?

I don't thrive in chaos. Stop this!

Lol what a mess


So you guys are organizing it?

Lol nu

Too late

Serpico is busy being a degenerate.

Oh! Hey! :)

It's your birthday?

Oh well happy birthday to him then.

Where have you been?

Yeah, I feel you. I work a lot too.

@nuPlissken hasn't she been fired?

hey Serpico!

You want to shout at her?


Damn. That's fucked up. @Valet the Clown

@Valet the Clown ya la encontraste?

Gucci Gang


The white baby hater. You don't know about this?

What kind of place would hire her after that?

The boomer is here.

A Muslim heroine? Lame.


Yeah like fruitcake

Why a nsfw channel?

But first, fruitcake with Alton Brown.

Don't forget to offer him fruit cake.

That's not how it works.

+60 virility due to fruit cake

Red velvet cake is delicious though.

@Stacy L Gage I'm more of a baker too!

I've never heard of anyone using Mayo on cakes.

He's the boomer.

Kill it with fire

So you're a boomer too?

Be gone boomer!

@Stacy L Gage caramel yes. Chocolate no.

What's your results?


@Killer Tofu is this from Doug?

The Beets

Best advice!

Not that weak limp hand thing. I get rage when people do that.

Can't wait for people to start hating on musical tastes.

@Deleted User lol exactly that

Oh that guy! Legend.

Where can I see his rap videos?

OMFG thank you. Lol

That autotune though. Lol

It's truly a small crew. I like it.

Not saying more people shouldn't watch, of course they should but it's nice seeing familiar people.

Lol The one that sounds drunk?

I don't think he is. His voice is just like that unfortunately.

I would like to go on stream but I'll add nothing except laughing like an idiot

Lol, I'll just embarrass myself


Damn Serpico, you are determined.

Did you bring pizza though?

Who snitched?!

Did braving ruin go on it?

And Kraut did not want to be on?

How is your wife's son?

How do you know?

So why is there a contradiction?

She was crying about getting doxxed right?

Poor girl.

There's too many of those type of skeptic people.

I didn't know who he was. They're in abundance.

I know Jeff Holiday. I saw a stupid video of him and his gf singing a pirate song. Cringey as fuck.

I'll watch The Shape of Water.


Lol your enemy

This warski stream is ridiculous

Because he eats fruit cake.

I don't think Jim comes across as father material.

Lol Grumplebee



Here I am struggling with my relationships at 27. I got betrayed.


How can you afford them??

But the living condition have to be tight no?

Good move.

Problem is people naturally gravitate to their own but mixing is being forced everywhere. That's where most people have the problem and the pushback.

Of course race mixing is being forced. Do you live under a rock?

Yes because it's working wonders

It's gotta be earned

This is making me realize just how right wing I am.

@ebowden what is your stance on immigration?

It's says so on paper but tell me why do you think it's not being practiced?

But I thought you believed in the constitution?

Anchor babies do not have the right to be here.

Isn't it more compassionate to help people in their countries to make it better instead of allowing them to be here? How will their nations get better?

I don't recall anyone saying that.


Serpico trolling some leaf

How dare you serpico

I don't know about slavery but they should not have dame rights as citizens.

OK. I'm leaving to politics.



@TheWesternWan you think this will go on in circles?

How is it like SJWs? Jeez

I'm confused. Who is pro slavery?

You don't seem to be listening. He is not advocating for slavery. Where are you getting that from?

You don't see serious financial debt from medical bills as "slavery"?

You don't think the U.S legally murders people then? Lol

Keep going...

How deep.

Dangerous ideology?

And definitely don't major in history or art.


And when you want to foolishly keep everything knowing the state of things?

Well what is a right in your opinion first of all?

That one is not open to interpretation

Even so, they will try to find a way to twist it.

God. How tiring.

Abortion should stay but be stricter.

That's a tricky one.

Why shouldn't he have the same rights as the mother?

But I thought you loved rights.

You do understand the importance of sperm right?

That's different. Come on.

Fucks sake

You seriously think it's the same?


So you agree?

But it should be as many as someone can afford.

So neither the mother has that right then.


he's frustrated

It's OK fam.

I think it's better than an echo chamber.

It was nice talking to people with different views though. I like it.

Yes. It was very Myspace.

What is happening?

I'm too old for these new terms.

What is an anime catgirl?

@Deleted User that person is still going in the politics channel.


I'm sorry, I don't want to waste your time. I see you still typing. I moved to another channel. It was great talking to you. I'm very tired and these topics are tiring so I'm just shitposting now.

The fuck

That is a furry hybrid

What happened to the person with weird intro?

Yes. Why are you bringing up furries?

Pics or it's not happening.

Except for me.

Yes. Show me the cat.

See? Talking bull about a cat on the window.

They protest all the time

They're against wearing real fur

How do we know that is THE window cat?

So it's a she. Looks like a tortie

I was gonna crack a dirty neck lace joke but nvm

OK. I believe your cat story. Welcome. You're not a bot. Lol

I'm not a home wrecker! I know. I just have a less filter right now.

That's pretty.

OMG the weeb and nsfw channels. Degenerate

@nuPlissken I saw that on a show. 90 day fiance. Pissed me off.

Complete idiot. And broke as hell. The one with Annie right?

If she's hot, they won't care. They'll let her in the ethnostate

Orwell knows I am. My ex is a friend of his.

So sorry.


I am for nuPlissken

Yeah. I get that a lot.

That's not a good analogy at all

As long as it looks real, why care if it's fake? Most people don't know.

@A_Adorable_Cat you're a male?

I got feminine vibes from you. Sorry.

There you go then. Sad we can feel that over the internet without seeing you.

Try weight lifting with the cat. Don't be a crazy cat guy.

Never heard of him. Should I look him up?


I know Bob Ross. The guy nuPlissken was talking about

My dad used to paint along with Bob Ross watching him on t.v. lol

Army men on Toy Story? Iconic.


His human flaws. Lol

Emperor of what? An anthill?

Come at me!

You a fan of The Princess Bride?

Just making sure. Love it.

I love the book too. It's just as great.

Bye Felicia!

@Constantine btw, I think I will get some whiskey like you suggested and indulge.

So will. Whiskey for a broken heart.

It's so active here now that it's organized.

It's a gay man no?

I hate Christmas shopping for people who already have everything and need nothing.


Thing is my mom already got them clothes. Damn it! I over think it as well and it just stresses me out.

I think I got it. I'll get them stuff for their dog.

How do you drink that much coffee and live?

It's the coffee talking.

Then don't. Lol Someone likes to live on the edge while on coffee..

You're an American right? It's a classic move to work far enough from home that it takes forever to make it back due to traffic.

Especially now, it feels overcrowded due to the holiday season. Traffic at all hours. At least it feels like that to me in Atlanta.

Correction. *Blacklanta

Please no. I fled L.A. Not again. Lol

A lot of Muslims are moving into my neighborhood. But there is no white flight from my neighbors because they're stubborn, grumpy, and old. All retired.

Went to the store for fruit, came back with alcohol but forgot my fruit.

Not gay at all.

I wouldn't say computing forever is right wing though.

It was held by people who had no experience in organizing events and bit off more than they could chew.

You don't think it was arrogance and ignorance that caused it to fail?

I agree. that's why it went to shit. It became so petty.

The reputation is already destroyed. They can still get ballpits though.

The good quality ones.

An some jumpers.

OMG. Perfect. You hit it right in the nail. Lol

Refugee camps. So right wingers can cosplay as a Muslim immigrant for a day.

Maybe reaching out to small businesses can help?

This sounds like an under dog story.

This sounds like a full time thing. How are you going to motivate people to do this?

Well, Grumplebee sure understands what's needed though.

People are just waiting for an event to go to without willing to help out in the organization. Like you said, ego checking.

Can't fight a culture war without events. Charlottesville got a lot of attention from normies but not ideal at all.

Lol genius.

It's working for me.

Aydin is on stream with Millennial Woes. She's still shaken up.



On my days off, I always get sleepy around the evening. Anyone here a biologist or specialist in sleeping patterns?

They're going to kill one of us off.

So it's cold and humid?

How long does winter last?

So you only get one random cold day but people still have coats? Lol

I would be long dead in Australia. Bitten by something.

Does it snow is some places of Thailand?

Yeah, I even read it in an Aussie accent in my head.

Football as in soccer?


I think I'll start writing a romance story about a liberal girl who falls in love with a fashy bad boy. Got inspiration from peeps at Orwell's stream just now.

And I'm the emotional mind frame to do it!

I'm already writing down my ideas and things that are coming to my head and I'll organize it along. I know it's a lot of work. It's gonna take a long time. You know I'm going through a break up right now so I think this will be good for me on many levels as well. If I get stuck on something or have any ideas that I'm unsure about I hope I can ask for second opinions.

Thank you

Oh my god it's so cold. It's times like today that I question if I really need my job. Lol

I'm a woman.

I thought you were a woman. Lol

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