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Set your dog on the filthy dirty scumbag muslim savages

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It's funny cause muslims aren't people

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@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) you're echoing

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New Starbird video incoming soon

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And done. Whew, that was a slog to read through.

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And...demonetized. That was fast.

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@Conscious Caracal Thought that was Bill Cosby for a moment 😝

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Found this informative, though it's geared towards the states.

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Dankie boer

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@Willem Petzer best lecture I've listened of Hoppe from Aristocracy to Monarchy to Democracy. A Tale of Moral and Economic Folly and Decay

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Finally got around to doing this one

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No idea why it's using wrong thumbnail here though.

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I dont like the introduction...

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It seems, judging from the tone of the callers, many black South Africans definitely view the DA as, at best, a "white-leaning" party. People who propose getting the DA into power as a type of temporary solution, or a first step to a path to self-determination for Afrikaners, how do you go about convincing blacks to vote for a party they see as inheritently as a "white party"?

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What I don't like about these documentaries is that they show a shack and say, see this is the result of apartheid.

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but for crying out loud they had roughly 13% of south africa's surface for themselves 4% more than what they had originally.

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@MaximusXVI no that is not the solution.

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@theeChristopher Oh i agree. That's not my idea. But there is actually a guy on here who advocates voting for the DA simply on the basis that they are the only viable party which can challenge the ANC and forseeably get them out of power. In his mind, getting rid of the ANC should be the number 1 objective at the moment. I'm just an observer from the US who supports the Afrikaner people. In my opinion, in theory, the "best solution" would be some kind of Volkstaat or self-determination for the Afrikaners. And I think many people on here probably agree with that. But the obvious problem and immediate question is: HOW is that going to happen? Is it a matter of actively campaigning for it; or is it, as some have more cynically suggested, just a matter of waiting until some kind of nation-wide anarchy/civil war occurs, and then take advantage of the chaos and pursue the creation of their own new country? Thoughts? 😃

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Thank you for supporting us Afirkaners @MaximusXVI it's people like you that will help more than you realise.

The guy who is saying the DA must win says so because he is one of them, he is a liberal and a fence sitter and openly says so, I have no clue why he is on here cause he clearly states these facts.

During the Anglo Boer War we had many like him, and this cost us greatly.

A Volkstaat is the only solution, however this can be put on hold for now simply because the Transvaal, Freestate and Natalia Republic belongs to us The Boer.

If we declare a Volkstaat that will only mean that we settle for second best (we don't settle for second best), the snake (the bantu) is busy devouring itself and soon it will be gone but first a lot of water needs to pass under the bridge. those bantu that will be left will be the bantu that respected the Boer as they always have, as it was before.

2018-08-02 03:31:53 UTC  

Natalia Republic was the first republic in the whole of Africa.

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@theeChristopher Well that is certainly kind of you to say. I wish there was more I could do. I started following the situation in SA a couple years ago. But have really become interested after I discovered Willem's channel, as well as the social media accounts of several other right wing Afrikaners. That guy definitely seems delusional and if he's on the fence, then he's definitely not an asset to the cause. So are you of the opinion that it's simply a matter of time before things go south? Obviously, it would be completely delusional to think that things could somehow improve for the country with its current trajectory. What are your thoughts on Ramaphosa's announcement? I saw some guy arguing that he's playing "4d chess" (like some say Trump does) and doesn't really believe in EWC, but is only trying to save the ANC from losing votes to the EFF. Others are already talking about forming militias and preparing to physically defend their land. I saw Renaldo's video earlier in which he seems to believe nothing serious will actually happen until after the 2019 elections. So i guess I would ask you: where do things actually stand with regard to the "land issue?" It is my understanding that the president has just announced what most people already saw coming. They still to do the actual ammendmending to the constitution, and go through all the documentation. Stay strong my friend! 🙏 <:Vierkleur:471734652844113920> 💪