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How do I call ?

As a premium member , how do you call?

Thanks guys

@🎭🎵 I registered with my email

Where ? On maker support ?

Woah woah woah

Anybody here watch the young pope ?

I don't know why conservative Christians haven't watched that

@BottomoftheNinth#4227 yeah it definitely does but why I absolutely love it is that it pushes the conservative case for christianity to the fullest , it doesn't pull back punches for either side of the Christian political spectrum

And in the end the conservative case wins , because Kenny exposes the evil of the other side

Atheism is a cult , change my mind

Elons woke

Is like to ask a serious question here

Are there any good Athiest arguments ? Have any of you guys here debated them or is atheism still just a clown show ?

How about the ones who use " empathetic morality "

Their arguments are so easy to expose yet they insist on them


Imagine the gall

I almost spilled my malt

If this guys have common sense then I don't want to have it lmaaoo

Please let me be stupis

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God

Who would you rather negotiate with ? Aurelio de Laurentis or Donald Trump

You're all blocked

Watching passion of the Christ, you can't help but feel like a raging antisemite all over again

Ewww huey

I love jews , I just don't like cultural Judaism

Goodnight queen

Msm bending over like contortionist to twist the narrative

Serenade no 9 while reading BAP, I have achieved perfect synchronicity with the top shit posters , watch this space

I am going to shit post mueller until he begs me to let him abandon that charade of an investigation

If shitlibs refuse to be a respecter of babies , why should I be a respecter of women who to me are just a blob of meat these days ?

I have no idea , I'm honestly so confused, I'm looking for something to respeck

I'm sayyinggg

That's why you ignore women and follow GOD

Those who know , know

Here we go

It will be so funny , it will be like the Romans vs the barbarians

Romans thought they were elite till they met the barbarians

They def did, nero was the first globohomo elite

Okay we shouldn't endorse stuff like this , let us not become shitlibs

But shitlibs are gonna have a field day

I know , think about it , what IF that shooter is actually a dem plant ? It's too conspicuous

Dear maga, You will achieve nothing if the global homosexual industrial complex isn't brought to ashes

The globohomo complex began with the West wing

Resist not evil nick

Resist not evil

Doesn't matter resist not evil


Globohomo journalist died without confessing their sins and submitting to Christ, very sad

@Barry White what ????

@Barry White old testament GOD did not play

Name one liberal journalist that tells the truth


What's the diff between wesboro and southern

Till now I never understood that liberals interpret the law according to how they feel

Narcissistic thots

Wait , do you guys have any rl globohomo friends?

How do you deal with globohomo friends ?


No gas ?

@Deleted User well said

@Marcus Antonius lmao my personal style is burning the whole place down

Till they admit I'm right

I threatened to break up with my gf till she submitted

Burn it all down to the floor , I once argued with my friend for 2 hours about debt , the next day he submitted

Women are bleeding hearts , you have to lay down the law or they'll run circles around you with their " feelings "

Submit to Christ or go home

The easiest way to convert hetero men is to use the globohomo Redpill

There's no hope for actual homos

Guys , can I ask a question , isn't it a tad bit curious that those leading the atheist tirades are fatherless Jews?

Just a little curious

If I say something now , they say I'm an antisemite , but look at those pushing degeneracy in Hollywood and atheism

They have to submit

Lmaoo it's not judeo christian

Judaism is dead

People need to stop saying that

I wouldn't lie just to make Christians feel beyter

Speak the truth and clear your conscience

Jews have a problem

Wait , someone Redpill me on boomers

I hope everyone here is anti weed

Stoner culture : "weed actually makes you smart , I smoke weed therefore I am "


Someone Redpill me on boomers

Well I'm already aware of all that but I need specifics

Like the jq is very specific , you can't miss it

@AlGoreRhythm hahahahah

@Hanzai you mean the globohomo ?

Fellas , sounds to me like all that's needed is the complete and utter destruction of the globohomo industrial complex

Repeal homosexuality and global wars , importing cultures etc

Guys , Wittgenstein is the ultimate Redpill

Wittgenstein and pascal

@PalinPower exactly


@Hanzai blacks aren't normal degenerate

Nation of immigrants is an oxymoron


@Marcus Antonius lmaoooooooppo

Even blacks know that's a big lie

Blacks fight all the time even among themselves , then imagine trying to make a nation out of immigrants , what happened to this world ?!!!

Yo these guys are trying to introduce social justice into fundamentalist churches ,I'm livid

That's what you think

I heard it on wretched radio

GOD knew what he was doing when he let that black faggot up there

Did anybody here got sucked in by Obama 08 propaganda ?

Goodnight M.A

They'll fail


Goodmorning, what are shitlibs upset about again this morning ?

@Deleted User protestants don't have preists

@Deleted User beautiful

Batshuayi is the funniest player on my team

Bet you he did that on purpose

I wonder who Trump will pick to replace Kennedy, I personally will like any pastor from the westboro Baptist church

So sweet

What's the lugenpresse lying about today ?

Who keeps tagging me as a fed

Stop it


Susan Collins is a dem, needs to be primaried

Stop tagging me as a fed

Tag me as a fed if you're a homosexual degenerate

Big talk for a guy behind a keyboard

I haven't talked shit to anyone have I ?

If only you knew how bad things actually were

It's football not soccer , don't forget your roots

How do you know ?

Very true


@Deleted User Yup, result of having a carnal mind , Pascal spoke about this

Blaise pascal hahaha?

@Deleted User never heard of pascals law ?

Well he's a revolutionary scientist and a Catholic too , big fan of GOD

Read pascal " pensees"

And Wittgenstein " tractatus "

For me , those are higher level red pills

Lower than the bible of course , But for those who think from the ground up

They speak a lot about truth and logic

They distill worldviews so easily that , when you see the atheist start with idiotic arguments , you can't help but laugh

I used to be so mad when atheist bring silly arguments but now I don't even bother engaging

Look at the types of things they say , low iqs get so excited when they hear stupid shit like " illusion is a state of consciousness "

Lmao low iq thots are the ubermensch of low iq scientists

Hi thot slayer

What pisses me off the most is that blacks live in a Christian nation and yet behave like degenerate atheist , you see someone committing a crime and you wouldn't report it , then they wonder why Africa and the carribeans are waste lands

Jewish and blacks

You really think blacks are Christians ?

That's because those countries have been invaded

Master your space

Hahaha Lutherans , your bishop is a woman

There's no hope

My future I picture is debating with my pastor whether going to the gym too much is a sin


@Nicholas J Fuentes submit to Christ and drag me unto the incalls

Anybody here watch sicario?

@AlGoreRhythm draaagggg me

Just ignore the atheist

The bible says " Do not throw your pearls to swine "?

You don't need to argue with them

GOD IS sovereign , if they don't worship him he'll raise the stones and they will

@AlGoreRhythm you're dragging a lot of people this night haha

GOD works in mysterious ways

Imagine if liberals weren't this Batshit crazy enough to shock us back into the reality of an order GOD had set ?

Truly remarkable

Exactly !!!!

And being an atheist and conservative is contradictory at best

Conservatism is an ally to Christianity, liberalism isn't

Don't start this debate torcher

I'll drag you

Returning to exegetical Christianity is the natural reaction

Doensnt need to be Catholicism

As long as your church is not liberal

Exegis means interpreting the law for what it is and not what you want it to support haha

Unpaid bill drag

As in " educate "

It's not , It's a slang from the African American degenerate culture

But be careful when you say that

When you say metaphor , be very careful what you're referring to

Some people say soddom and Gomorrah was a metaphor

Tower of babbel a metaphor

Noah a metaphor

Adam and eve a metaphor , nope

I gotta go watch that movie tomorrow man

@Deleted User it depends on what you refer to as the church

If you refer to the church as JESUS ' flock ?

Or do you refer to brick and mortar as the church ?


Catholicism was formed long after peter

That's revisionist

There were church fathers that interpreted scripture when Peter was alive

Catholicism as a specification of doctrine came after , common mistake Catholics use to argue with prots

I said " scripture "

It's very complex but don't come out and say " Catholicism is the true church when none of the church feathers said that

That's fine but again the church is the body of CHRIST that follow strictly the laws he gave and hopes for his return

Catholicism is just a church

@Deleted User United under what ? Christ or doctrine ?

Be very careful man , GOD is not a joke

I appreciate the Catholic church so much you wouldn't even understand but making utterances like that are not helpful

There are people who interpret scripture liberally both in the Catholic and protestant churches

Those people will answer to GOD for not following the law

But don't say all prots are liberal because " Catholicism is the true church "

We definitely are not

Go on twitter and see the sheer amount of heretic catholic priest supporting homosexuality and open borders

There are so many Catholic bishops I listen to and learn from who will find that an abomination, like bishop Fulton and Barron

The church is the body of CHRIST, That's my point

So is prot doctrine

Those guys like creflo dollar and Kenneth Copeland will answer too

@Deleted User don't start man

Yeah Vatican 2 was a mess

Get rid of the Mary doctrine and Vatican 2 and I'm def converting to catholic

Not even joking

@Deleted User you don't know what you're talking about , prot doctrine is divided into Calvinism and Armenian

The liberal ones are the ones that don't have doctrine

Lmao as I've already demonstrated there's also lack of unity in the Catholic church

Sir , You know nothing about protestants

Don't think these Tele evangelist are all protestants

Do you guys know anything about prots? Or do you just listen to what priest tell you ?

You claim to follow Christ and you're calling people gay retards lol

Shows who you fear more

Always curious to me how Catholics quote Aquinas way more than they do JESUS

I don't even know where than name came from

I'm not protesting anything , I just refuse to practice idolatry

Which Catholics do so unashamedly

Ohhh , so Jesus didn't ?

If you think Aquinas is more important than JESUS for your faith , you're kidding yourself

It's littered all over the bible, preaching against idolatry

But you guys read Aquinas, never the bible

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