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The left eating itself.

@here My car normally idles at <1000 but today on the way home from work it started idling at like 2000. I figure it's gotta be some kind of vacuum leak but I'm not sure how to find that, other than spraying flammable substances all over the engine which I'm not too sure about. Anyone have an opinion on whether this is safe to drive like this?

@Mark Vandal Have you tried shaving with a propane torch?

@Deleted User It's not carbureted.

I mean, it could be a lot of things. Hard to know where to begin our if I should just let the shop deal with it.

@JesseJames 1995 Mustang 3.8L.

If it means anything, first I noticed it was rolling down the other side of a bridge in 3rd at 35, so revs were a little high, I was using the higher revs to help keep my speed down.

When I put it in neutral at the traffic light I noticed the revs were still up and I was like... Uuhhh... Wtf?

@Pinochetball Maybe that means something to you.

Btw, since the IAC is what the computer uses to adjust the TB, shouldn't the problem have gone away when I unplugged it?

@JesseJames It is OBD2 but all I have is a basic code scanner.

Also there is a sticker on the TB that says not to clean it because there is a special coating.

If it's the IAC pindle sticking that's causing this, should physically removing the IAC from the TB and then starting the car make the symptom go away?

That's alright.

@Pinochetball "Pigtail"? I unplugged the sensor, and yeah, it barely ran.

I'm still not sure how to tell the IAC valve from the TPS. I know you said the TPS was the big aluminum thing on top and IAC is just a little plastic piece on the side, but I'm looking at some YouTube videos and it seems like they're calling the big one the IAC, but sadly I can't find a video of someone doing this on my exact engine.

Oh, another thing I noticed today: A popping feeling in my accelerator. When it's all the way up and I press down, there's a tiny little pop, like I'm overcoming an infinitesimal amount of resistance.

Yeah I'm looking up pics of the IAC on and I'm pretty sure the IAC is the big one on top.

Is there any way to know for sure if it's the IAC before I clean it? Cause I don't have full confidence that cleaning it will work, maybe I don't do a thorough enough job, or it just doesn't work and what it really needs is replacing. But I'm not sure how to test it. @Pinochetball @JesseJames

Just some $20 Advance junk that tells you if there's codes and which monitors are ready.

North Korea has released their detained American citizens!

@JesseJames I sprayed a bunch of stuff but I didn't hear it rev up. I unplugged the MAF sensor so I could hear better (revs went down) and then if I put my ear up to the throttle body/IAC, I can hear a loud hiss of air, but not sure if it's just the normal air flow through the IAC.

@JesseJames Pulling the MAF makes the actual revs go to normal, but the engine chugs and struggles, almost died earlier when I had the MAF unplugged.

There's no MIL.

@JesseJames Well, I did check at one point when the MIL actually did come on because I unplugged the IAT by mistake, but the only code was for the IAT.

@JesseJames I have a multimeter. Is there an effective way to test it with that?

Wish I had me a smoke machine but they're $750.

A couple years back I tore down half the motor to do the lower intake manifold gaskets. It damn well better not be then that's leaking cause that's not a job I wanna do again.

@JesseJames I was reading some advice to block the intake and if the car doesn't stall, you've got a vacuum leak. I tried putting my hand over the throttle body last night, but immediately pulled it away cause of the strong vacuum. Do you think it's safe to do that, or is the negative pressure dangerously high? If not, what could I use to block the intake?

@everyone If you are a software or web developer, DM @Procella Eques. Your skills are required.

@Pinochetball @JesseJames Got 'er fixed!! Took a chance on it being the IAC, went out and got a new one, threw it on, problem solved.

@everyone Fireside NOW! Get in general voice!

@everyone I'd like to add that tagging <@&358437309076602912> to ask about posting a whitepill is not acceptable, so don't do that. Also, although it may be a bit obvious, I'll duly note that rule 13 has been rendered obsolete by this change, and has therefore been removed.

@everyone This is why we have the rules we have. This is the kind of thing that gives internet companies a fully TOS-compliant excuse to shut you down:

@everyone If you use PGP encryption, this applies to you, but there is a more important lesson to be learned here. For years, there has been a perception of PGP as a supreme sort of uncrackable algorithm, the ultimate protection against the ever-present threat of "them." The moral of this story is that everything has its flaws. No algorithm is perfectly secure. If you are worried about security, face to face talking is the only thing that can't be intercepted.

This is also part of the reason why we have the rules we do and why they will continue to be enforced just as strictly when we move to Rocket Chat. You cannot assume anything you send over the internet is truly secure. All you can do is take steps to reduce the likelihood of compromise.

@everyone Fireside now in general voice! Get in here!!

Anybody @here feel like helping a fellow Identitarian debug some weirdness with rxjs subject in Angular 6?

In case anybody does, I'll just leave my problem here: I am doing something that's basically the exact same as when you set up the search in the Tour of Heroes. Same damn code, set up a subject w/switchMap on search terms to a service method that returns an Observable<Stuff[]>, then run that all into a local var and pipe that through `async` pipe in the template.

You go to type, nothing happens. No errors, no nothing. Adding `console.log()` calls makes it seem like the Subject's `next()` method is getting called, but nothing is happening.

I am staring dumbfounded at my Tour of Heroes code that works fine, and it's the same exact thing.

Only difference I can see is ToH is calling from In Mem. Web API, and I am calling out to a PHP script that is pulling from a real database.

But the service method that actually pings that PHP script is never getting called.

This is BS.

Fork off.

Looks like `next()` is returning undefined.

Well I traded one problem for another. Fixed the issue with the call not firing, now I got some other weird error.

The thing is, I'm sure whatever it is is a simple fix, it's just that the stack trace is pointing to library files instead of my code, so it's useless.

@everyone One of our rules was mentioned in that article. I'm deeply offended I wasn't given the proper credit as its author. Now would be a great time for you all to take time to admire and appreciate my work once again by re-familiarizing yourself with the ---><#405211244023382016><---

@everyone Good morning Identitarians. Please note that, when making moderation decisions, we will not take into account the context of the posts around yours. Screenshots do not have to include other posts, so we only consider how yours looks in isolation. Choose your words carefully or don't be surprised when you get moderated. ๐Ÿš”

@everyone If you are a web developer with WordPress experience, please DM @Matthias!

@everyone Also, if you cannot go, be sure to send money to the IE Zelle with "Defend Identity Sponsorship" as the note. Help get someone else there to take your place!

@everyone Posting dox, especially the dox of an IE member, even if it's just a re-post of dox already posted elsewhere, is a banable offense. Don't do it.

@everyone Patrick is running late and will be here in 10 minutes.

<@477290792365588483> Really? Threatening the life of a politician? Are you trying to get us raided by the feds? You will stay here for a week.

@Paragram Slide - AZ That was the absolute worst hotmic in the history of Identity Evropa. It sounded like a wolf getting eaten by a bear. and are the best websites on the internet.

(In the former case, I refer, obviously, to design and not content)

"Council" sounds so much cooler than Board anyway.

*E N E S E M*


Damn white people, always stealing stuff.


Coffee = caffeine dependence.


I don't like drinking a lot. I've never been drunk, but if I drink enough to feel any serious effects, like dizziness etc., I just find it really annoying not being able to fully control myself.

@everyone Insulting the memory of the dead is beneath us and will not be tolerated. The dead are enemy to no one. Let them rest in peace.

@Hessian I'd really prefer to err on the side of not posting pictures of children in here.

I will not be buying BF5, and I hope no one here will either. Their pre orders are already tanking. Money is the only thing they understand.

Do not reward cultural poison.

@Kingfish Maybe idk. Only if it comes to PC. No console filth under my roof.

Don't. Pre order. Games.

>not buying exclusively from Steam

Lesson status: *Learned*

tl;dr they're complaining they were chanting Nazi slogans and doing Hitler salute and the cops didn't do anything. It "alarms them very much," and there must not be "another Rostock-Lichthagen, Mรถlln or Sollingen.

Or in other words, anything the Germans do to defend their Identity is a threat to the Jews. This is why the JQ is a thing. They see it as against their interests that we protect ours.

Of course. Like one brand new creasy Swastika flag at Cville 2 = OMG Nazi rally. Reality doesn't matter to them, only the propaganda line.

Wow, that video was great

@August Baldur - CO That was you? Nice work!!


@MrBland - VA Bland, eh? Not near Bland county, are you?

Ah okay.


I am cursed with Windows 10 so I am waiting for my "computer" to restart so I can actually load web pages quicker than 10 minutes.

>actually having to restart your computer

I eagerly await the inevitable triumph of Linux.

@Goose I guess I'm blind as a dingbat, but I don't get it.

So they were complaining he fist pumped but he was doing it because he saw this cancer victim? The whole time is strange, why is a fist pump your reaction to a cancer victim?

That would make more sense.

@everyone In concord with the Membership Guidelines, a new server rule has been added:

13 - Intraracial Ethnic Conflict
Ethnic chauvinism is not allowed in IE. While some banter is to be expected, this is best done elsewhere. In general, itโ€™s best to avoid saying โ€œ__ arenโ€™t white.โ€ Many people in IE from that ethnic background might not care, but others probably will - particularly if you donโ€™t have a rapport with them.

"Hey cutie, let me get a sample of that DNA."

Great opener.

Realistically it's somewhere in between, like most things.


I know, I know. But the reality is that we are growing now, and that's a good thing. But the bigger we get, the more we have to understand that not everybody is very good at understanding tone online.

You may say something as a joke and someone takes it seriously and then we have a disaster. Easier to just avoid.

"We and the Dalai Lama" - I laughed so loud at this part. This timeline is absolutely amazing.

The first time I ever put up flyers, they were homemade, not very good, and used the Dalai Lama and Tibetan genocide as an example.

@everyone If anybody is a CDL driver near South Jersey who likes long trips, DM me.

If video games don't have the power to alter people for the better, I call that the fault of the author and not the medium. Were the studios not run by communist and nihilist swine, I dare say they could rise to the level of great art.


@Logan @missliterallywho Congratulations!!!

*You have 10,000 new messages...*

@Jackson Stoneman Going to need a different username and different avatar.

@Alex Kolchak - NY No references to implements of violence, please.

I understand. Try to remember, our enemies will not give us the benefit of context or understanding "it's just a meme."


You should also know that we keep records of infractions, so we don't forget things.


It's a nitpick, but I say let's not call it 1.0 because that implies we come from that movement.

We share some ideas sure, but many people here are pro-environment, and so is the left. That doesn't mean we come from them. We should see ourselves as our own movement rather than an evolution of oldschool WN.

It's a good time without the degeneracy.

^ This is why we do it, folks.

The baby, not the trad thots thing...


Creator. Fed tried to get him to okay a murder. He said no. Fed asked again. He said okay, in the sense of "okay, fine, whatever, just go away." They took that "okay" and imprisoned him with it. That's the short version.

Moral of the story: Watch your mouth.

Our moderators delete first and ask questions later. Sometimes that upsets people, sometimes rightly so, but we put the order and protection of our server before not upsetting anyone ever. If you start onto a topic that we think might start a problem, we're going to shut it down. Even if you and your interlocutor are managing to do it with civility, maybe someone else will come in and start a problem. We're not having it. Don't be upset and definitely don't snark off about it.

It's never personal.

Also note it's against the rules to post personal information in here. We will always assume you don't have permission unless we know for a fact otherwise. It's also sometimes against the rules to post your own, if we think whatever you post could be used to track down somebody else (e.g. a Facebook page on which you are friends with IE members).

@YourFundamentalTheorum Because they can't get enough of Patrick's inspiring speeches.


News to me.

*He's coming after muh Burzum...*

Morning y'all.

My boss is actually at the office before me for the first time. It's a miracle.

Also I'm drinking decaf coffee because true Identitarians do not consume mind altering chemicals (at least not in sufficient qualities to be affected).

@Max Bianco - NY Before I start some big to do, I'm mostly kidding. However, I really don't like to drink full caf coffee because I'm very affected by it. Same reason I don't like to drink to where I feel an effect. I don't enjoy having my mental state altered by chemicals. Don't like how it feels.

Lol of course, what isn't.

@Deleted User Make sure IE Leadership knows about that. We could almost definitely make use of your skills.


Congrats @CarletonJ!!!

@Bjorn - MD How do you respond to the claim that diversity brings more productivity?

@Deleted User I like it as is.

Decaf coffee gang.

@Asatru Artist - MD Taste and antioxidants.

>thinking coffee tastes bad
Found the crappy mass produced coffee drinker.

@Grossly Incandescent I haven't had a whole lot of different kinds. Mainly Wawa and Dunkin Donuts. Not bad, and good enough for me to know that if I ever drank anything really good, it would be really good.

Apollo doesn't understand how @Reinhard Wolff can say anything so outrageous.

Anifrauen herrschen ewig.

Key lime pie is only good from Publix in Florida.

The kind of keylime pie you get in a box in a freezer is way too sweet.

Key lime pie is not supposed to be very sweet.


@Conway - OK I always knew the media lied, but I never fully grasped it until I went to Cville 1 and then read news articles the next day calling us "a few dozen torch-wielding slavery advocates."

@Goldstein Riots What do you mean?

Oh, yeah.

The HQ better have a garage where us gearheads can fix members' cars. @Reinhard Wolff

Everybody knows that Alaska is the only implicit state.

Hurricanes are not scary at all.

It's just a little rain.

And then the power goes out and you get to have a hurricane party with candles and use pool water to flush the toilet.

Source: Grew up in Florida.

>buying a house in a flood zone

I don't even know what to say about this.

Somehow I'm a communist and an Odalist at the same time.


Well by golly, guess it's NazBol Gang time for me, then.

@everyone If you have any beef with "EST.267" inside the USDA mark of inspection, return it or throw it out. There's a recall.

@ThisIsChris Not a bad idea at all.

Anybody here do SEO and wanna give some advice?

That IE BLM pic has history book potential.

It's like, this whole era in one pic.

I bug Chris enough about computer stuff. Trying to find someone else to pester lol.

Gaming on anything other than PC is a crime against white heritage.

Just so you know.

I can't wait to see the left wing tears.

This is fantastic.

Just watching these pigs not get what they want, so satisfying.

@Nemets Man, I really can't imagine that comment being anything other than a disaster for us. Please don't say stuff like that.

:D I love the Twitter handles. Congrats @canadianwall!

@Matthias Oohhh I see, it's superimposed. I thought they actually had those lights hanging at the wedding lol.

ะ ะพััะธัะฝะธะฝั‹

@Grayson When you joined this server, you agreed to abide by its rules. Please re-read rule 3 and rest assured that each and every rule exists because we had problems without it. I realize the rules may sometimes step on toes or interrupt perfectly civil conversations, but I ask you to believe me that long experience has taught us of the need for each and every rule.

It's one of the unfortunate disadvantages of having a large group that we're forced to deal more with the behavior of the masses rather than that of individuals.

It's all good @Grayson

There's an unofficial server for religion discussions but I don't even know who the admin is anymore.

It's kinda dead.

There he is

@TMatthews They are, thing is, all it takes is one person to come along with an inappropriate remark and then we're cleaning up a big mess. Easier to just not have it here.

I personally think such topics are fascinating, so if you wanna discuss, bug @JohnStrasser for invites.


@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL, a moderator both on and off the server.

@Deleted User If you have little luck, I use a Motorola Moto E4 Plus. Paid $120 for it and find it fantastic.

@Danimal876 I've given the pledges a distinctive color.

Hello pledges. Who I am is obvious I guess. Nice to meet you.

The moderators are designed.

Yes. They are AI.

"The moderators are designed to..." - *Patrick Casey*

And make sure you actually read the server rules.

"I mean, say what you want about the tenets of communism, dude, at least it's an ethos." - *Patrick Casey*

@Asatru Artist - MD You have got to be the first person I've ever met who knows KQ. I love KQVI, played it a ton as a kid. One of the best computer games ever created. True art.

And always remember... 1,000 years from now, I will still be Server Admin, the rules will still be in effect, and will still be enforced.

@Gibson Not that Jews don't have disproportionate influence, use it against our interests or that that shouldn't be called out where it's demonstrably happening, but really, blaming things on "the Jewish bankers" doesn't seem helpful considering all the very white dirtbag corporate pigs who exploit their own people and all peoples day in and day out for profit.

I mean, it reads like something out of AHX or something. Like something our enemies would love to quote us saying.

I don't think all the white scum are serving Jews, and I don't think we would be free of exploiter scum if there were no Jews.

@Patrick I'm talking about people who put greed and personal profit above the good of their country.

@NITRODUBS He is using his black privilege in an attempt to destroy the reputation of a white woman who had the audacity to turn him down. That is absolutely harassment, of the vilest and most cowardly kind.

First thing I hear upon joining: "...stumbling around drunk at all hours of the day and the night, but I had a good time..."


Identity Evropa: Come for the activsm and ideals for a better future, stay for the awesome food.


Can't imagine leaving. What would my life be without this great cause and these great people? Can't imagine it.

WN is accurate in a literal sense, in the words themselves, but it's tied to too much garbage. Identitarian is what I am. That's the way forward.

I feel fine about it. I don't wish for others to get destroyed.

I counter signal suits. Don't like. Too international. At least these days.

@Sean Ever think about why certain clothes are considered "nice"?

Totally not Jared Taylor.

(Just guessing. I don't actually know and wouldn't tell if I did)

0peration H0meboYz

@Pat-MA Being honest isn't an option?

@Pat-MA When I was out with my group at Cville 1, the lady who owned the place we were staying asked us that and I think we said we were a European heritage group.

@Pat-MA Then say anything. You're coworkers. You play airsoft together. You worship fish in the forest beneath the full moon. Just make something up. What's wrong with that?

@Pat-MA Well if that concerns you you'd have to hammer out a story with your group.

^ This will be good.


*h r e f l a n g*

@Reinhard Wolff Do you like your Cinnamon Toast Crunches crispy or soggy? And do you put the milk or the cereal in the bowl first?

@Grayson Get a handsfree and tune in via 4G.

*Velik i moguch russkiy yazyk*

It definitely wasn't a black metal band.

No thanks. No way would I ever tolerate a government that would hold me prisoner.

Nothing's stopping anybody leaving the US.

People leave here all the time.


@Jacob Best to make a country nobody would want to leave rather than hold your own citizens prisoner.

@TheWhiteRationalist <:varg:359010745192808449> This is Varg Vikernes, Emperor of Europe.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN It's an UAZ, not a van.

@The Eternal Anglo Very sorry to hear your home was destroyed, but good for you bring out there saving lives. Good man.


I'm here

$21.93/year for .media on Porkbun

@ophiuchus Good idea, make sure to bring that to your coordinator and/or @wayne peek

I still have some old National Youth Front stickers. I contemplate whether I should keep them in anticipation of future value.

@Valaska No sadly. Not in a position to do much right now, but one day I will be very active, you'll see. I was at Cville 1, so I do exist in the real world.

A crush washer? @Koba why would you put a drain plug crush washer on the oil filter? Those two parts aren't related.

@Koba The plastic flat ones don't need to be changed unless they're leaking, but there is a kind called a crush washer, it's metal and has two layers that stand apart and get "crushed" together when you install it - those need to be changed every time.

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