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2019-12-19 04:26:10 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Damn, he was actually impeached. For some reason I thought there was a republican majority and he wouldn't be

2019-12-19 04:27:07 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

The main reason they did it was most likely so they'd have a better shot winning in 2020

2019-12-19 04:27:58 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Several democrats were quoted saying they had to impeach him or he might win the election

2019-12-19 04:29:05 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

It doesn't go to the senate though. He's been impeached. He now can't run for office in 2020

2019-12-19 04:29:59 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

What goes to the senate is a vote on whether to remove him immediately or not

2019-12-19 04:30:06 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

@dizzy Wait really?

2019-12-19 04:33:34 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

@dizzy I tried looking it up in the news and everything I found said he was impeached and the senate only voted on removing him or not. That's really weird. You sure he can be acquitted and run in 2020?

2019-12-19 04:35:23 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

@dizzy That's a big relief

2019-12-19 04:35:48 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

This is going to be one hilarious shit show all the way through election

2019-12-19 04:38:27 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

I viewed impeachment as a giant waste of time and thought it needed to get through the senate to pass. So I stopped paying attention to it. Then I saw every news outlet and a bunch of friends start screeching that he'd been impeached and I started freaking out

2019-12-19 04:39:58 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

@dizzy @Louis Thank you for reassuring me in these dark times

2019-12-19 04:41:23 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

I was making a small joke lol

2019-12-19 04:42:14 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

I really just meant thanks for updating me on what was actually happening

2019-12-19 04:44:36 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Didn't see anything about what you said in the "news". Lets hope nothing happens to keep him from running again. I'm really going to enjoy watching the establishment left screaming murder all the way to his re-election

2019-12-19 04:46:01 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Yeah unfortunately the left is still driving that car left even as its driving off a cliff

2019-12-19 04:47:11 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

The party' s average values have gone too far left to be considered sane anymore

2019-12-19 04:54:09 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

A pew research study shows that the democrats have been moving further and further left.

2019-12-19 04:54:21 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

In one sense its a shame because its driving the country further apart and their values are bad for the country. In another sense its a good thing because its helping to bring attention to the fact that the two parties we have now are both dying and no longer actually represent the people.

2019-12-19 04:55:08 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  


2019-12-19 04:56:02 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

My main point is that the two parties we currently have, Democrat and Republican. No longer represent the people and are only fighting to win elections.

2019-12-19 04:56:16 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Real issues never get addressed anymore

2019-12-19 04:59:04 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

The problem is the establishment is so big in each party. It along with media controls most of what is going on in our country. The establishment on the left and right align closer to eachother with the focus of their goals than they do with the actual people.

2019-12-19 04:59:25 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Its become almost impossible to see what's actually going on

2019-12-19 05:01:07 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Its easy for us to talk about it. But as soon as a large enough effort comes together to try and fix the system the establishment on both sides will likely work together with the media to try and stamp it out

2019-12-19 05:01:57 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  


2019-12-19 05:02:09 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  


2019-12-19 05:05:59 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

@Louis I never said I thought it was easy or even remotely likely. I said the opposite. That it would be near impossible because of the establishment. Like you just said. Do you have me confused with someone?

2019-12-19 05:07:13 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Balanced if you consider the majority of people having little to no say in what actually happens balanced

2019-12-19 05:09:15 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

@Louis I wasn't necessarily advocating for a third party. Even though it would be a much better outcome if it were possible. I was simply pointing out how bad for the country the establishment on both sides is

2019-12-19 05:17:58 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

What really needs to happen is reform in so many systems. The millitary industrial complex, the two party establishment, the healthcare system, the prison system.

Pretty much every single system of government in the country needs reform desperately or things will only get worse.

The problem is its a never ending circle. The government has become so bloated and self serving in every direction that good change almost never happens. Every time real reform is ever considered it gets twisted into a bigger government failure if it ever reaches law.

2019-12-19 05:24:34 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

No I'm sorry man. I know the millitary is a touchy conservative talking point. But we waste ungodly amounts of money on tge millitary that desperately needs to be spent elsewhere.

You don't like increased taxes and think the government is wasting all of our money? Then we have to look at the millitary even more so than healthcare.

Our millitary spending accounts for around 55% of our budget. The U.S. accounts for 37 percent of the total millitary on the planet. U.S. military expenditures are roughly the size of the next seven largest military budgets around the world, combined.

Trust me, just like everything else the government does, its way over bloated.

2019-12-19 05:26:26 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Its the same thing

2019-12-19 05:29:42 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

I'll double check

2019-12-19 05:38:40 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

China is definitely a bigger problem than Russia. They're spreading all over the world

2019-12-19 05:45:17 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

I double checked and I couldn't find an accurate representation of our spending. However, I did see that on paper social security, medicare, etc. make up a chunk that odds are is bigger than deffence spending. One of the major problems is where all the money is actually going. Money is being siphoned out of social security to pay for everything else. Each of the major chunks of spending needs reform.

2019-12-19 05:46:50 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

@Mersenne I agree the argument could be worded better. But its really simple. We're spending way too much. And that includes millitary. The fact stands that our millitary is larger than the next seven largest countries combined.

2019-12-19 05:48:10 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

How could you possibly not think that the government wastes money just as badly in defense spending as it does in healthcare spending? That makes no sense

2019-12-19 05:49:39 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

@Mersenne I wasn't claiming they were being siphoned to the millitary specifically. Only that they are gone

2019-12-19 05:52:08 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

@Louis The key word here is *wastes*. I'm not claiming that there aren't areas where are military could be improved. I'm saying there is a massive fucking pit that all our money is getting sucked into from every branch of government. Wherever that money is going its getting wasted

2019-12-19 05:58:27 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

The war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq. One of the main problems is foreign wars. We've been in Afghanistan for 18 years and its accomplished close to nothing. Allll the way back 2002 top generals were talking about how much of a shit show it was

2019-12-19 05:59:03 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

I hate the washington post but i cant be bothered to look it up elsewhere

2019-12-19 06:00:18 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

The documents were released inder the Freedom of Informatoon Act after a three year legal battle

2019-12-19 06:01:12 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

In the interviews over 400 officisls offered their unrestrained opinions on what went wrong in the war in Afghanistan

2019-12-19 06:03:48 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Generals openly admitted that we wasted billions trying to mold Afganistan into what we wanted it to be without any real direction on doing so

2019-12-19 06:04:10 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

@Mersenne I agree troops should be taken out of Syria

2019-12-19 06:07:42 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Since 2001 at least 980 billion has been spent on attempting to reform Afghanistan. Thousands of US soldiers have died for a regime change war that barely accomplished anything over 18 years. I would argue its created more terrorism and hate for the US mire tgan anything else

2019-12-19 06:08:41 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

As of July 7, 2018, there have been 2,372 U.S. military deaths in the War in Afghanistan.

2019-12-19 06:09:34 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Its not worthy if it cause more radicalization

2019-12-19 06:09:50 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

It does

2019-12-19 06:11:13 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

@Mersenne Of course I agree that the Islamic caliphate is a cancer on the planet and is killing many people. But they've mostly grown as a result of our presence

2019-12-19 06:12:18 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

We send billions in foreign aid to Saudi Arabia who fund terrorist groups

2019-12-19 06:12:41 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

And then we go over to fight them its a giant shit show

2019-12-19 06:14:01 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Do you disagree that we send billions in foreign aid to Saudi Arabia who fund terrorist groups

2019-12-19 06:14:29 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  


2019-12-19 06:15:07 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

You're advocating for funding a war to fight the terrirists while we fund the terrorists. Do you realize how stupid that is

2019-12-19 06:18:09 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

I definitely agree with that @Cobra Commander

2019-12-19 06:18:39 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

@Gray__Fox And yes, that's most likely their plan

2019-12-19 06:19:17 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

The green new deal is a pile of shit

2019-12-19 06:20:12 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Lets hope it fails

2019-12-19 06:21:21 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Remember about half the country voted against trump and the dems passed impeachment. This hasn't been won yet

2019-12-19 06:24:41 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

They just want to get rid of Trump for 2020 or at least delegitimize him. They don't care about anything else

2019-12-19 06:30:21 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

If the roles were reversed Biden would be way more guilty than Trump. Roles as in who was president. Its a shame how focused the country has been on impeachment when there are actual real world problems that need to be dealt with. Its a depressing waste of time

2019-12-19 06:31:18 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

@Mersenne Thanks for providing a source to go off of btw. Will try to give it a read

2019-12-19 06:32:58 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Sounds like a long tedious read

2019-12-19 06:33:12 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Oh nice

2019-12-19 06:34:42 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Also, just read up. Most "journalism" today is journalistic malpractice

2019-12-19 06:35:31 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Yeah, I'd probably drive off a cliff before I finished the 400 pages

2019-12-19 06:41:54 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

That's really useful. Saving it to my news folder

2019-12-19 06:43:31 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Btw does anyone have a link to something showing where Trump can still run in 2020 once he's acquitted. Either a news article or something referencing laws. Can't find a good source

2019-12-19 06:43:37 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

If not that's fine

2019-12-19 06:48:38 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Yeah, dizzy and Louis updated me earlier. Just trying to find a link that I can reference

2019-12-19 06:51:02 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Thanks, thats pretty helpful

2019-12-19 06:51:20 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Other than the pay line to read most of it

2019-12-19 06:51:34 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

I'm sure I learned it at some point

2019-12-19 06:52:28 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Just forgot a lot of stuff due to a wild early twenties

2019-12-19 06:52:49 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

I think I maxed out my 3

2019-12-19 06:53:37 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

@Joker That's really useful but a bit lacking

2019-12-19 06:55:02 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Unfortunately that's what my history/civics was until I changed schools to one that actually valued education

2019-12-19 06:57:04 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  


2019-12-19 06:57:30 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Defintely true

2019-12-19 06:58:05 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Random question. Would anyone here consider voting for Tulsi Gabbard if she won

2019-12-19 06:58:23 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Not that I think she will win the primary

2019-12-19 06:58:32 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  


2019-12-19 06:59:16 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

From what I've seen she's the best democratic candidate they've had in generations

2019-12-19 07:00:25 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

If she actually believes that, then that's a definite detraction

2019-12-19 07:01:39 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

But most of what I've seen has been an example of one of the most actually intelligent and presidential candidates to run in a while

2019-12-19 07:08:04 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

She didn't vote in favor

2019-12-19 07:08:11 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

She voted present

2019-12-19 07:09:52 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

If its between Trump and Tulsi I'd be hard pressed to decide. Her stance on foreign policy and prison reform are excellent along with the fact that she seems like a genuine human being. But she does have a stance on other things that's too far left

2019-12-19 07:11:38 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Trump vs any democrat besides Tulsi, I'm voting Trump. Tulsi vs anyone besides Trump I'm voting Tulsi

2019-12-19 07:13:33 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

@Jokerfaic I definitely agree that what's going on in the middle east is unacceptable. But if it comes down to the midfle east vs the future of our country. That's a hard choice

2019-12-19 07:14:07 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

The problem is almost no one on the democrat side is remotely trustworthy

2019-12-19 07:14:38 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Not to mention most of them support policies that will destroy the country

2019-12-19 07:15:28 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  


2019-12-19 07:16:12 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

The DNC is a bigger threat to our country than terrorism honestly

2019-12-19 07:17:34 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

No one can find you just by the state

2019-12-19 07:18:29 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Try living in Philadelphia. I lived there for a while. The whole city is basically an area you don't want to be in at night

2019-12-19 07:18:55 UTC [Athens #us_politics]  

Kensington is worse than some third world countries

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