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send out the death squads to kill all the pedo elites


hollywood and the vatican also

but no one is doing anything

i hate paul ryan so much

his face is just so punchable


she is pregnant with a black kid

shes dead serious

i thought she was a troll

dan schneider special


out here thot patrolling my nigga


birth control

really nigga

repent you whore

this definition lmao


imagine calling sargon conservative

this twink needs to be raped by a pack of niggers


no one is going to read all that


pic of person who deleted my last post^

yousef is nazbol

can i have both of these please

nardi getting roasted in his own tweets



just a coincidence

nothing to see here goy

i mean we should look out for eachother as white people


germany for germans sweden for swedes etc etc


only in mutt nations


i dont trust anything those guys say

reading pdfs are boring

i prefer to have it in my hand

from paper



i knew nothing about world history and geography when i left school but i knew all about the holocaust and ghandi and nelson mandela

oh except for how nelson mandela was a murderer and a terrorist

what a joke


i gained everything i know as soon as i left school

learning about hitler isnt fed behaviour

shut up vin

larping as nazis and doing roman salutes is though

nick got me into jazz

nick knows whats up and has learnt about it

have you seen the greatest story never told?

Okay, this is epic*

i have so much shit i need to read

its a timestamp



gas women


im not interested in the german or other ones

but american third position looks interesting

Sleightology 2018-04-13 01:32:45 [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

you will never be as talented as this

Sleightology 2018-04-13 01:32:48 [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

why even live?

just got out of the shower uwu

whats a good book on ww1 that is completely truthful and has no sneaky lies

just got back from a day out with the boys


hitler needs to cool it with the anti semitic remarks

jews would never do that!!!

how this make you feel white boy^

just chilling with bae


something needs to be done about the traps


this meme has gone too far

we need a final solution for the trap question


haha i love israel!!!111!!1!!!!!

wait... are you telling me jews control the media?

it can't be

i want to be on his side in the race war

the absolute state of protestants

Rhodesians never die

ass is for low IQ

dont dox yourself

they are giving your information the SPLC

stay safe kings


<:dab:402362224527671306> dab on your friends future

if he told the boy yes he is a heretic

the pope advocates for the destruction of europe

i really hope we get a polish pope

the pope needs to be impeached

i hate that cunt so much

go to israel you whore

cuckservatives actually like her


the absolute nerve of this cunt

enjoy getting fired

dumb whore

where can i buy sam hydes book

you lied to me

so fucking expensive

i want the actual thing



how is porn like this allowed on youtube

i just said if a ethnostate existed it would need strong Christian values to be a healthy society and some retard replied with the pope kissing the feet of a black guy

as if i consider that heretic globalist jesuit a legitimate pope


i live in new zealand and there is alot of atheists so i get shit all the time from my atheist friends about the pope lmao

wikipedia hardly says anything honest about national socialism

the fact that they call them nazis in the first place shows its just propaganda

we already know rich jews have a heavy influence of wikipedia

also the places in israel specfically purposed to go on the internet and makes things about jews better etc etc

so they would probably do the same thing about national socialists

well its not true

i had a good quote from hitler

let me try and find it

dont get your information on the most lied about man in history from Wikipedia



Sleightology 2018-04-22 08:01:25 [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  


i wish my church was more white

poo in the loo gang

gang gang shit

The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

feeling cute might delete later


it is a fact that if you are against circumcision your voice improves by 6 million percent


trump knows whats up

how can you not love Pat Buchanan

👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻



he has read the bible multiple times apparently

well then he doesnt know shit

white pill in germany

why cant more jews be like this

i cant even get through that whole video



was he red pilled on the jews?

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