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When submitting photos, be sure to tag me ( @Scrummy ) and list the city, state, school, etc. for social media.



@Themistocles let me know when you upload the others after the bar! Good work


Awesome πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

@Themistocles Good work. Yeah, like he said try to take pics during daylight.

And what was the city?

Awesome <:deye:359010025223618570>


Great work, goys.

That spray is great.

@Deleted User NFL viewership is down 14-15% since last season, which was an election year. I don't give sportsball much time. This is a major white pill. Many of us are here because PC culture infilitrated its way into our escapism, such as video games, etc. big shout out to @Deleted User. Clear, crisp photos and well placed flyers!

no worries

Who are our vegas goys? @everyone

They can't do anything

@Deleted User "it's totally nawt racist tucka!"

It's not vandalism and it's at a public university

I think many white normies like us.


awesome work

Remind me to post that on easter

the bunny pic

Great work folks

@AlecK-FL wouldn't prohibiting us from flyering be a clear 1A issue?

@Kenneth - NV yeah man, you did a really great job. Going to post these tomorrow.

How THE fuck did you get that rabbit to stay so still?

@Kenneth - NV of course these are awesome

i will post them tomorrow

Fuck yeah, @Erika and FL crew! Awesome work.

Love the videos too

Yeah, I'm going to post some of these this weekend and save the others for another day. Really good stuff.

Pat attention folks: @Erika and the FL goys as well as @Kenneth - NV and @Wotan Reborn are great examples of what we want.

@Wotan Klan-GA I don't post pics of night shots on twitter but good job putting up the flyers!

A for effort tho and good pics! see if you can snag some day time photos

"Whatcha doin' there RABBIt?"

@Deleted User saw that a while, very Jewish.

its disgusting.

white pilling to see the comment section

all anti-Jewish comments

Itd honestly take more time to photoshop than it would do actually put up a sticker.

@Nova great work!

woops tagged wrong person

that's awesome @PicBoy

Go ahead and delete the flyer of theirs you posted in here as well @varjack WA

Good looking out

@PicBoy thanks for getting day shots !

The rabbit photo has been a hit with the ladies.

@Wotan Klan-GA great job dude, these are what we are looking for πŸ‘πŸ»

Really proud of everyone's agency this semester. The pics of activism have been great and really does makes waves on social media. I get DMs and comments inquiring about membership nearly everyday.

Really proud of everyone's agency this semester. The pics of activism have been great and really does makes waves on social media. I get DMs and comments inquiring about membership nearly everyday.


@Deleted User name of college and city/state?

Awesome ty

Please tag me in the photos from yesterday so I can put on social media @everyone

Okay definitely. Should have cropped it.

@BryceB-ND excellent work, my dude πŸ‘πŸ» great job

What school and city?

No worries, man. Thanks again!

@AltRightMick All in all, I only post day pictures. If you come back the next day and take pics, I don't really care, but know that some will most likely be taken down by the time you get there.

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL you got some cute kids man! Where the heck did you get that Pepe?!

White pill: Sportsball boomer father took down his Seahawks flag yesterday after they refused to take the field for the anthem and said, "[Expletive] these [expletiving expletives], I am done with the [expletive] NFL."

@Deleted User Awesome work, man!

Thank you sir

@Deleted User Congrats man!

I can't wait

Very big news for us if true

@Logan and @missliterallywho congrats you guys!

@everyone Is there anyone who has posted Project Siege photos in here or sent them to me who has not seen them on social media (and followed the guidelines for flyering activism)?

Can you DM me your photos. I may have lost some when we lost the server.

Thanks bro

i messed you on MM @Deleted User

@Brother Brain - SC/NH DM me your photos with the college and city

@BryceB-ND ive got yours ready to go

For some reason, I was having a hard time downloading those but I def will use them for posts

and @Erika yes pls dm me it again, i couldnt find the link 😦

good work !

is this in phoenix @_AltRight_Anew -AZ

Great job!

did you take any other pictures


@John Westgate - AZ Most excellent job! I have some others from this campus so I may save these for the reserves. Really great pictures, dude.

great stuff

Ga goys, tons of likes on the banner drops!

@Valaska Awesome job dude!

these are great


Great job!

Everyone is killing it on Project Siege pictures. The content floweth.

Unless the photos are against the flyering guidelines, yes.

Yeah, I goofed. It's been corrected

what are the cities for each university? @StellarMoczarski

and can you tell me which ones are from which university/campus. Be sure to take angled photos next time.


Excellent work

@Niko - WA awesome job dude

Target Abercrombie and Hollister

Awesome job guys. Be sure to not take pictures too far way. They look weird and are hard to read. Check the pinned messages for the guide on how to take aesthetic photos that meet standard.

Awesome job

If you do not see your activism photos on our social media, it is because you did not follow the guidelines for pictures. Nonetheless, great work. No vertical pics or night pics, please. @everyone

@Deleted User people need to use yours as an example. So many good ones, my dude. Very proud!

4 kids is a free package of stickers from nathan. YUGE congrats @Perihelion - CA

I love the free advertising

@Ike Great job. Next time be sure to get more angled photos, but otherwise amazing stuff. Definitely can use a lot of these!

@BryceB-ND amazing photos, dude! Great example of what I like to see

@Ike I just noticed the flyers next to (((our fellow white))), Tim Wise πŸ˜‚ I'm voting this best flyer placement so far.

Awesome work dago, @Deleted User

@Logan awesome work by all. Going to see what I can do to make it work. A bit fuzzy when I try to crop.

If the photos are too big shoot me a DM

Waiting to get confirmation from higher ups since the photos are a bit pixelated. Also driving across the country for the next few days so my connection is spotty.

Great work folks. Are these all the pics for this banner @Francisco NuΓ±ez - CA

Okay cool

@MrDefault someone told me otherwise. I will take down.

Thanks for bringing to my attention

Thank you

I feel low agency now

^this times 1488

Just be sure to read it so you get social media worthy pics

Yes and welcome

Thank you

@Deleted User amazing job. Thank you for following the guidelines! Looks great.

What city is this in?

Ok perfect. Just wanted to be sure.

Awesome work! Will be posting tomorrow.


We don't want to appear like we're doing campus activism to antagonize

Trust me, people and administrators at these colleges hear or see it.

Anyone got some Siege photos for me?


Thank you sir

Disregard for now.

awesome job

Excellent work! Very solid pics.

Awesome job


@Joe-MN very much so. I miss the bums.

Great work

This will be posted tomorrow

Awesome job goys

Great job

the drone of peace

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