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Hey man. Got held up. You still available?

Cool. What’s up with Ryan?

I remember him. Poor kid...

Help him in every way you can. You’re a good man, Lawrence

Let me know if I can assist in any way

we may actually be taking in a MO guy in over here

That’s how we operate as well.

I’ve been on Andrew’s ass the past few weeks

he seems to be coming around though

I mean, He, Sean and Carter could be a SOLID trio in the B’ham area

Only Sean has stickers atm

he gave them both some and their out

The stencils are at my place and I’m gone

I’ve instructed all of them to assemble their own personal kits before months end.

Between Norman and me, we have stencils for everyone

that way, If someone is out of stickers, they can always stencil

also, I’ve ordered a projector to begin with banner construction

things are going to take off big in 2022 for AL

Good work, brother

due to everyone’s conflicting schedules, we may have to conduct things individually as a state

I’m available at 9CST

currently working 7 12’s

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Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it but Lawrence FL has suggested Wayne FL for shield

Hey, man. Heard you may be interested in moving down south.

Sean’s great, isn’t he?

What can you tell me about him?

That’s the first thing that came to my mind also lol

@all is there any way AL and GA can meet up this coming weekend for drilling this coming weekend?

@Jackson GA where are y’all meeting?

@Jesse GA that would be ideal

Carter AL is a maybe so make that 6 from AL for now

Keep me updated as often as you can. I’ll put the word out when the time draws near and start looking for some work for you. What’s your profession?

You fine with construction?

It wouldn’t necessarily be him under decimation. Just the tenth man. Brutal

Norman and I joke. We say, “When we grow up we wanna be like Sean.”

I feel fortunate to have both those guys so close to me

Norman and James AL. Jesse, Jackson and Norman GA

The FL guys drilled with us as well

So who’s the sad sack thinking about moving here?


How goes it, brother?

Question 6 or 7?

I’ll exclude Sean from this interview

@ND - Samuel VA just let me know if I need to bring anything more. I’ll be driving my truck so I have no problem packing it out to the max

Is there any way you can throw up some stickers

That would be sweet

6 from AL. 4 from GA. I can tell you more once I know the destination

More than likely we’ll rendezvous with you after the GA guys

Maybe the same location. We’ll see

I’m having trouble accessing the membership page for my interviewees. Help?

Idk why I can’t login

I’ve messaged him

I have. I’ve given that same thing some thought as well. I’m he definitely has the heart and attitude for it but, personally, I think he is best suited if the main column. His discipline and experience in that scenario is just as essential if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, he’s in great shape but he’s 140 lbs, 150 soaking wet. I we absolutely need more shields, I’d say sure. Have you signed Wayne FL up? That was Lawrence’s suggestion

Hope you’re doing well, brother. Looking forward to seeing you again

Just catching up on the shield channel. If we need another shield leader, I think Lawrence could be suited for the Front left Screen

Gotcha. Gimme a minute

Got a minute for mumble?

Are you confident that you could

perform the duties of a shield bearer?

Hey, brother. Would you be interested in being a shield bearer?

Hey, brother. How would you feel about being a shield leader?

Gotcha. We need guys that have some drilling experience and appropriate qualities. I’ll pass this on

I would rather be a shield guy under the direction of a leader

If need be I'll do it; but I can't promise perfection, just my best.

From Lawrence ☝🏻

We just need to pack some muscle on you haha

Gaining 10 lbs of muscle wouldn’t be difficult

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