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2018-06-25 05:02:52 UTC  

The 'Jewish Test' of Fr. Maximilian Kolbe

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did u copy paste my copy paste hiding

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from mde sub reddit

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@Sleightology LOL that was you?

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it wasnt even copy paste i typed it out myself lol

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what a coincidence

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remind me to read it over lunch

2018-06-26 11:22:59 UTC  

Hey can a Catholic help me understand why the Pope kissed nigger feet? What do you think about that? I'm srs, no trying to direspect. I want to like Catholicism so I'm looking for a Catholic's opinion on this

2018-06-26 13:18:55 UTC  

no trolling allowed in this chat

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take it into general

2018-06-27 05:34:32 UTC  

I think it's a valid question tbh

2018-06-27 05:35:06 UTC  

Pope Francis thinks he's basically Jesus imo

2018-06-27 05:42:03 UTC  

he thinks like a jesuit i see what your saying in a way hes drunk with humility i think

2018-06-27 05:42:09 UTC  

man thats profound

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broseph has an interesting take

2018-06-27 05:44:19 UTC  

on it

2018-06-27 05:44:24 UTC  

My take is that you're fuckin gay

2018-06-27 05:44:27 UTC  

He's basically trying to shock people as Jesus did with his humility, except Jesus was the King of heaven who died for our sins while the Pope just wears less expensive shoes

2018-06-27 05:44:28 UTC  

just an old marxist fart

2018-06-27 06:04:48 UTC  

Make no mistake about it: Zionist Jews consider true, traditional Catholicism to be Nazism; the Gospel is anti-semitic for them. Their rejection is of Christ and Catholicism, not of the SSPX per se. It’s just that the SSPX is the largest group that, in the eyes of the world, represents this traditional Catholicism. The Modernist Vatican II Sect has long sold out to the Zionist Jews and presents no threat to their apostate false religion, hence they have no problem associating with it. But whatever smarks of those “dark days” before Vatican II, they will denounce as Nazi and evil. Such are the facts.

2018-06-27 18:53:29 UTC  

I really hope the next Pope’s views are contrary to Francis and that his don’t get normalized. What would be the point of even being catholic anymore

2018-06-27 20:36:51 UTC  

The point of being catholic is to be saved.

2018-06-27 22:00:01 UTC  

Guess I worded that sentence incorrectly lol

2018-06-28 04:26:59 UTC  

Where my orthodox nibbas @

2018-06-28 05:26:07 UTC  

Just defended Catholicism for an hour in an NS server again

2018-06-28 05:27:01 UTC  

I'm sure there's a story there. Do tell.

2018-06-28 09:58:14 UTC

2018-06-30 00:15:54 UTC  

@Broseph bless you

2018-06-30 00:17:15 UTC  

@DOAN Pretty sure it was from Holy Thursday washing of the feet

2018-06-30 00:23:23 UTC  

@Bake Eastern Orthodoxy is just a bitching circle

2018-06-30 02:20:48 UTC  

As long as the pope doesn't speak ex-cathedra the refugees argument is invalid

2018-06-30 03:00:45 UTC  

I don't think the Pope has ever said anything untrue about migration (be welcoming, extend charity yadda yadda) just things which do not signal toward an anti migration stance which is the stance I think is correct in our current situation.

2018-06-30 03:04:29 UTC  

RSVCE best V

2018-06-30 09:15:38 UTC  

@Scooter2000 The pope condemned Salvini for sending ships back. He said we should demolish all walls

2018-06-30 14:58:10 UTC  

@DOAN Post