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I've been here for 20 min.

North Carolina is the best Carolina.

Taxation is theft!

~ He moaned and struggled as well might be, for the white child wanted his liberty ~

Did we talk last night?!

I'm sorry, I can't keep up with everyone's sock. 😦

You guuuuys... you're not allowed to say that. It'll make us look bad! Just imagine what the jews in the media will say...!

Yeah, you too!

God put it on top for a reason.

Frankly, I resent being categorized as "carolinas", as if we're not unique.


We must secure the existence of Christendom and future for white aristocratic children who have a poetic vision of the cross!

Yeah, I figured it was something like that, but it's fun to counter-signal South Carolinans.

I didn't go last time.


Trying to catch up on all the missed messages.


...thought I was alone out here.

You know where Elizabeth City is?

I kind of wish it was.

Ahhh... G-vegas.

I was just wondering about that.

I'm sort of affiliated with *all* those groups.

ID, the League, TradWorkerz...

None 😦

Although, I suppose, since I'm an author for ID, that would count.

Identity Dixie it is!

Crockett's my honkey.


Our people's identity crisis is *my* identity crisis.

I was probably going to crash with Heimbach

We's po folk.

Amen to that.

What name does he know you by?

You're welcome


I know I'm not the only one thinking we need a large, synchonized dance routine.


I'm showing up in a seer-sucker suit, with a cain, and a retinue of black servants.

Like...just happy in general? Or happy about the event? Because I could talk your ear off about my general lack of happiness. 😦

readin' words are for fags

I still want to talk to MadDimension about my general happiness.

Great! I've got a crap-load of issues... identity issues, bachelor issues, religious struggles, etc.

I need to talk with someone!


As long as you pronounce "whip" with an H.


Indiana Jones could.

Smack the cigar right out of a man's mouth.

lol @ H

What girl in our movement doesn't* have a big twitter account.

"Hi guys! I'm a pretty girl and I think Muslims are stupid!" ~ 400 likes, 50 shares,


I need that sweater

Yes... we were discussing my personal issues, and MadDimension's willingness to talk with me about them.

Where do you stand on fedoras @ H?



Well, fedoras will keep all the female attackers away, at least.

I'll have to grow out my neckbeard for the rally.


Deer-stalkers and tweed!

...and bubble pipes that spell out hate words!

I second.

Whomever has the largest fur hat wins a rally raffle.

Gents, I'm afraid I have to insiste on the group-wide synchronized dance routine.


Who is heading it up?

We need the routine emailed to all the groups asap.


I'm sticking with my seer-sucker, cane, and retinue of black servants.

Oh, of course. And we'll keep mammy away from the cookies (she likes to dip in from time to time unless you watch her).

There's an entire army of 80's tough guys who beg to disagree with you there, Convo.

What good are Thunderbirds, aviators, and tight jeans, without the leather jacket to wrap up the package?!

Well, you'd better not mess around with a guy in shades of gold.

Meh..I could take that guy. His armor's too shiny. Never been used.


"...somewhere in an old hotel room, there's a guy starting to beleive eternal fate has turned its back on him. It's 2"

Were you staring him right in the banjo lips when you did so?

Identity Dixie can beat Identity Europa at softball, flipcup, or paintball... any day of the week.

That's not even a question.

I thought it was pretty much accepted knowledge.

Well, we haven't killed ourselves yet.

All the Indians I've known have been staunch Democrats.

Big supporters of Bill Clinton, minimum wage laws, etc.

You can't put Indians in ovens unless you have plenty of turmeric and curry on hand.

Train cars would be better.

You know what bothers me about you Munich? The way you openly and unashemedly use profanity in public. What if women, children, or clergy are privvy to the convo?'s a losing battle on my part. The jews have government school and pop-culture on my side, so ye ole' unreconstructed social norms don't stand much of a chance.

on their* side.

Endimic of the same cancer, in my view. the mind, more so than legally, H. 😃

What is a man who fights for his ancestor's monuments, but not their way of life?

Who wraps himself in their image, but not their habits?

Endemic of the same cancer!

Not like the organizers can stop it.

Best they just ride that wave.

Well, I'm not an advocate for open cary, but it *is* an ingrained part of rural American culture. Not sure you "muh bad optics" it out of the blood stream.

Maybe you can convince Cantwell of that?

...just wrap your appeal in a New England accent so he can understand you. lol


Personally, I've always thought the whole "cop blocker" mentality of many of the open-carry types a little foolish.

If you know you have the right to remain silent, why not use it?!

For my part, I was thinking of showing up to Charlottesville in full Knighly, lance, and all.

Although, I might have to keep the visor up to avoid anti-mask laws.

Either that, or in seer-sucker, with a cane and retinue of black servants.

Ahh... the equestrian arts are lost on our people.

...except bourgeois white girls.

My riding lessons began as a blind date with a girl from Boston. She didn't like me or the horses, so she only took one. I liked it and stayed on.

Only took one lesson, that is.

It's going to cost me 50 bucks just in gas.

Of course, that's there and back, so it's not so bad.

What's going on in Pikeville?

Oh wait...

Read that wrong.


On the count of 3...everyone give a reason not to commit suicide! 1...2........3!!

No... we're looking for reasons *not* to commit suicide.


I'm going to start a Facebook group dedicated to showcasing my calves after leg day.

Not me, Gavius! No, no... this is one of those: "I know a friend who..." situations.

(although, it could also be interpreted as a low-key cry for help)


Lost in the nihilistic mysts, eh?

Now Chad...that's probably what I'd do.

I *am* the undisputed fastest gun in NC, after all.

(No one dispute that, ok?...)

Who knows.

It's not like the soothing voice of Enoch 'n crew could snap him out of his MK ULTRA trance...


Well, technically, we can.

"It just get in the train car..."

How did that big pile of shoes get there? "It just happened! Now take off your shoes!"


great observation!

I'll make a note of it with a pen that hasn't been invented yet!

It's almost like there's a double standard!

Maybe if we post, over and over, about the nature of this double standard, it will cause people to stop allowing it.

I know a few people who will be meeting up Friday night.

All we need is a bar of some sort.

Is there a designated place in town? Any suggestions?

Preferably one with Thai waitresses in skimpy outfits, and imported hipster beer.

Specifically looking for a place that plays soft hip hop, R&B, and big city jazz, while black waitresses serve chicken and waffles.

Ok, ok... at least we'll need a Karoke machine, stocked with Jay-Z hits...

Karaoke* ( ~ mutters about damned Asian words ~ )

We ought to go super white... and have a Fri-night, hate-themed scavenger hunt around Charlottesville.

Hide clues, and have puzzels to solve!

I'm doing it.

We'll get Richard Spencer to sign a copy of Mein Kampf and offer it as a prize.

I don't think he likes me enough to participate.

I'm running it past K-dog now... this is going to happen.

We must rally everyone around the US Constitution - RG Miller

This event requires lots of poetry recitations.

"...from this time forth, my thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth!"

~ By day his sultry fires had wasted...calm and cool, the moonbeams shone. To the Vizer's lofty bold Christian, came alone. ~

~ he moaned and struggled as well might be, for the white child wanted his liberty ~

Or not. 😦

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