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2018-11-10 13:58:32 UTC  

Happy Saturday and good morning, gentleman and ladies. This weekend is going to be so productive!

2018-11-10 14:02:52 UTC  

🏔 <:deye:359010025223618570> DTR <:deye:359010025223618570> ⛰

2018-11-10 14:10:17 UTC  

I want to react to that message, Valaska, but it would ruin the beautiful aesthetics.

2018-11-10 14:11:17 UTC  

I have good news guys.

2018-11-10 14:11:28 UTC  

Also good morning IE.

2018-11-10 14:16:55 UTC  

@Selma bless

2018-11-10 15:29:24 UTC  

Good morning Evropa

2018-11-10 15:39:40 UTC  

Good morning

2018-11-10 15:56:54 UTC

2018-11-10 15:57:05 UTC  

Is that a video game?

2018-11-10 15:57:42 UTC  

lmao it’s the fortnite island

2018-11-10 15:58:14 UTC  

Had to do it to ya

2018-11-10 15:58:22 UTC  

If you are under 20 years old, and enjoying fortnite, keep playing.

2018-11-10 15:58:25 UTC  

Didnt someone here say they got Atlanta Antifa suspended on Twitter?
Because they specifically got banned by paypal

2018-11-10 15:58:42 UTC  

It doesn't say so in the title but in another article it says Atlanta Antifa

2018-11-10 15:58:53 UTC  

I got memed into it and then started to really enjoy it

2018-11-10 15:59:22 UTC  

I thought we didn't talk about that group.

2018-11-10 16:00:46 UTC  

Good morning

2018-11-10 16:03:19 UTC  

You know what's kind of funny... This is the 2nd time one of IEs events has fallen on the same day as a national socialist movement demonstration.

2018-11-10 16:03:27 UTC  

The larp group

2018-11-10 16:03:54 UTC  

Just saw some videos from the Cali fire, crazy stuff, California gang stay safe

2018-11-10 16:03:58 UTC  

What was the first?

2018-11-10 16:04:25 UTC  

I hope they don’t f*** up the SA narrative

2018-11-10 16:05:05 UTC  

Some demo in georgia

2018-11-10 16:05:38 UTC  

The big banner drop a year ago?

2018-11-10 16:07:13 UTC  

Who can send stuff in <#359019439116648458>

2018-11-10 16:07:21 UTC  

I have something

2018-11-10 16:07:39 UTC  


2018-11-10 16:18:24 UTC  

Real talk and memes aside, is Fortnite any good as a game? I dunno a thing about it.

2018-11-10 16:18:36 UTC  

I enjoy it

2018-11-10 16:19:12 UTC  

I think so many people play it because there are enough variables where people who suck at it can do well on occasion

2018-11-10 16:19:34 UTC  

If you git gud, it's even more fun. Building battles, etc

2018-11-10 16:19:49 UTC  

pls no flame

2018-11-10 16:20:39 UTC  

The building is the only part that seems fun to me.

2018-11-10 16:21:04 UTC  

@Logan Atlanta Antifa has never been suspended on twitter, but someone doxxed all of them, after they’ve given us a lot of trouble.

2018-11-10 16:21:19 UTC  

Nice to see their PayPal shut down

2018-11-10 16:25:32 UTC  

I don't like how you can just build a wall to prevent yourself from dying or being shot.

2018-11-10 16:25:52 UTC  

I beta tested the PVE version but I have to pay for it again to play it for some reason

2018-11-10 16:26:03 UTC  

I personally dislike multiplayer online games, much prefer rpg's.

2018-11-10 16:28:20 UTC  

What about online multiplayer RPG's?

2018-11-10 16:28:27 UTC  

Do they cancel each other out