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2018-11-23 22:52:57 UTC  

The others got a gf they've been together for years

2018-11-23 22:53:01 UTC  

Family compound tier, <:chad:359013583469805568>

2018-11-23 22:53:12 UTC  

Only a matter of Time before they're married.

2018-11-23 22:53:39 UTC  

There could be 20 of us here within ten years or so

2018-11-23 22:54:58 UTC  

If we want to win the culture war large we'll linked families would prove to be quite impervious to sjw attacks. They literally couldn't deconstruct our identity.

2018-11-23 22:56:02 UTC  

Anyways even with all of the English invasions into Scotland family clans seemed to be a great way to maintain their Scottish identity

2018-11-23 22:59:10 UTC  

Essentially I'm looking to establish a permanent family identity

2018-11-23 22:59:34 UTC  

Do y’all have a family crest?

2018-11-23 23:00:59 UTC  

Not that I'm aware of from any previous generations so I'm going to make one. Thinking on a family signet ring as well. Nothing too fancy or complex. No claims of ancient made up lineage. Just a symbol of this is us and who we are

2018-11-23 23:04:17 UTC  

@ophiuchus Unfortunately, traveling to the third world has the opposite effect on some people. They see it an think "wow we need to save all these people by taking them home".

2018-11-23 23:05:46 UTC  

Anecdotal, but, my dad has seen plenty of third world poverty and he's far from our guy

2018-11-23 23:10:11 UTC  

@bspon002 pretty based to make your own honestly. I have two family crests from different time periods. Not sure what I’ll do about that actually

2018-11-23 23:11:56 UTC  

@bspon002 Respect.

2018-11-23 23:12:12 UTC  

This is something that I think a lot of us Americans in particular are missing...

2018-11-23 23:13:51 UTC  

Is there something I can use to get a throw away email? I don't think you can send anything with 10 minute mail

2018-11-23 23:15:08 UTC  

ZenMate offers email masking. It will use a browser extension.

2018-11-23 23:19:29 UTC  

@Sam Southern - TN @Rogue If I had some sort of further back crest that was my families I'd probably use it. It's not as if anyone here isn't capable of doing it

2018-11-23 23:20:08 UTC  

@fgtveassassin I use ProtonMail for any email I don’t want attached to my name

2018-11-23 23:20:23 UTC  

Have some land and a wife or family on board it's possible to pull off

2018-11-23 23:21:06 UTC  

@bspon002 I want to honor the ancestors, but I have two different to choose from. Leaning toward synthesizing them into a unique crest probably, but I haven’t put a ton of thought into it. Once I’m planning marriage, I’ll be going full boar on the crest.

2018-11-23 23:21:23 UTC  

I just need something real quick to send to my local news about some cards I dropped a few weeks ago so I'd rather not use something I have to pay for

2018-11-23 23:21:30 UTC  

@Sam Southern - TN yeah could always combine them.

2018-11-23 23:21:50 UTC  

Oh I see the free option I'm dumb

2018-11-24 00:20:59 UTC  

Why is JF streaming himself playing Fortnite?

2018-11-24 00:23:22 UTC  


2018-11-24 00:25:54 UTC  

his zoomer donors have forced him to

2018-11-24 00:26:28 UTC  

“Hey fellow gamers did you know that despite being 13% of the population....”

2018-11-24 00:26:37 UTC  


2018-11-24 00:26:45 UTC  

he use to stream video games back in the day

2018-11-24 00:26:56 UTC  

*insert quebecois accent*

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2018-11-24 00:29:20 UTC  

He is top 5 rn

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as someone in the possession of a few waterdamaged flyers, probably yes. not to mention getting photos may be difficult or look worse. but that's just my 2c @NateDahl76

2018-11-24 00:33:46 UTC  

He’s trying to teach kids the (between 13 and 15) words 😂

2018-11-24 00:34:21 UTC  

In a city that's never seen IE posters before... but it's dark

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put them up anyway just don't post on social media

2018-11-24 00:38:53 UTC  

I did. But pics or it didn't happen

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lmao I agree that Europeans are different, but this is kind of autistic