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Man, I know what I am jogging to tonight

Sorry for not checking, but I do maintain daily reporting with @Norman AL and staying on top of my cardio. Closing in on 65 pounds lost and have began incorporating calisthenics into my workouts.

Managed to get a mile in 9:25 and I can maintain a plank for 2:30, of which I am now building up to 3:00

Wicked, man. I love it

Missing attachment: 20211127_182638.jpg

Sorry for my silence, boys. I'm still doing my part.

I did tell them during my interview and orientation but they said I'd be penalized for attendance. I ran that by them last week during my interview and orientation; they told me if I did, it'd count against me when a position becomes available. I really need to lock this job down, bro

As a temp, yes

I weigh 224.6 as of this morning. Did an hour jog last night with a sauna suit, and hitting the tread again as soon as I get off work.

I should be around 210 by the end of this month.



Hey man, Norman said there was a mole identified. Are the AL guys alright?

Fuck, man. Glad y'all are alright.


I'm getting laid off from my job - go fucking figure - so almost any time now

I think I'm just going to get a part-time job at this point

@Sam MI 9:25 mile, trained for a month and can finally do a proper push up(now to work on reps), doing dead hangs until I can do a pull up, and I can plank between 3-4 minutes

Almost lost 70 pounds


Let's do it before next Saturday because I'll be heading to Tennessee with Norman

Any time we're looking at meeting tomorrow, bro?

Rgr that bro

I think my stencil is with someone in our network, after that action a few months back. I have everything else.

I'll check my gear again and make sure

218.6 this morning. Finally breaking through my plateau.

Sorry bro, was at the gym

I will do better, man. Really sorry bro

I'll put it on a sticky note and put it on my monitor

Yeah man, let me get to my pc

Shit, the mumble info was changed

What was the victory website address?

Nvm, got it

I'm in the lobby but Vincent will have to verify me

We can try Telegram but I'll understand if you want to keep PF comms thru official channels, boss man

Rgr that, brother

Can we talk earlier in the day some time? I'll be with Norman around this time tomorrow, getting ready for trip

Any time before 6PM should be good

Wait, is the mumble app still functional?


I hope you can make it, man

Awesome, brother

Will it be your first time meeting his people?

Sweet, bro. He's a cool dude

I really hope you can make it. I miss ya, brother

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