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Ah cool. Hope this server will be all it was described to be.


How are we gonna be able to see methods and information in the channels without scrolling through a bunch of messages to get back to the actual content.

Or will we just have to do it? I don't mind it's just on mobile this is gonna get interesting.

@Why Tea Hey there, thanks for doing this by the way.

Is there any gardening books you would recommend?

Pinning is the only thing that comes to mind unless we want someone to screencap the methods and compile them into folders.

Would speech skills and argumentative skills be too much of a stretch for this server? @Deleted User

Can confirm, I see a shit ton of em where I am.

thanks man, this'll make it 10 times easier to see the good info

Cool water for about 7 minutes.

Put really loose wrapping around it.

There is some medication you can take for them, but you can just put some aloe vera on it.

Yeah, popping it will open you to infection.

Also I thought mole skin was for preventative measures.

Ohhh, that is what you had in mind.

Wow, thanks. Look forward to it.

Oh wow that looks useful.

Alright I'll have to check it out, thanks.

This seems more like a trade-based server, but if we are using practical skills, speech would definitely be up there.

Don't freak out about it, I have had em popped and have had other horrifying things open to infection. Just clean it about twice a day, especially when you come home. @StrawberryArmada

Yeah it's what I most of the time use.

Neosporin too if you got it.

Or that.

Which section would be botany and plants.

Not so much gardening but plants still.

Ooo, nice.

I just gonna throw the info in gardening, then put the general plants in outdoorsmen.


Holy shit.

As it turns out, chewing Weeping Willow bark is a good way to sooth inflammation and a fever, and promotes the immune system.

All I know is that you need darkness and a shit ton of moisture.

Outdoorsman is now Rangers.

I guess that works.

Is it the same general content, or is it more camp focused.

Ah, alright.


Ah, yeah your mushrooms. Good luck with them!

Why post that in general?

You should put it in <#338763700750123009>


Yeah alright, that is a good idea.

You should also repost that in cooking though. :^)

It would be very time consuming.

I can. It's looking good.


@Deleted User I was gonna post my compost recipes for plant growth and propagating, but I can't post in the lessons section. What would you recommend I do?


I'll get to that later today.


Just mute the @ everyone command.

53 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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