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i'm about to step out

so i can't talk about this right now

but i'll help as much as i can

do you need something this weekend?

since we said our fb in-group would hold its activity of the month on saturday

we could instead get the in-group to help you out

and that could be our group activity

i said as much on fb

we can do something afterwards

not sure if I heard about it but sounds cool

and the rest of the group

just let me know when and where to meet up this weekend and i'll be there

just for my info, i know sergei, zach are participating

pool party this sunday btw, bring whoever

i mean it's not a TRS event exactly

don't want people to think their views aren't welcome if they don't align with TRS or something

have we decided a meeting location for tomorrow?

can i post it on the fb chat?

did you read zeiger's last article about how he predicted that milo would betray the alt-rigth and now milo's speach series will include segments on 'how to defeat the alt right'

yeah i think he was useful

yeah agreed, he was never one of us but used our movement to become more popular himself

he's got a sell-by date for sure

i think he's peaking

where else can he go

he's not as edgy as us

maybe if he gave up the homo lifestyle and became a big proponant of normal family life somehow, doubt it

yeah it's pretty genius

i think he was key for getting guys to our side fo sure

he made me a bit more bold in views in the early days

he made it seem more okay to have thought crimes

it's already here

we have a human rights commission

zeiger, did you get in touch with our man in TO?

is he receptive or a bit cold?

one last question zeiger, did you get another contact point from that guy?

ok let me take a look at this

but i shy away from nazi fetishism even though i think the world would be a better place had they won

that said i'm visiting the nazi headquarters in Muniich and Nuremburg

it's the shock vs smooth suits thing

i saw some obscure outlets post stuff about it already

yeah it's hilarious, well done

i like the dichotomy, hitler + pokemon

so you contacted them

ah so this is only word of mouth

wait but how did they already get word of this

this is broadly to discredit the media and desensatize the public to the alt right

good luck, let me know if you need anything else

is it still mostly just you at this point working on it?

so they actually hand them out, craz

yeah i understand

btw zeiger you outshinned the hosts on their own show

do you have something planned for the 26h

did you share details with the in-in group?

for the debate party]

congrats on getting name dropped by morakiu in the latest merchant minute of the daily shoah zeiger!

no he quotes your article about Trump Jr's gas chamber quote

a local newspaper?

shit, would like to be there

to the anglos for independ. quebec thing

yeah i watch it all the time

hah, who is this btw?

zeiger, pass on the video with the french media

go and redpill those normies

or recruit fellow travelers

late merry christmas goyimz

thanks for keeping us informed

i'll give you some prep

have you nigs seen this shit

i didn't even know he was sick

Slug are you my friend?

the correct answer was no

Ep33: Do you even leaf?

did somebody say nationalist women??

the day of the aboot is coming

he wants to build the first gas chambers to extinguish jews

16 is probably legal in most of europe

to be fair, if you're firing people in NYC, they're almost all minorities

We're having a meeting tonight about the ANTIFA anti-far right workshop being held tomorrow

please send me a msg if you want to attend

she's ourgirl, but i hope she keeps a safe distance for now and pulls more people in our direction

from that ruski analyst

"The more tense the situation, the more cool I am. Panicking is for idiots."

"In WW2 we used to shoot people for panicking. Sadly we don't do that anymore"

i've never seen something like this

"fuck you and the war"

Why is this a good thing?

did somebody mention the bizon?

a roumanian who's a pan-europeanist that wants to benefit from an economic union with Western Europe is against identity politics between co-racial groups of whites

the link between lower eastern european gdp and higher tribal pride is a thing

people who lust over money are the first to be forgotten by history

you can't discount the importance of access to global finance (ie: jews) and labor movement

which there's much less of in eastern europe

right, who cares about that though

i wasn't talking about being a global hegemon

no I'm against this dude

he doesn't understand

the completely assault on identity and family that is living in the modern west

he wants to compare not having luxury to having your kid indoctrinated to be fags and marry niggers

believes in the american dream

more than the american that lives it

maybe he's alt-right

doesnt look like there's much action

i guess not too suprising, alabama and all

hope the quality's better than the houston U one

spencer on his game

spencer willing to fight for inferior white race

"easier being black"

i thought they called themselves niggers

"we're not brinign in the best blacks"

"we took something from the natives"

"and it was beautiful"

Spencer: "I'm willing to own slavery"

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