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What’s up, man?

Getting ready to go to Miami to climb with s friend and help get Ryan FL on his feet

Cool. What’s up with Ryan?

He lives on severe poverty, no parents, no documents.

We have a returning member who knows him who is willing to house him so he can start moving forward with his life.

So I'm hoping to get him moved too if possible.

You remember ryan. Hes the short malnourished looking one at the drilling session.

I remember him. Poor kid...

Help him in every way you can. You’re a good man, Lawrence

Let me know if I can assist in any way

we may actually be taking in a MO guy in over here

Nice. Our rule with guys like Ryan or Phillip FL (you haven't met him) is the second they stop trying to improve is when we show them out the door.

We'll help them as much as possible, but they have to do the work.

Good rule

That’s how we operate as well.

I’ve been on Andrew’s ass the past few weeks

he seems to be coming around though

I mean, He, Sean and Carter could be a SOLID trio in the B’ham area

What's stopping them?


Only Sean has stickers atm

he gave them both some and their out

I have too much promat. If they want some mailed to them I can send some.

The stencils are at my place and I’m gone

I’ve instructed all of them to assemble their own personal kits before months end.

Between Norman and me, we have stencils for everyone

that way, If someone is out of stickers, they can always stencil

Yep, that's what I like to do too

also, I’ve ordered a projector to begin with banner construction

things are going to take off big in 2022 for AL

He'll yeah, sounds good man. Things have been going great for us all year, let's keep that ball rolling

Hey, brother. How would you feel about being a shield leader?

I would rather be a shield guy under the direction of a leader

If need be I'll do it, but I can't promise perfection, just my best

Gotcha. We need guys that have some drilling experience and appropriate qualities. I’ll pass this on

Ok, I've been talking to John and how he's been telling me about the "colorful" descriptions he used to describe me. Needless to say, I have been having a good laugh

Also, my mile time was 7:03 as of the other day.


Good work, man

We just need to pack some muscle on you haha

Thanks. I want to make it better and I reall think I can. My 2k meter rowing time was around 8:15 I think

Yeah, I need to focus on it, but I'm not hung up over it either

Like I said, if I do shields, being under the guide of a leader is preferable until I gain more experience. If there is no one else for the job I will drill on my own and make myself as competent as I can be to lead others

Gaining 10 lbs of muscle wouldn’t be difficult

for you

Yeah. If I was 155 lbs I would be set honestly

Hell yeah

You’d be an animal lol

Yep. Animal Lawrence coming soon


We agreed to have our travel plan meeting tonight at 9pm right?

Or did we wrap up AL travel plans last night?

Well, it’ll be difficult, considering it’s thanksgiving

Agreed, let's talk on Friday

I get off work at 10pm EST but I can talk while I drive. I will have headphones so I won't kill your ears

With the rest of the guys, right?

We could do that

Do you think they are necessary to have?

Either way. Let’s start with you and me first I guess.

Got big plans today?

Sure. No big plans for today. It's just me, parents and brother

My family entire lives in Australia and Europe

That’s cool, man. How often do you see them?

I know of family that lives in Europe, but I have never met them. My parents met them once or twice when they were young. As for the ones living in Australia, I see them once every few years of or so. I saw them in 2019


Its just me down here in Foley. Kinda sucks, really

Sorry to hear that man

it’ll be alright

We'll have to have a thanksgiving redo when you get back


We had a sort of thanksgiving lunch with everyone in Florida. It was a good day.

I wanna do another regional gathering sometime in January or February

Sounds good to me. In fact, let's plan for a big action in Tallahassee. If we have that many guys, then I think we can achieve a really big action

We have scouts up there now to help coordinate it too

I have a few ideas that I want to do. I'll start talking with the guys who have done it before for some tips and tricks



Congratulations on your promotion to director Chris. You have a great crew and you are more than qualified for the job. Funny how when we first met you I thought you were somewhat awkward; You didn't stay that way for long. I'm very excited to see what the new year has in store for us and what we can accomplish.

Thanks, brother. It’s an honor

awkward? 😅

I was just a little nervous lol. I’ve always been a quick learner

You had a large part to play in my success with the org. You were my first example to

go by and i looked up to you in that regard. I’m thankful for that

Regarding the M4L event coming up I'm going to have the same travel plan as last time. GA FL will all go in the same van

For D.C.?

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