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2018-07-17 19:11:13 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

2018-07-17 21:15:53 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  


2018-07-18 19:35:43 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Conscious Caracal great videos dude, enjoying your channel

2018-07-18 19:41:19 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Just watched the political discourse in SA video you did. I've overheard a few wits lecturers mention how awful campus life is.

2018-07-19 20:11:11 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #videos]  

lol why are those black kids so racist?

2018-07-19 20:38:29 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

yeah... okay it's a melon

2018-07-19 20:39:52 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

so confused by this

2018-07-19 21:02:56 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #memes]  


2018-07-19 21:03:31 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #memes]  


2018-07-19 21:04:28 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #memes]  


2018-07-19 21:07:41 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

a doodle of malema I did. What you all think?


2018-07-19 21:15:14 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  


2018-07-19 21:16:54 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  


2018-07-19 21:17:39 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

where's everyone from?
Me - Jo'burg

2018-07-19 21:26:57 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  


@Tjoppie that's a great idea. Drives me crazy when I see someone throw their garbage out of their car window on to the street. I see guys who drive expensive cars do it - so it's not a poverty thing.

2018-07-31 19:37:07 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

hello birdy

2018-07-31 19:40:40 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

cool youtube channel! πŸ˜ƒ what are you working on?

2018-08-01 18:08:30 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

the absolute timing of this video....

Zoo lake, JHB is a good example.
In the summer months over weekends, especially during December. The place gets overwhelmed with litter. You'll see trash cans almost empty, but litter all around them.

An Instagram account like this could be quite cool to start up as well:
It documents all the random chicken bones that people just drop on the streets of Atlanta.

2018-08-02 11:00:51 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #videos]  

you can't make this stuff up...

2018-08-02 14:53:20 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #videos]  
2018-08-02 19:02:19 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #videos]  

Huge Mouthy fan. Love his videos.

2018-08-02 19:06:58 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #videos]  

He doest upload that often, but when he does it usually really good stuff. Audio and visuals πŸ‘Œ

2018-08-02 19:07:08 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #videos]  


2018-08-02 19:25:30 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

he thinks he's invincible at this stage.

2018-08-02 19:55:36 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Rendier just saw you're debating Maasdorp! Should be epic

2018-08-03 14:54:07 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Shocking ! I'll definitely get in touch with Helpende Hande

2018-08-07 12:25:07 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

anyone else getting phone call spammed by the IRR today?

2018-08-07 18:52:52 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #videos]  

Great video by Computing Forever! ☝

2018-08-08 18:21:29 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

A lot of my friends swore they'd never leave SA. But, some got kids and decided it would be better to raise their kids elsewhere.

I stayed in NZ for a while. Gotta say, it's pretty cool. Good lifestyle.

2018-08-10 12:29:14 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #memes]  


2018-08-10 22:59:40 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #twitter]  

@Jerm offer him 10k to debate you πŸ˜‚

2018-08-11 19:40:07 UTC [Nothing Left #pushback]  

2018-08-13 20:31:51 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

The "Dark Tourist" episode that featured Suidlanders made them look bad. Bad optics.

2018-08-13 21:35:01 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  


2018-08-13 21:35:03 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

interesting if you zoom in.


2018-08-14 05:39:53 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #twitter]  

What made him so butthurt?
What a weird thing to say "Go baffle someplace else."

2018-08-14 14:00:10 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #twitter]  

is he /our guy/ ?

2018-08-14 14:03:36 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #twitter]  

I actually discovered an old boo! cd in a box of old junk

2018-08-14 17:57:01 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Afriforum just keep winning.

2018-08-14 20:06:17 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #memes]  


2018-08-21 14:42:06 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #twitter]  

front hole? oy vey... you cannot make this shit up.

2018-08-21 19:36:13 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Merchandising director at Nike. Ooooh, could be real fun to encourage black twitter to boycott nike

2018-08-21 19:37:10 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

and also, black folk adore nike πŸ˜ƒ

2018-08-22 08:50:47 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Agree @Willem Petzer if the word didn't cause such 'outrage' it would completely lose it's power.

2018-08-22 08:52:11 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

I wonder what would have happened if the guy just said "not a black person in sight" instead of using the k-word?

2018-08-22 09:31:27 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

really activating my almonds right now @Sheamus

2018-08-22 14:36:44 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

I wonder how much work gets done in-between their hate-tweeting and racist hunting.

2018-08-22 14:38:09 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

well then they are pretty good at it. haha.

2018-08-22 18:53:45 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #twitter]  

a 95 year old... That's just pure evil.

2018-08-22 19:08:09 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Sheamus still waiting for renaldo. lol.

2018-08-22 19:10:02 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@KoninginTanja same here. most of my friends are pretty blue-pilled.

2018-08-22 20:03:05 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  


2018-08-22 20:03:15 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  


2018-08-22 20:03:30 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

with that being said guy

2018-08-23 06:05:45 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #memes]  

haha @Piesangslaai that's hilarious.

2018-08-23 07:49:49 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Penkop you can't say vagina remember. Front hole.

love the way the CATO guy says "three dimensional chess" ☝🏻

2018-08-23 09:10:04 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Ernst did well in that SABC interview. That Lamola guy had zero argument!

2018-08-23 09:12:51 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #twitter]  

What are the chances of a Petzer / Big Daddy Liberty chat?

2018-08-23 09:14:35 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #twitter]  

I'm sure he receives as much hate mail as Willem does.

2018-08-23 11:09:45 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #videos]  

lol a few seconds ago Julius said that the ANC and Afriforum are working together...

2018-08-23 11:13:19 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #videos]  

he's literally calling for war!

2018-08-23 11:18:33 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #videos]  

he's all salty about ramaphosa now

2018-08-23 11:26:08 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

whats that quote about keeping quiet while your enemy makes mistakes or says stupid shit?

2018-08-23 11:29:45 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

I don't get how the EFF always talk about God. Aren't commies supposed to be anti-religion?

2018-08-23 11:31:19 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  


2018-08-23 11:32:48 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Charl can't even get communism 101 right. haha

2018-08-23 11:33:59 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

"indian supremacy"

2018-08-23 11:36:01 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

he really is sounding like a rambling lunatic

2018-08-23 11:38:09 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

its scary man, you can see how he appeals to the low iq

2018-08-23 12:37:19 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

I wonder how his voters feel about expecting starvation.

2018-08-26 20:21:08 UTC [Subverse #new-member-alert]  

2018-08-26 20:21:35 UTC [Subverse #bot-commands]  


2018-08-27 07:30:32 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

How come?

2018-08-27 08:40:38 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Yeah, I can relate to a lot of these stories. Its good that people are speaking out.
Makes us feel less alone.

2018-08-27 08:53:15 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Brilliant. The left are so obsessed with not being racist that they can't see how racist they actually are by infantilising blacks/"minorities"

2018-08-27 08:59:50 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

I think it will take some time.
It will eventually reach SA.

2018-08-27 09:01:04 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

☝🏻 This deals with a similar topic. And features Willem's new pal Jesse Lee Peterson

2018-08-27 09:16:57 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  


2018-08-27 09:23:29 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

I love how exposes all the holes in her ideology just by asking really simple questions...

2018-08-27 09:38:47 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Lol. It's funny when they fumble over their own views.
But I think its important not to pounce on them with a "gotcha", as it will just make them wanna double-down.

Anyway, what is it with guys named "Peterson" eh?

2018-08-27 09:59:06 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Nope, just in the comments now and again.

2018-08-27 17:53:57 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  


2018-08-27 18:07:54 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  


2018-08-27 18:12:14 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  


2018-08-27 20:30:44 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  


2018-08-27 20:35:52 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

oh man I really feel sorry for that lady going the wrong way on the moving walkway

2018-08-27 20:42:36 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  


2018-08-27 20:44:32 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  


2018-08-27 20:44:49 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  

goodnight fellow marshmallows!

2018-08-27 20:45:16 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  


2018-08-28 13:46:13 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

no wonder we have such high crime

2018-08-28 13:49:36 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I guess masculinity isn't that toxic afterall

2018-08-28 14:21:22 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

haha can't wait to hear what come out of kidi amin's mouth now

2018-08-28 14:26:45 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

good work Ersnt Roets πŸ˜ƒ

2018-08-28 14:34:35 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Kidi Amin can have Trollip hahaha

2018-08-29 07:56:41 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I'm sure I heard some one say "comrade" in the first video.
These students seem like they are having fun. If you're really protesting something wouldn't you be angry/serious.
How are these students employable?

2018-08-29 08:10:13 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

yeah wasn't bantu education intended to help the students adapt better? Instead of throwing the students in the deep end.

2018-08-29 09:14:44 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

communists are a bit like flat-earthers no?

2018-08-29 09:17:10 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  


2018-08-29 12:03:08 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  


2018-08-29 13:16:14 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

haha πŸ˜‚
What I meant was that Communists are the flat earthers of political ideologies.

But I agree, I'm being harsh on flat earthers

2018-08-29 13:33:18 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

according to some of the comments on the video they walked out because the exam was about work they didn't cover in class...

2018-08-29 13:34:28 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

ahh figured so.

2018-08-29 13:38:07 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@Darkseid yeah. Plus, maybe they didn't pay attention in class (or even go to class), maybe that's why they think it wasn't covered.

2018-08-29 13:46:05 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

reminder that this is our minister of education


2018-08-29 14:07:05 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

isn't a letter banned in China as well. Like the letter M or something, can't remember which.

2018-08-29 14:12:07 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

If the Chinese do colonize SA, I wonder how they'd react when the workers strike.

2018-08-29 18:49:21 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

whats going on with that coppercab dude? ☝🏻 is he still trans?

2018-08-29 18:59:31 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

even Count Dankula was once a commie. πŸ˜‚

2018-08-29 19:55:36 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

yup, communist goes against our nature

2018-08-29 19:56:08 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-08-29 19:57:41 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

haha, I knew that. Just a little tired.

2018-08-29 20:38:09 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  


2018-08-30 10:07:38 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@afm what about the song do you hate? The stereotyping, or just how bad the song is?

2018-08-30 10:42:15 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

i can't really comment on her dancing - she has more moves than me

2018-08-30 10:45:25 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Here's a hot take I discovered while scrolling through the comments of renaldo's latest video


2018-08-30 13:20:59 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Maybe we should just embrace the "right wing" label. If it means that you are pro-free speech, property rights, the free market, etc...

2018-08-30 13:26:33 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Same here @Rox

2018-08-30 13:26:42 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

They feel guilty...

2018-08-30 13:26:56 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

that's my guess.

2018-08-30 15:10:03 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Woah... just watched the video above, the students barricading themselves in.
Universities these days must be such demoralising places for white students.

2018-08-30 15:16:30 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  


2018-08-30 20:25:36 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

I was thinking the same thing.

2018-08-30 20:25:59 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

but they ripped up all the papers. So, we'll never know.

2018-08-30 20:41:26 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  


2018-08-30 20:44:57 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  


2018-08-31 11:03:35 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

she really is

2018-08-31 11:05:26 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

its kinda endearing though...

2018-09-02 15:58:03 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  


2018-09-02 15:58:21 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  


2018-09-02 17:34:29 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

if anything, it's just going to be a annoying

2018-09-02 17:37:50 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

boston terrier?

2018-09-02 17:43:04 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

so, is Julia Eccles an actual EFF member?

2018-09-02 17:55:21 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  

@Sheamus although the 'debate' part will be fruitless, at least he'll expose her and that might be enough to make ordinary folk distance themselves from her way of thinking.

2018-09-02 18:00:20 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  

but Renaldo's and Willem's audiences are different.

2018-09-02 18:06:06 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  

fok... i actually think renaldo is going to lose this debate they way it's going so far.

2018-09-02 18:12:31 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  

ok I take it back. Renaldo starting to ask harder questions πŸ˜ƒ

2018-09-02 18:15:30 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  

my best is "I don't have an example right now"

2018-09-02 19:42:39 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@Die_Ander she will just laugh in your face and then avoid the question

2018-09-03 14:12:53 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

wow... fascinating + sad. ☝

2018-09-03 14:30:17 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  


2018-09-06 15:22:46 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@andrews2547 Markus Meechan / Count Dankula

2018-09-10 10:37:44 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  


2018-09-10 10:37:51 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  


2018-09-10 19:34:40 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I can see you putting them on right at the end of your videos, before "cheers and peace out"

2018-09-11 18:52:11 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

hah Julia Eccles, the "mediocre graphic designer":

2018-09-11 19:04:30 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-09-12 19:39:00 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

I guess if your surname is Verwoerd you gotta signal your virtue non-stop

2018-09-12 20:16:52 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  


2018-09-12 20:55:36 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Kraut and Tea is back!

2018-09-12 21:00:59 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@kandarpa yeah it seems a bit dead lately. But I'm sure its just temporary.

2018-09-13 18:47:38 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

@Sheamus Its hard to get through these articles. Full of slander.
I know that to some, when Ernst spoke in parliament, he may have come across aggressive. But fuck, we should be aggressively against EWC! There was nothing racist about what he said.

2018-09-13 19:13:11 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

@ABear He was really passionate! I thought it was great. What do you think of Mosiuoa Lekota?

2018-09-13 19:26:40 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

well.. especially not the DA

2018-09-13 20:12:35 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

I've never really looked into cope until now.

2018-09-13 20:16:23 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

I remember a while back the DA and cope were about to team up but it fell apart at the last minute.

2018-09-13 20:26:39 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

Do you think EFF will gain some more voters in 2019?

2018-09-13 20:48:20 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

@ABear yeah! are you saying their short-lived victory come at great cost to the ANC?

2018-09-13 20:50:10 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

how so?

2018-09-13 21:19:08 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

nah it's not admiration. They a smart in a devious way

2018-09-13 21:21:21 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

or evil-genius

2018-09-14 10:44:27 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Love this tweet


2018-09-17 10:12:47 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Would be cool if someone overlaid images depicting current happenings that match the words

2018-09-17 13:53:32 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@Rendier I guess you're not getting much work done today?

2018-09-17 13:55:41 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

excellent multitasking!

2018-09-17 18:23:20 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

I couldn't get through that interview

2018-09-18 12:22:08 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #movies]  

This film is so good! πŸ‘

2018-09-18 14:59:03 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

@Sheamus I'm keen - shall we start gathering images?

2018-09-18 15:48:25 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

We need Pieter Howes to join

2018-09-18 18:21:38 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #movies]  

@ZombieQueen How amazing was Toni Colette in Hereditary ??

2018-09-18 18:26:24 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  


2018-09-18 19:42:34 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

hahahah yes

2018-09-18 19:45:44 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@AG welcome1

2018-09-19 12:33:31 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

I work close to a school and if I leave close to school's home-time, the streets are just crowded with kids, they take over. I often day dream of ploughing through them haha

2018-09-19 18:08:53 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

yes! caught that yesterday

2018-09-19 18:09:29 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Ernst is a folk hero.

2018-09-19 18:10:12 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Is that your channel or are you just reposting? @Father Clarity

2018-09-19 18:56:38 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

why give that thot any attention?

2018-09-19 19:10:42 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

@Father Clarity yeah, pretty cool! Good exposure

2018-09-20 07:26:27 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  


2018-09-20 11:18:01 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

that can't be real though?

2018-09-20 12:56:24 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

hey @Rendier what happened with Athol Trollip?

2018-09-20 19:59:54 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-09-21 10:05:21 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

argh... kid models and even beauty pageants seem so icky.

2018-09-21 10:39:55 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

lol Renaldo, a neckbeard.

2018-09-21 10:48:14 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I can't imagine it would be anything sinister - the dude is just trying to smear Renaldo
Which is a typical SJW tactic.

2018-09-21 10:50:05 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

new Sargon video is pretty great

2018-09-21 10:51:39 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@Apollo please meme renaldo as a neckbeard

2018-09-21 12:13:35 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

wow Jonah Hill looks so different...

2018-09-21 12:14:22 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@Laurynne Gouws the main concern: Are you a furry?

2018-09-21 12:22:46 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Romans does not count as pizza. Am I right? @Sheamus

2018-09-21 13:06:54 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-09-21 13:07:55 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

"Middle Class Memes for Ress-Moggian Teens" 😁

2018-09-21 13:22:02 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Michael sounds like a very concerned soybean

2018-09-21 14:28:08 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

horror fan @ZombieQueen ?

2018-09-22 09:23:23 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Guys - how cool is this!

2018-09-22 09:56:08 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  

Pieter Howes must have some kind of mental disorder.

2018-09-22 09:56:16 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  

Nobody can be that much of a cuck? right?

2018-09-22 10:08:51 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-09-22 10:16:04 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  


2018-09-22 10:36:36 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  

why ? why is he like this?

2018-09-22 10:47:51 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  


2018-09-22 12:03:19 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  

seems like the site has been inactive for a long time

2018-09-22 12:04:09 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #funny]  

like it was set up quickly with a few articles, then nothing...

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