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There's been a recent idea from the left to attempt to get the permit revoked based on threats of violence "supposedly" coming from our side

Ok 👌

Ahoy goys I decided I will be renting a car and making a road trip from Boston area to Cville, leaving Friday night probably if anyone needs a ride lemme know

Go it jammed up in 4 car pileup on the way to cville

This is the before pic

Luckily it wasn't my fault and my rental people were able to hook me up with a brand new fully loaded Grand Cherokee and waived the $200 difference

The plates are owned by the renal company you so idgaf @Charlemagne MD

Now rocking this

I'm 45 minutes away from cville if anybody knows what the situation is on the ground please DM me and I'll give you my cell number @everyone

Word on the playground is we are getting shoahd

Fuggg where are we gonna go

I just got in the area from MA

I have an empty 2017 Jeep SUV if anyone needs a ride I'm close to cville

Is anyone at McIntyre?

There's a bunch here right now

Nah no antifa it's all our guys Down here at McIntyre park

There appears to be some speech is going on down here at Macintyre Park

What's going on

I'm at the Ritz outside D.C. with nothing to do if anyone puts something together

If anyone needs a ride from VA to MA (or any state in between) I have an empty 2017 Grand Cherokee headed north later today @everyone PM if needed

23 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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