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2018-01-18 19:52:52 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-01-18 19:56:54 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-01-20 16:50:57 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-01-20 16:51:03 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-01-20 23:36:36 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-01-20 23:36:44 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-01-22 13:06:50 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-01-22 15:02:21 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-01-23 06:28:58 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-01-30 06:45:09 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aF9AJm0RFc Mostly just felt like making you fags cry like I did.

2018-02-01 07:12:30 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

Thats better

2018-02-01 07:15:10 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

This is comfy music

2018-02-01 07:16:31 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

David Allen Coe is woke

2018-02-01 07:18:37 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

American folk music is best folk music am i right?

2018-02-01 07:18:54 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

This song is so sad

2018-02-01 07:19:07 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

Nah lets cry together

2018-02-01 07:19:47 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

Do whatever must be done

2018-02-01 07:19:59 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

RIP legend though

2018-02-01 07:22:46 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

Did bot ded

2018-02-01 07:22:55 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

There we go

2018-02-01 07:24:55 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  


2018-02-01 07:26:46 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

I saw the light is wholesome

2018-02-01 07:29:18 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

I've been in a Hank Williams mood man

2018-02-01 07:32:16 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

This song is not wholesome but its fucking funny

2018-02-01 07:32:58 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

Sorry bro

2018-02-01 07:38:36 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

This is the most successful artist in American music history. In case you didn't know

2018-02-01 07:40:16 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

Unless you're Jesus, there'll always be a little bit of degeneracy

2018-02-01 07:42:28 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  


2018-02-01 07:44:14 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

There was no degeneracy! He was going to beat the devil! lol

2018-02-03 06:59:36 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  


2018-02-03 07:09:29 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

Whats up dude

2018-02-03 07:10:23 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

Shit didn't see that my bad

2018-02-03 07:10:26 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

Will do!

2018-02-03 07:15:01 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

Any reason why Rhythm got moved? Not complaining just curious

2018-02-03 07:20:33 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

GG thanks man


Tactical walls are pretty dope though

I want


Even if it's impractical and probably fake

Mossberg is dope. i like mine. Killed a couple deer with it

Remington quality has gone to shit since they were bought out.

Remington quality has gone to shit since they were bought out.

Mossberg isn't the gold standard though

I'd say Browning is the best way to go for a shot gun if you're willijng to spend the money for one

Check that link out. Pretty cool

It's a mjor event. Makes sense really

Big if true


Remington is filing for bankruptcy. Hopefully a decent manufacturer buys them out. They've been shit for 20 years

They got bought buy a Chinese company and they ruined everything remington. Even the legendary 700

Americcana as fuck^

2018-02-12 00:12:16 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

anybody play halo wars 2?

2018-02-12 00:12:41 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

I wanna good rts game like the old C&C games and this is the only one that looks interesting

It's arm day boys HH


2018-02-23 02:50:51 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

my fortnite keeps reinstalling what gives

Whomst here pre workout

2018-03-15 22:06:54 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

This is the optics you should be pushing https://youtu.be/uVF6LAkK6i0

The cool thing about inalienable rights is that they are inalienable. No matter how many limitations that the government puts on them, they are always illegal

"There is no reason to be alive if you can't do deadlift."

2018-04-03 17:42:43 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  


2018-04-03 17:42:56 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  


2018-04-05 20:48:08 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #fashion]  

I unironically fully support the flannel and carhart look. American af

2018-04-15 23:25:51 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

Why does fringe right wing movements attract anime people? I'm not like being facetious. I'm genuinely curious

Leg day encompasses squats and leg press niggers

2018-04-15 23:44:54 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

That kinda makes sense. Probably resentment too tbh

Feet over the knees. Only way to do leg press

2018-04-25 03:39:58 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Let's talk books

2018-04-27 23:04:03 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-04-27 23:05:58 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-04-27 23:17:22 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  

โ €โ €โ €โฃ โฃฆโฃคโฃ€
โ €โ €โ €โ €โขกโฃคโฃฟโฃฟ
โ €โ €โ €โ €โ  โ œโขพโกŸ
โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ นโ ฟโ ƒโ „
โ €โ €โ ˆโ €โ ‰โ ‰โ ‘โ €โ €โ  โขˆโฃ†
โ €โ €โฃ„โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โขถโฃทโ ƒโขต
โ โ ฐโฃทโ €โ €โ €โ €โข€โขŸโฃฝโฃ†โ €โขƒ
โ ฐโฃพโฃถโฃคโกผโขณโฃฆโฃคโฃดโฃพโฃฟโฃฟโ ž
โ €โ ˆโ ‰โ ‰โ ›โ ›โ ‰โ ‰โ ‰โ ™โ 
โ €โ €โกโ ˜โฃฟโฃฟโฃฏโ ฟโ ›โฃฟโก„
โ €โ €โ โข€โฃ„โฃ„โฃ โกฅโ ”โฃปโก‡
โ €โ €โ €โ ˜โฃ›โฃฟโฃŸโฃ–โขญโฃฟโก‡
โ €โ €โข€โฃฟโฃฟโฃฟโฃฟโฃทโฃฟโฃฝโก‡
โ €โ €โขธโฃฟโฃฟโฃฟโก‡โฃฟโฃฟโฃฟโฃ‡
โ €โ €โ €โขนโฃฟโฃฟโก€โ ธโฃฟโฃฟโก
โ €โ €โ €โขธโฃฟโฃฟโ ‡โ €โฃฟโฃฟโฃฟ
โ €โ €โ €โ ˆโฃฟโฃฟโ €โ €โขธโฃฟโกฟ
โ €โ €โ €โ €โฃฟโฃฟโ €โ €โข€โฃฟโก‡
โ €โฃ โฃดโฃฟโกฟโ Ÿโ €โ €โขธโฃฟโฃท
โ €โ ‰โ ‰โ โ €โ €โ €โ €โขธโฃฟโฃฟโ 
โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ ˆ

2018-04-27 23:21:04 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-04-27 23:23:55 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-04-27 23:31:18 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-04-27 23:32:21 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


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2018-04-27 23:34:37 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-04-27 23:34:49 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-04-27 23:34:55 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-04-27 23:34:57 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-04-27 23:34:59 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-04-27 23:34:59 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


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