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Jesse GA @PF-847465

Just wanted to let you know I got my guys meeting up the weekend of the 20th for some last minute training.

Good work, brother

due to everyone’s conflicting schedules, we may have to conduct things individually as a state

Jesse GA @PF-847465

Ya that’s what I kinda figured. I like the big group meetups but the logistical issues behind them are understandable. People’s livelihoods come first lol.

Jesse GA @PF-847465

Been getting back in the gym man. It feels damn good to be back. I joined planet fitness not realizing they have almost no free bar or crazy equipment lol. So it makes copying branch warrens workouts a little hard. But it’s kinda nice for getting back in to the swing of things. Least I can’t get to crazy and hurt myself right off the rip lol. Especially this close to the December event


:pushpin: NOTICE :pushpin:
Leg/Head Protection, Necessary Gear
Below linked is the standardized leg protection for heavy shieldbearers. It is not required for those on light duty shields.

It will be necessary for those on heavy shields to purchase and prepare their own leg guards. If they have issues with this financially they are to contact their team lead, and that is to be discussed here.

If you are taller than 6ft, you may want to buy the taller guards.

Once you acquire the guards, you must paint them. Steps for doing that are as follows:
- Lightly sand the surface of the pads until it has a matte appearance, and is no longer shiny and sleek.
- Cover all areas of the item but the hard padding with masking tape.
- Spray the pads with two light coats of light tan paint. (Rustoleum brand "Antique White" is Ideal).

Instructions for the chin strap are simple. All on shields are required to have one. Purchase one, and hold onto the extra.
- Very carefully pick a place just in front of the ear on your hat and poke a hole in the fabric just big enough to clip the chinstrap.
- If the hat can be worn comfortably with the mask overtop of the chinstrap, and is more firmly attached to the head, do the same with the bump cap inserted.
- It is best to drill a small hole into the bump cap at the precise location previously used. If you do not have access to a drill, ask your locals.

Report back with any questions, before proceeding with the process. Acquire and prepare these items as soon as you are able.

Leg Guards

Chin Strap

Get that leg protection ASAP

Jesse GA @PF-847465

Nvm I see that it is now.

Jesse GA @PF-847465

Sucks about your truck brother, lmk if you need help with anything.

Thanks, bro. Y’all make it home?

Jesse GA @PF-847465

We are almost there. Little over an hour away. Been a trip for sure. Y’all make it ok?

Shoot. We still have about 6 hours. Didn’t leave camp till about 11:30

GA boys did great by the way!

Keep it up, brother

Jesse GA @PF-847465

Thanks man, we got a good group of guys here. Really excited to grow our state. Y’all drive safe, we will catch up with y’all soon.

Jesse GA @PF-847465

Ask Norman how badass it was singing “by god well have our home again” on the last uhaul ride back.


Jesse GA @PF-847465

Congrats on the promotion brother, You deserve it.

Thank you, brother. It’s an honor

When will you be available for a meeting?

Also, where in GA are you located?

Jesse GA @PF-847465

Central Georgia. Milledgeville

Jesse GA @PF-847465

I could do a meeting tomorrow if need be. Just lmk what work. I’ll be out camping to duck hunt in the morning so I can’t do one tonight.

Jesse GA @PF-847465
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