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2018-09-05 17:49:50 UTC  

Did you guys see this in that article? “The SPLC adds that "Identity Evropa members insist they’re not racist, but 'identitarians' who are interested in preserving Western culture."”

2018-09-06 02:15:23 UTC  

is the group growing?

2018-09-06 02:15:41 UTC  

How are we doing?

2018-09-06 03:05:19 UTC  

We are having unprecedented growth and I only see it increasing as the school year starts and we begin to flyer schools heavily.

2018-09-06 03:24:27 UTC  

However, the only thing stopping us from the future we want is ourselves. The harder we work the sooner we will see that day. Flyer schools and cities and I guarantee that your chapter will grow. The chapters that are growing the quickest are those with the high agency guys who are doing stuff constantly. People like @Valaska or @Deleted User are leading the way forward for all of us.

2018-09-06 03:27:01 UTC  

@Brunswick Give yourself some credit too. There's a story about us in NJ local news just about every week because of you 👍🏻

2018-09-06 03:31:17 UTC  

I guess I should haha

2018-09-06 04:23:44 UTC  

@Valaska @Felden - CO They reposted it with an alternative headline:

2018-09-06 13:47:09 UTC  

@Sonic we must once again own the comments.

2018-09-06 22:32:01 UTC  

Cargo sharts

2018-09-06 22:34:33 UTC  

Shorts below the knee should be banned

2018-09-06 23:10:03 UTC  

Shorts below the halfway point on the thigh should be banned

2018-09-06 23:32:38 UTC  

As well as Cargo Shorts

2018-09-06 23:55:12 UTC  

@Deleted User got you bud.

2018-09-06 23:57:19 UTC  


2018-09-06 23:58:50 UTC  

y IE so thicc

2018-09-07 00:02:03 UTC  

Squat life!

2018-09-07 00:26:52 UTC  

Cargo shorts are so useful

2018-09-07 00:34:13 UTC  

@TylerHess super true. I had like 50 stickers/ backers in those pockets!

2018-09-07 00:35:14 UTC  

Cargo shorts are not identitarian

2018-09-07 00:36:56 UTC  

Then where will we put EDC? In a man-purse?

2018-09-07 00:39:27 UTC  

Decrease the items in your EDC. Like what could you possibly be carrying that you can’t fit into 4 pockets on regular pants? Does one really need pockets on top of their pockets?

2018-09-07 00:40:13 UTC  

And it’s called a satchel bro

2018-09-07 00:40:16 UTC  

Fanny packs when?

2018-09-07 13:26:43 UTC  

@Roland Absolute hollow bolshevism. They're just going through the motions of their religion substitute at this point. Great job, Utah chapter!

2018-09-07 14:49:49 UTC  

@AltRightMick nice work 👍

2018-09-07 14:50:47 UTC  

Paul Goydandib coming in strong with a stunning performance, @LetzterSohnDesAbendlandes

2018-09-07 15:25:06 UTC  

Claimed responsibility? The name is literally on the poster.

2018-09-08 00:29:08 UTC  

Let’s get back to relevant only posting in this channel. I’m deleting the above posts.

2018-09-08 01:33:56 UTC  


2018-09-09 19:22:28 UTC  

If everyone pitches in, then we can get Identity Evropa to be a credible source.

2018-09-09 19:27:42 UTC  

Looks like we are only several % behind hate group

2018-09-09 19:29:23 UTC  

Keep it up everyone.

2018-09-09 19:29:40 UTC  

If everyone pitches in, then we'll vote ourselves to credibility.

2018-09-09 19:29:46 UTC  

#ILoveDemocracy ;)

2018-09-09 19:40:06 UTC  

Come on. We just need a few more votes.

2018-09-09 20:10:37 UTC  

My friends. IE has now been voted a credible source.

2018-09-09 20:10:55 UTC  

*cue deletion of the poll*