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Been chillin with IE folks all weekend. Been fun.

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I'll stick to my answer of "yes, they did" and cut short a long story

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Sorey m8s breaking into an unrelated/older convo carry on as per usuall

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Alamo? 👀

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First thing I remember every morning

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it's the Ballad of the Alamo fellas

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@Salo Saloson Aren't all the native languages basically dead, though?

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I believe they're endangered, but not dead

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I can confidently say that the Lakota/Dakota still use their tribal languages

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I think the “alt light” and “alt right” will continue to merge again in 2019

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Molyneaux and Carlson will be examples

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I would be surprised if Tucker lasts on FOX

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Molyneaux has been on an absolute tear the last few days on Twitter

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Unnatural forces are trending against us, but natural forces are trending for us

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Alt Right seemed kinda like a catalyst

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I feel like something much greater is rising up and we are a part of it

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In a move we all should've seen coming: a cultural/social thing shows up, disappears, and something totally different comes from it

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Weird communists in the 50s "failed" in their immediate push and yet the mainstream of [current year +3] is pretty close to many of their ideas. Long march and all, bit the point is, even if the Alt-Right "failed," many of their wishes may yet come to pass. We'll see.

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@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I think those wishes already happened for those alt-right guys:

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"at 32 percent, single-person households are the largest housing segment in Japan"

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modernity: don't do it

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*reinstitute Imperial cult

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*fertility collapse evaporates in 9 months

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The Aeternal ally in Japan needs to reawaken just like holy Evropa

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Anime is just like any technology. It can be used to aide or harm a people depending on type. As is well established, Dragon Ball is an Indo-European epic that Evola (a proto-weeb if ever was one) would heartily approve of.

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The Golden One is right in his definitive answer to the Anime Question: If media inspires you to improve yourself and do good things, it is good in moderation. If it makes you a pervert or a layabout or such, it is bad.

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What up my fellow Republicans

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Speaking of anime, I am a high school Japanese teacher in the ghetto. The school is 40% Black, 60% Hispanic school. The school was was 90% white back in the 70s. Walking down the hall by the auditorium looking at the band, choir, etc, photos year by year, it's... it's not fun.

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@Stephen - TX I didn't know high schools taught Japanese, other than elite magnet/preps or California/Seattle schools with huge Asian %

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You were redboned by reality I’m sure @Stephen - TX

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I can’t imagine you signed up for that knowing what you know now

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I gotta ask: what sorta kids take Japanese in the ghetto?

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@Wood-Ape - OK/MN my entire school system had a jap immersion program K-12 with a sister school in Japan. But it’s a wealthy district

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I did actually. They are somewhat higher tier blacks and Hispanics, (talented 10th) but they're still unimpressive compared to mostly white classes I observed in neighboring districts.

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And Seattle just has Chinese classes. Not enough Japanese kids for it to count