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mildly nippy here too

live in central AZ

in Connecticut?

New England weather...

I grew up in VT and the weather act fucking crazy. it will be nice and then snows in May (rarely but it happens)

it is 33 degrees were I live

in Arizona

nothing to trap the heat


Anyone here shoot USPSA?

or do any kind of shooting competition?

that's interesting. So it is bolt action rifle speed shooting?

ahh ok. Are you Swiss?

these are the things I do at the range with pistol. The dude in the video is shooting a DA/SA pistol and he is missing his dominate eye

that shit is fast

my best time from concealment is a 1.30second draw with a fist round hit.

Same I was in the US Army for 9 years

all active yes

I made the E-7 list before I ETS'd

are you in the US?

NATO equivalent would be OR-7

Hauptfeldweibel equivalent

I think I was in the senior enlisted

I was rather

I got out

I am not in college


yeah I am doing mathematics and cyber security


I did visit Zurich when I lived in Germany in 2011

I liked Swizerland

very expensive though lol

don't cave to that bullshit my friend. Germany was ok in 2011 I left before all the madness

I live in Arizona

nice weather, no gun laws, low taxes, they enforce the border laws (better than most southwest states), and lots of outdoor activities

This is a trail near my house. It is fun to explore

I grew up in Vermont and I like that state, but holy shit is it expensive there

Cthulhu turkey

Dammit I gotta go to class 😦

sad tidings. I will catch it when I get back

should read "CNN tries desperately to refute Parkland school shooting survivors scripted question video" Not like they've fed questions to people in the past.....oh wait. That shit is made from 100% ETADIK technology

shit wrong channel

Steve Fisher is one of my mentors this class was life changing. If you are in the USA and own guns train with this guy

I am starting to wonder what is worse, them giving scripted questions to people and lying about it or the fact white people haven't chimped outside of every CNN building .

He is. I live about an hour and a half from the Haley Strategic building

@Orwell & Goode hope you feel better man

will do

I will once I work full time. Using GI Bill for college

@Orwell & Goode did you get my message? I have more than that but those are the big ones that came to mind

So I had no clue this was a thing but I am fighting the fucking Predator in Ghost Recon Wild lands

I did cause I play with friends and like tactical games but being a huge fan of the movie Predator this was a shocking and a pretty cool moment for me. Considering I play mostly old RPG's like BG, the Final Fantasy games, and Diablo 2 ect...

I loved Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

should be IrateLumberjack

wanna help me vanquish this awful thing? Fucker is hard

I am in chat

in the Discord gaming channel

sorry in the middle of a fight if he kills me then we can try 2 manning this I am a huge music lover and I love Prince as a musician and songwriter very very much. This was a great performance.

god dammit

prolly won't pass, but here's the thing they are proposing a bill on election year, it seems like they don't care about the future they are slinging everything they have to see what sticks. Honestly it hasn't worked and the media is suffering loss in views (unless a tragedy come around), they are just protesting at this point and can point to people who don't sign it as "shameful" ect..

those are me immediate thoughts

all the gun I have will be banned

they didn't mention anything in there about Silencers did they?

god dammit

welp they can come take my shit

not doing this. I don't need fucking permission to own weaponry. I hate even the current laws

I have a lot of weapons and toys to go with them (back when I had disposable income)

full time student now

that is a great YT channel

In Range TV is great as well

lol awesome

I went to Ian and Karl's 2 gun Action challenge match in 2015

in Tucson wasn't far from where I live

I ❀ Arizona

this is what I am hoping for

Amendments incoming

- Prohibit the federal government from regulating or interfering in activity that takes place within state boundaries. Meaning if you have a small business and your business doesn't cross state lines they cannot regulate you.
- Require Congress to balance a budget annually
- Prohibit Federal Agencies from creating "white paper" laws (legislating via policy) Like the ATF, EPA, Ect...
- Allow 2/3rds of state legislatures can vote to overturn a supreme court decision
- It takes a 7 justice super majority to overturn a law passed by congress
- Affirmation to limit Federal power only to Article I Section 8 of the Constitution
- States have the right to sue the Federal Government

-2/3rds of the states can vote to overturn federal law

Most of these were from the 2015 Convention of the States proposed amendments

do you think your rights are given to you by the courts

I understand your point

I agree but more depth and breadth required there

I mean the big ones for me.
- Require Congress to balance a budget annually
- Prohibit Federal Agencies from creating "white paper" laws (legislating via policy) Like the ATF, EPA, Ect...
- Affirmation to limit Federal power only to Article I Section 8 of the Constitution

I am thinking of that

because technically Article I section 8 doesn't actually say that we should have a standing Army, just a Navy

big time reforms for sure

I would say let states handle it, but in practice it doesn't work well

if you have corrupt dinn du's in charge of New Orleans during Katrina

not the the Feds did much better, but its a's suppose to be a shit show

OH FUCK! I forgot. No more Dual Citizens in congress or federal appointments, NO foreign lobbies ect...

I want to go there I have never been

I met Australians in Afghanistan when I was deployed

I want to go Bow hunting in Austrailia since I will not go to South Africa for a Safari

just want to hunt critters for food in a exotic place

not a trophy hunter

are kangaroos good to eat?

I live in Arizona and many people don't know we have Mule deer, wild pigs, ect..

very awesome state to live in

just a big deer

with big ears

Tasmania is the island on the south side?

OH! do you guys have Cassowary's?

woah that's a strange bird

apparently the most dangerous bird to humans

nothing will out compete austrailia for strange wildlife

no place rather

this is where I grew up


expensive and tax heavy

a state ran by soccar moms and old people

yes they do

they keep it expensive (even though they will not confess it) to keep blacks and Mexicans out of the state

98% white

last I checked and most people don't care for "poor" people problems

that's what they'll say

I am saying the old/rich people who live there during the summer and fall, do not what their 2nd home location to change

coming from a rich family I can attest to this. The military changed my opinions on a lot of shit

I am a pariah to my family

it is a VERY safe state though

my family is very liberal

I used to be a libertarian

and now I am a Paleo/traditionalist


those are all taken the same day

oh jesus that's awesome

I am most certainly anti-equality and anti-egalitarian

the curling pic above

what does that mean?

equality under the law

I am not playing dumb

do laws apply to people equally?

I believe in the spirit of it, but I think the phrase is a worn out meme and it makes my agent orange act up when people use it

I say that when I get irritated

not actually irritated

if we were voice chatting you'd get what I mean

I have a hard time typing this

I do not believe people are equal in any way shape or form

the law also doesn't treat people equally

why do you think it is regularly violated?

we all like the word liberty for example but people define it differently. I would say freedom from government and parts of my family would say freedom from responsibility

and I think those contrasting views

make it so interpretation of law means a lot of people read it like poetry so I think the issue is deep in the human soul. Meaning I do not think people EVER have the power to apply law equally

I get that, the above statement is an example of contrasting views

I will have to meditate on that. good talk I got to go to class

College. Micro Economics, Calculus, and Public speaking today

My ride called and said they were gonna be late

Now I know why

It snowed

In Arizona it is

Overall no but I live in a town where no one can drive normally

When conditions are good

I’m fine but people here treat it like the fucking apocalypse

Trump is making my agent orange act up

he mentioned he would like to take "mentally Ill" people's guns without due process

Alt Hypes take is spot on imo

it is worrying me because of the slippery slope of defining mentally ill. That's all I'm worried about

not that I think he'd sign off on something vague after announcing his 2020 presidential run

yes I agree I am just nervous about it

yep. I also am being treated for PTSD and I own a lot of guns. I hunt, do training, shoot competition, and use my tools for home/self defense. Almost all my guns are "Assault Weapons" and I have a bunch of NFA items as well. It just made my hair stand up a bit

my PTSD isn't bad and I do not take meds for it. Frankly, I don't need to because I had therapy for it.

learned responses through fear do not

mine is like if I witness or hear something "triggering" I become hyper aware of my surroundings

that's about it


it helps though, I am a better driver and more aware of people and their body language

yep good vids

god I love the duffle blog

I don't I have black friends. just put them in a "happy" camp

I have a feeling this won't be parody within 50 years

satire rather

whiskey you said you live in Atlanta?

I sympathize. When General Sherman burned Atlanta to the ground they shouldn't have rebuilt it.

I live in AZ but I can consult Army buddies

I like Georgia, not Atlanta

T seems like a great dude

I have been to Atlanta for a week. I live in AZ, however I know people in that area I can ask them.

I am also a few bourbon's in atm

I finished my Calculus HW and am relaxing

yeah he's an atheist

what part of NY?



not sure what that means

shit. again drinking so not 100% there

yeah I have an uncle in Pleasantville but he is moving to the Adirondacks

and temperance is for quitters

that's the closest person I know in that area

and the rickets

yeah man come to AZ

it snowed yesterday where I am

nah it s "cold" normally this time of year

tell her to STFU and listen to you #whitesharia

but seriously try and make emotion based rhetoric arguments to convince her

then cite the "it will be an adventure" line

*panty drops as she agrees*

I live at 5800' MSL

it gets cold

that was my porch yesterday

I live in central AZ

phoenix is 65 degrees

1 hour south


like Knoxville or near Nashville

I wanna live in Montana eventually. I am an avid hunter

AZ is ok but I need to travel a bunch to kill something big for the meats

there are Mule Deer here

but I gotta go to Coconino county for that game

it only cost me under $1000 to move to AZ from Vermont

trailer rental and all

yeah man. Escape the Tyranny of Cali and movie to America

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