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Amazing job! Wow!!

If you ever want to smile, put Identity Evropa in google and click the "News" tab. #ProjectSeige is making huge waves on campuses across the US.

I should have a batch for you tomorrow afternoon!

@@Scrummy From the University of Northern Colorado.

This was my first run. If I can get another packet for CU, I think I can do a much better job at the aesthetics

@Valaska Thanks! UNC is in Greeley, Colorado. After looking at the pics when I got home, I know what to do better next time

@Valaska Sounds good to me...I live in Boulder County, so I am can make it anywhere on the Front Range and Northern CO

I just did my drop today...but I have CU close to me as well as two community colleges. Anyone know who I can talk to about getting unused packets or even buying more?

@SamanthaM I have my series 7 and 66 so let me know if you have any questions about the tests.

Make sure you have the Options portion down pat. Both tests have lots of options questions. They are duplicative in that way. Also, make sure to study bond pricing. Neither of them are hard, it just takes a little practice. I am a former attorney but have been working in Finance for about 5 years now.

Yeah, the options part can be tricky until you get the hang out it. I just memorized "Up, Down, Down, Up" and that helped to keep my thinking organized.

As for the Federal Funds Rate, I have to be honest and say that is not something I have looked at in awhile. But if memory servers, it is the rate that the Fed lends money overnight to banks.

Whoops, got that one wrong...haha...it HAS been awhile. Federal Funds Rate is the rate that banks lend deposit reserves to other banks overnight when the receiving bank won't have the deposit requirement. When the Fed wants to reduce the rates, they increase the money supply and buy government bonds. When they want to increase the rates, they sell. Lower the rates to spur the economy, raise them to cool it.

The weird thing is that the galaxy can expand faster than the SOL which is hard to wrap my head around but definitely goes to the temperaneousness of the Big Bang for certain places in the universe.

I am a layman, so I will defer to the experts. But my understanding is that only physical objects are bound by relativity and SOL rules. The universe itself is not physical so the SOL rules don't apply and I have read in multiple places that the universe does/did expand faster. How that jives with time and space is something cool to think about.

If you want to watch a show that will blow your minds, check out Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman (I know, but he is just the narrator). The show is a science doc that focuses on these questions and interviews top scientists from around the world.

It primarily focuses on the convergence of physics and philosophy.

I am not a fan of Tyson so much...a lot of his opinions rub me the wrong way, but that is just personal preference. He is definitely a smart guy

If you ever want to blow your mind, look up some of the experiments in Retrocausality. Scientists claim they have proven that a future event triggered the present event (past from the future event's perspective) on the quantum level

And replicated the event in the lab and published complete with peer review

Don't pick stocks.

Check out a quilt chart as to why. Stock picking for most is a fools gold and inefficient,

And shorting options should and can only be done by experts as it leaves investors vulnerable to incredible losses.

The goal is 10% growth in a diversified portfolio. That doubles your money every 10 years. Sure, get rich quick schemes work 1% of the time, but fail otherwise and all that capital is wasted.

Bitcoin is better termed petrodollars since it now takes 20 barrells oil to mine one bitcoin

Beating index is called Alpha, and it is difficult

Not impossible by any means, but requires a strategy

And generally, to add alpha, it is more efficient to use mutual funds or etfs

With bitcoins going to 100 barrel prices, I would sell and stay away

If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it...beating the market is basically saying beating company valuations...possible as a one off? Sure. Long term it has been shown not to work.

Valuations are done by very intelliegent people, experienced at what they are doing, and have far more info than 99.9% of investors

Yes, penny stock from the pink sheets could work out, but that is exceedingly rare

The first millionaire from the 49er Gold Rush sold the shovels ;-) True story.

Instead of buying Apple, maybe buy shares in the company that supplies Apple the compknents...that can build alpha

I would highly suggest that everyone add an "Identity Evropa" google news alert. It is a fantastic tool to keep up with what the national, regional, and some local news outlets are saying about IE. Further, it is a HUGE white pill. I have had the alert for 8 months now. When I started, we were only mentioned a few times a week. Now?? We are mentioned a few times A DAY. We are putting ourselves in position to become the lead far right activist group in the country.

@celticflame If you go to google.com/alerts Google will set up the alert and send them to your email a few times a day

Can anyone provide and pin to this channel a beginner's primer to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcouns, etc? I am thinking of getting in the game but wanted to consult experts here in my IE fam.


It says 404 error...

NVM...edited the link and got working. Appreciate it.

Maybe I am late to the game with this question, but do you guys see that the potential rise in oil prices will also create a rise in BTC value since mining requires 20 barrels for 1 BTC?

@Jeb! Nationalism - MD I am looking for the same. I want to start investing in the next few days. BTC at first, but also interested in Ethereum and all the tokens and altcoins

Yeah, that is sort of where I am. However, I have researched enough to drop $500 into BTC once I find the best wallet option and exchange. Just a drop in the bucket, but will be adding to it each pay check. I am already investing 26% of my pre tax dollars into a 401k and maxxed out this year. So rolling the dice a bit on BTC makes sense. It is money I can lose without "feeling it"

QE Infinity....

Everyone should be incredibly careful about giving personalized investment advice on here

Yeah, just making sure, brother. :-) With being an attorney, I can be a little anxious...hahaha

We don't need FINRA and the SEC up in our grills...haha

What wallets and exchanges are you guys using?

So what is the difference between BTC and BCH?

And thanks for the info...I definitely appreciate it

Just opened my Coinbase account!

@Belzec Not sure in the short term, but I am buying long. I think it BTC could easily quadruple in less than a decade....and that might be conservative. One thing that concerns me is the deflationary aspect of BTC. That acts against consumerism, etc.

@Tanner - SC But isn't that the point? That people see the value in the technology and want to make money off of it? Otherwise it will eventually whither on the vine.

Ahhhh...fair enough

We are going to win EVERYTHING!

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