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I live in the western cape I would have known about it.

join the chat cheshire cat


please join the general chat.

Hey guys.

Well thats kinds ironic.


So how is the wall coming along?

Was Obama even a American?

Gonna make out with his commy buddies?

The Jewish diaspora started in the 70's and not the 1970's the 70's

Did you know there were a few Jewish states in the middle ages.

still there?


Wanna join the voice chat

Okay then.

I heard Zuma wanted to start his own party.

I saw it on the news a while ago.

Here is something

Lol for zuma no way.

Remember when Malema said he will kill for Zumpie.

What do you think of America's 2 party system.

Well thats what happens when you try a western idea like democracy in Africa.

Here is a funny picture of a superman comic.

Hello Hotwire.

Ek dink dis maar net ek hieso.

Jaa ek gaan more weer klas toe.

Will jy dalk die general chat join.

Dit is aan die linker kant van die screen. jy kan dan met jou stem praat.

Middle linker kand van die screen.

join the general chat.

Hello Malcolm, glad to have you on the chat.

wanna chat on general


We do have 9 provinces though.

I would honestly not mind an independent cape.

I don't think anyone will take them seriously.

What do you guys think will happen if Malema gets assassinated.


Why don't we use our real voices to chat for a change?


Stem saam.

Weet ongelukig net ANC propeganda van aparteid.

Ek gaan dit bietjie opsoek dankie klipkop.


Hey there are fellow hoi4 players here

Well the worst party is the EFF.

what about joining the general chat.

Hello szavanna its good to have you here.

Probably the freedom front for me.

I don't know much about Front Nasionaal but the FF+ is

Here is a link to the their manifesto

You can read it in English too.

You can change the language at the top right corner of the screen.


I wish I knew.

Kesh do you wish to join the general chat .

That is why the second amendment exist in America, guard it with your life.

No you can talk to me with your actaul voice then.

Bottom left side of the screen.

alirght mate.

Very well.

Same here mate.

We can still get guns but its a bureacratic nightmare.

And if you on any kinf of medicine its a no no.

I have a few old hunting riffles but thats about it.

Do you think the goverment wants to disarm us for a civil war.

Well Malema certainly wants that.

Coward typical.

Where are you from frederick?

Cool I am not that good with my hands though.

Where can I find the materials though.

So I got to buy a 3d printer or something

What machine do I need to buy specificly

I am gonna go afk

β€œWhat are you, two years old? Hasn't history proven that Marx's vision of an egalitarian utopia is unattainable, inevitably creating an oligarchy more oppressive than the bourgeoisie it vilifies?"

Willem do you think the eff is behind farm murders?

Willem do you think the eff is behind farm murders?

Willem do you think the eff is behind farm murders?

Umm for some reason I can't speak.

I am in the Afrikaan chat but for some reason I can't speak even though I am not muted.

For some reason I can't talk


sorry let me find a bigger pic



Fake site dan

Maar wat de fok weet ek , ek is net 'n mal boer.

Well if it doesnt work try this one

Like I said I am a crazy person and you should not treat anything I say seriosly.

But to clarify I have not fact check them so I have no idea if their legit.

dankie penkop.

Maby I am the gowerment.

Dun dun dun.

Nope nothing Guese I am not the gowerment afterall.

Agree Just be careful what you say, the lighs on your cars a watching

Hoe weet jy dit?


You turn them into cheese.

Why can't we just turn them into cheese?

This is me.

Indeed but still funny.

Of couse you are.


Contrary to popular belief the dutch do have a bible belt.

Willem if your their come join the chat.

There not their sorry

I wish for a day where people will judge me as an individual.


Well that was beautyful.

Come join us on the voice chat if you can

You don't have to talk you can just listhen in

Question for the Brits here.

Why dafuck did you let a Muslim terrorist become the goddamm mayor of London.

The land belongs to God and he gives it to whoever earned it.



Are any of you into horse riding?

This site is also good for secret mesages.

If a civil war brakes out will we even have acess to the Internet?

Perhaps we should focus on the baiscs first firearms, food, and medical care?

2 way radio?

My father was in the army. he always said that the first step in conquest is taking over the radio stations.

Also horses are awesome.

Attack and retreat back into the wilderness.

on your horse


Boers have always been known for fighting in small ragtag groups.

What is the name of the prank call site again that allows you to change your caller ID I think it could be usefull.

how far does it go?

what about we go in the voice chat to avoid all the typing

How can satellites and GPS be explained by flat-thinkers?


There are many space agencies in the world. Do they all lie?

What abou this.

Why does Antarctica get twenty-four hours of sunlight during December if the earth is flat?

is this your world view

hey malcolm

where are you.

Wanna join the general or are you busy?

Wait he is free yay!


Say No for britanistan.

Iemand het my naam gesteel

crazyBoer 2018-08-10 17:56:11 [Nothing Left #pushback]

crazyBoer 2018-08-16 10:45:15 [Nothing Left #pushback]

any news on zapiro?

crazyBoer 2018-08-16 10:46:24 [Nothing Left #pushback]

the arm thing

crazyBoer 2018-08-16 10:48:14 [Nothing Left #pushback]

oh ok.

crazyBoer 2018-08-16 10:50:05 [Nothing Left #pushback]

Well imm gonna play some old nes games.

Wat is julle mening oor de ng kerk.

ich bin ein berliner

hey guys

well imm leaving so chears

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