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@MadDimension hey i have a member from my group that needs an invite link

>jj Abrams >white

We're not a movement that has women in leadership roles. A woman should not be in charge of a man. They should be in a supportive role.

deciding who gets banned is a leadership role, not supportive

Either we're a movement where women are in charge of men or not

Do what job?

Make pinned messages?

I helped Evan in small roles with the first chrolttesville

I'm a mod in that server

I will gladly take over her role

@Andrew-- what city?


It's not even about optics, if we want a chance to beat down antifa, showing off guns so that it's just a screaming match isn't the way to do it

If we want something decisive we shouldn't have something deterring them from attacking us

It was getting too off topic, check demonstration tactics

Yeah we did

Only a couple of us went

And there were like 30 people there total

Pretty lame


afaik reguler mods cant manage the channels

it didn;t come out so well

i dont think bringing your 3d's to this is a good idea

@V I T A L I T Y they were made by the ATL-Right

@Wade Garrett we made them ourselves. our group bought a printer

if we're anticipating violence, id keep the woman you love away

@Tyrone genuinely curious why you post so much in this server when you're not even coming to charlottesville

thank you tibor

@Tyrone my apologizes I stand corrected

The nsdap had few donors in its early days either

@Tyrone i like black and white american flags. very fascist to me

@HouseboatMedic are you coming to Charlottesville?

Okay cool

Looks like it mostly for dota

@Athena Marie some nigger baby ran up during the speeches at the speakers event

baby was then physically removed

give them this link

@Hand Banana what do you need help with?

why would you bring your gf's to this?

or your mom

a fashy gf is a gf who stays at home

yeah when they potentially have bricks thrown at them

the only kind you should have

only it should be a trad wife

that's the thing you need to expect it to get violent

it doesn't make anysense to put your women in harms way to "show them how bad antifa is"

bring who you like though

until it does end up bad

you should tell her no

my wife wants to go, I told her no it's not the place for her

[REDACTED] is going to break the nap?

Virginia is a stand your ground state

@Athena Marie posting dead cats or dogs is niggertier

This is a puppet and cat safe zone

This is an anti puppet rally

If you don't like it I'll ban you mkay?

he was at the 1st one

@doglad flag burning is taking place after the rally. Don't do it at the rally you'll get arrested


@The Inquisitor [☧] you have to stop with the infighting

Plenty of places to infight

This isn't one of them

@Ignis Faatus yeah it'll happen when I get home

I made ds a role this morning

Dm me if it applies to you

Southern culture= white American culture

There's no other culture like it in the world

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe open carry is heavily discouraged. conceal carry at your own risk

greg johnson is cancer

its not even that hes a homosexual

hes subversive, and a liar

@Tyrone if it doesn't have a red dot scope and a tactical grip don't bother

What part are you from?

@Athena Marie what shoulder do other than what we're doing?

We're living in a clown world

Should* we

We have to become the system to change this. Going on a rampage against muslims won't change anything. It won't change demographics, and won't change their nature

No, but we have to stay the course and obtain institutional power

Do you think if we rioted something would change?

They would clamp down on right wing extremism even morw



No it's no fair

And when we're in charge that won't be the case

Hitler did not take power by armed revolution or rioting

We have even less of a chacd


White women voting is the cause of this

Most white women have CHOSEN this fate

Cops won't be looking into bags afaik

@Melektaus that is horrible advice. If you wear any kind of face covering material (except sunglasses) you will be arrested and charged with a felony

Most riot police will not stop to hear your "comprehension" of the law as they arrest you

@Melektaus @Johnny O'Malley they arrested a man dressed up in joker face paint and charged him with a felony

They're going to remember who wears any kind of mask and will arrest you the first chance they get.

>sieg heiling with your left arm

>not killing yourself immediatly

we're not going to be telling ANYONE outaide the discord about the shuttle


your class 4 misdeamor will turn into a felony if you're carrying

cost a lot of people their lodging by stupidly posting in an open forum

google dox

for anyone wanting to listen to a couple of libshits spew lies about the rally

If it's an illegal assembly carrying changes it to a felony

Don't say where you're booking in the discord gents, don't want to get shoahed again

@Salad Snake - CA don't post any specifics about the events please

Foggy morning

Good time for a road trip

The Confederate Keepers President Michael Madden:

The Confederate Keepers will not be at the rally on Aug. 12th. We do not agree with Jason using our heritage to spread his hate. We are about love and spreading education on the war for southern independence. He is using Gen Robert E Lee's monument at LEE PARK because he knows he will get media attention. Yes he has the right to free speech, but that doesn't mean our southern heritage groups need to stand next to a known hate group. I highly condemn this rally as should everyone else. I've watched Jason for some time now and he talks about the statues maybe two mins then bashes other races. People of all races fought for the south. That statue and the Confederate battle flag is not just white heritage but black, Indian, Spanish, etc.... I've had a few debates on this subject. I agree move it out of Lee Park because hate has no room in our heritage. My ancestors fought beside blacks, Spanish, Indians, etc.... They fought for a free south, smaller government and states rights. To the ones showing up, I wonder what you're gonna do when he turns his subject to hate on your race? This rally shouldn't happen!

If you guys can't memorize a song in 9 hours you're not white

It's Dixies land

The one with 5 million views on yutube

The strong will come

Be there to support the movement

@everyone we have the police explicit protections

They will be there protecting us the whole march

Then stay home

It's about the movement not you

You're committed or not.

When the rubber hits the road we'll know who to count on

No theyre not

You're in the movement or not

@everyone uva is a gun free zone

Felony if you carry

@everyone for everyone that didn't go, you made our numbers smaller but it didn't matter. Hail victory! Twice!

The event was condemned by the city’s mayor Mike Signer who branded it a “cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry, racism, and intolerance”.

Writing on Facebook, he added: “I am beyond disgusted by this unsanctioned and despicable display of visual intimidation on a college campus.”

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