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2017-12-17 16:50:52 UTC

@NDO Nick-TX that will probably be next target

2017-12-17 16:53:54 UTC

I think our other wa guy hit. 3rd college last night. That’s 3 in one day. Barbarossa level blitz

2017-12-17 17:47:00 UTC

@everyone **REMINDER:** This channel is for pics of activism to be sent in for editing and posting. Planning activism happens with your local guys, or in network channels. ANY photos which may contain faces of members or other doxxey visuals should be sent to me directly for editing.

If your activism is, in any conceivable way, legally iffy in nature, do not, I repeat, do not post anything at all about it here.

Act as if everything in this channel goes straight to Twitter. Same with general.

2017-12-17 19:55:37 UTC

I'm blue dabadi dabadie...

2017-12-17 19:57:59 UTC

Hope you got proper ventilation

2017-12-17 19:58:12 UTC

Your one dedicated sob @Hussar

2017-12-17 19:58:44 UTC

That I am Charly, that I am.

2017-12-17 19:59:52 UTC

Once I'm living in my own place I'll be trying to do lots more.

2017-12-17 20:22:05 UTC

That hair blower looks like it's from the 80's

2017-12-17 20:23:57 UTC

I am using my aunt's lol.

2017-12-17 20:25:53 UTC

Back from the future type shitπŸ˜‚

2017-12-17 20:26:45 UTC

Hussar has baby hands

2017-12-17 20:26:47 UTC

It's ok fam

2017-12-17 20:27:17 UTC

Banners being made and multiple states getting flyered... activism is looking good today!

2017-12-17 20:30:30 UTC

Lol just bance, good work on the banner.

2017-12-17 20:31:25 UTC

Thank you, I know it was bants, but I am waiting for it to dry enough for me to move it.

2017-12-17 20:33:19 UTC

Blue fingers is now the official slang for activist.

2017-12-17 20:33:27 UTC

Let it be so

2017-12-17 20:34:02 UTC

Paint for the paint god.

2017-12-17 20:43:16 UTC

@Hussar Looking great over there.

2017-12-17 20:43:56 UTC

Yep. I have been busy.

2017-12-17 20:44:04 UTC

Very busy.

2017-12-17 20:54:41 UTC

@Charlemagne MD @Victor MD Where'mst are those pics from? Town name?

2017-12-17 20:58:37 UTC

Charles Town WV

2017-12-18 04:01:47 UTC


2017-12-18 04:02:12 UTC

Funny because there’s a β€œsocialist alternative” sticker above it

2017-12-18 04:02:22 UTC

Something tells me they’re not talking about NatSoc

2017-12-18 04:20:17 UTC


2017-12-18 04:20:26 UTC

This ones definitely boring

2017-12-18 04:21:49 UTC


2017-12-18 04:22:20 UTC


2017-12-18 04:22:55 UTC

Do these look good @Thomas Ryan I’m here as we speak so I can get better photos. Just unusually busy out here

2017-12-18 04:23:17 UTC

They're good.

2017-12-18 04:23:27 UTC

Those last two look a bit similar, though.

2017-12-18 04:23:58 UTC

This ones at a better angle.

2017-12-18 04:23:59 UTC


2017-12-18 04:24:09 UTC

Yeah no they are sorry to upload them twice

2017-12-18 05:05:44 UTC

My camera is pretty shitty. I'll have some better ones this week.


2017-12-18 05:06:43 UTC

Even shitty cameras can turn horizontal.

2017-12-18 05:07:57 UTC

@everyone If putting posters on a pole; tape the entire top and the entire bottom down. A flat poster on a round pole is bad optics, and extremely easy to take down. If you are doing poles, buy a can of spray adhesive, and feel free to use it on poles, but not buildings.

2017-12-18 06:18:25 UTC

We lads

2017-12-18 06:18:34 UTC


2017-12-18 07:34:07 UTC

UNC Wilmington and Wilmington Historic District

2017-12-18 07:34:31 UTC


2017-12-18 07:34:45 UTC


2017-12-18 07:35:05 UTC


2017-12-18 07:35:09 UTC


2017-12-18 07:35:24 UTC


2017-12-18 07:36:08 UTC


2017-12-18 12:05:13 UTC

My hometown brah. Right on

2017-12-18 12:07:55 UTC


2017-12-18 12:16:37 UTC

I know exactly where all those pics are. Damn I miss SE NC

2017-12-18 12:19:44 UTC

Come visit; we can make some trouble. Also, since you recognize it, the black panthers were protesting the confederate statue in the first pic a few months ago so I left a lot of posters in that area hoping for a reaction

2017-12-18 12:20:39 UTC

Yea, the Market St one. They've been kvetching about it since I can remember

2017-12-18 14:50:20 UTC

@Vitruvius NC Yea I need to make it out that way. My uncle has a large place in Leland I can stay at. Sometime in spring

2017-12-18 18:42:59 UTC

Ughh total failure today trying to poster another city hall. It has a confederate statue right next to it would have been great but its to heavily watched cops just doing circles round the building in units cant get an opening without a wheel man. Sucks because itd be great to bag 2 city halls especially one with a monument

2017-12-18 23:46:12 UTC

Forest Hill, MD



2017-12-18 23:46:52 UTC

Good job @Victor MD

2017-12-18 23:47:59 UTC

@Chris GA Did you poster a mall? A buddy of mine in GA said he saw PF posters and is interested in joining.

2017-12-18 23:48:33 UTC


2017-12-18 23:48:57 UTC

@Josh OH Mall of Georgia

2017-12-18 23:49:30 UTC


2017-12-19 00:35:15 UTC

@Josh OH Yeah I've done it twice so far. There's tons of people there this time of year which makes it a pretty good spot to poster

2017-12-19 00:35:37 UTC

yea good job, people are definitely seeing them

2017-12-19 00:52:13 UTC

Well that's good to hear, a lot of them were taken down pretty fast haha

2017-12-19 09:16:40 UTC

What do you guys make your banners out of?

2017-12-19 09:17:27 UTC

I've been using tarp because the place I buy them has pre-installed grommets, but the spray paint tends to flake off a little.

2017-12-19 09:17:49 UTC

They're also sturdy. No worries about tearing off and flying away.

2017-12-19 09:19:09 UTC

thats what I was thinking too

2017-12-19 15:42:51 UTC

i used a white painting drop cloth and installed my own grommets. Took the paint really well. total cost was about $20.

2017-12-19 15:49:25 UTC

I used a drop cloth but didn't use grommets. I put radiator hose tape on the corners and stabbed a hole with a knife.

2017-12-19 18:18:25 UTC

@John Wick - UT That's a good way to do it.

2017-12-24 06:50:18 UTC

Went to portland community college

2017-12-24 06:50:30 UTC


2017-12-24 06:50:43 UTC






2017-12-24 06:51:18 UTC

Then along Portland's water front

2017-12-24 06:51:26 UTC


2017-12-24 08:28:07 UTC

That second one would have been great if it wasn't for the glare. Hate when that happens.

2017-12-24 15:30:59 UTC

@The Hooknose- UT Great work.

2017-12-24 15:31:56 UTC

*But*, if you can make a bit more sure the posters are larger in frame, and readable, that'd be helpful.

2017-12-24 15:49:47 UTC

This X200 cars at hebron baptist church Dacula GA


2017-12-24 15:50:02 UTC


2017-12-24 15:50:03 UTC


2017-12-24 15:50:03 UTC


2017-12-24 15:51:49 UTC

@Chris GA You put those flyers on the windshields of 200 cars?

2017-12-24 15:52:27 UTC

Looks like it was raining. Hopefully they stay dry for when folks come out.

2017-12-24 15:52:57 UTC

Yes, I did, but I had help from a friend. He put in his application yesterday

2017-12-24 15:53:58 UTC

Yeah it thankfully stopped raining, at least for now though

2017-12-24 16:51:58 UTC

We should make a white guilt is over type thing

2017-12-24 16:52:25 UTC

This channel is for photos of activism, not suggestions for new designs

2017-12-24 17:13:54 UTC

Use 24 lb paper and laser print if you're going to poster when its wet.

2017-12-24 19:10:40 UTC


2017-12-24 19:11:04 UTC


2017-12-24 19:11:27 UTC


2017-12-24 19:11:37 UTC


2017-12-24 19:11:43 UTC


2017-12-24 19:12:07 UTC


2017-12-24 19:12:19 UTC

Whoops sent that one twice

2017-12-24 19:12:42 UTC


2017-12-24 19:13:11 UTC


2017-12-24 19:13:19 UTC


2017-12-24 19:14:04 UTC

Only hit there spots because it's a lot busier out here than I expected, spray adhesive works wonders though.

2017-12-24 19:19:14 UTC

Where Is spray adhesive legal? just telephone poles?

2017-12-24 19:20:42 UTC

Look up your state laws regarding vandalism

2017-12-24 19:21:12 UTC

Poles and utility boxes are recommended

2017-12-24 19:22:43 UTC

thanks, will do

2017-12-24 19:24:59 UTC

Smooth stone and metal have been what has worked best for me. But if you can get wood poles to work then go for it.

2017-12-26 00:06:10 UTC
2017-12-27 04:03:04 UTC


2017-12-27 04:03:18 UTC


2017-12-27 04:03:22 UTC


2017-12-27 04:03:36 UTC


2017-12-27 04:03:44 UTC


2017-12-27 04:03:48 UTC


2017-12-27 04:04:03 UTC


2017-12-27 04:04:23 UTC


2017-12-27 04:48:14 UTC

Good work, @southland

2017-12-27 05:12:24 UTC

Glad to see that spray adhesive worked out for you

2017-12-30 21:44:31 UTC




2017-12-30 21:44:40 UTC

Choose whichever you like.

2017-12-30 21:45:08 UTC
2017-12-30 21:45:40 UTC

@Hussar Great work.

2017-12-30 21:45:58 UTC

Are these different photos?

2017-12-30 21:47:01 UTC

Yeah, taken in quick succession.

2017-12-30 21:47:16 UTC

Nothing from across the river, perhaps?

2017-12-30 21:47:22 UTC

Main camera failed went back to take photos of phone.

2017-12-30 21:47:36 UTC

No worries. They're good, we'll use them.

2017-12-30 21:48:04 UTC

All I got. Cold killed battery of camera. Driving right now.

2017-12-30 21:48:19 UTC

It's all good. Looks awesone.

2017-12-30 21:49:29 UTC

That was next to a busy road in Chicago.

2017-12-31 00:40:01 UTC

Great work @Hussar !!

2017-12-31 00:47:04 UTC

Thank you kindly.

2017-12-31 01:49:24 UTC


2017-12-31 02:19:20 UTC

Those pictures are great

2017-12-31 08:06:56 UTC

Hussar is a fucking legend

2017-12-31 08:20:13 UTC

A picture that was taken by an LA journo apparently.

2017-12-31 08:21:01 UTC

Several journos have posted about out little event.

2017-12-31 09:01:09 UTC

Damn that is sweet. Good work @Hussar

2017-12-31 15:23:43 UTC

Nice work @Hussar

2017-12-31 15:24:24 UTC

Postering with my new guy maximus today. I'll try to get some good pictures

2017-12-31 17:12:52 UTC

"giant banner" We are just getting started, lol.

2017-12-31 17:36:50 UTC

@Hussar im from chicago and when i was driveing from the city down to ky on weekends to build the house i live in there was always a billboard that "wanna stay" it was a billboard advertising lawyers to illegals. I only ever saw it from the highway but if you guys find it i think itd be a great target. That or like i told nick (him and i actually know eachother from when i used to live up there) the bean would be a good target guarenteed to get coverage

2017-12-31 17:38:31 UTC

I will get on this after MLK day. Perhaps we could do some billboard hijacking.

2017-12-31 17:39:35 UTC


2017-12-31 18:23:27 UTC

Be wary, billboard jacking probably has harsher penalties than leaving banners. Check state and local laws.

2017-12-31 18:24:29 UTC

Will do.

2017-12-31 19:13:32 UTC

Tbh, joining PF was great. Vanguard was consuming my life, I was trying to keep a ship that had its hull torn open from sinking to no avail. Here everything is so chill and we're going to go places.

2017-12-31 19:15:14 UTC

Repost this in <#396327908924194828> , my guy.

2017-12-31 21:29:25 UTC

Lol not exactly gab worthy and I shouldn't even post this after Hussar's banner, but I went hiking a few days ago and had a few stickers in my car, so I put them on trail markers. Didn't have my phone. Went hiking again today. One was completely stripped off. Three still up though.

2017-12-31 21:29:45 UTC




2017-12-31 21:30:23 UTC

Good shit!

2017-12-31 21:30:36 UTC

Every bit helps. There is no issue with being proud of what you have done.

2017-12-31 21:30:45 UTC

All activism is welcome. Nothing wrong with a poster here and there.

2017-12-31 21:32:34 UTC

Also, wait until Jan 15. I will be hitting the city that day harder than a black man hits his mudshark GF.

2017-12-31 21:33:42 UTC

Banner in the works for Boston as well.

2017-12-31 21:35:43 UTC

Anyone have any tips for banners by the way? I got the tarp, paint, and zip ties, para cord, and stencils to be here Wednesday. How do I use the paracord? Didn’t get the gist 100% from the manual.

2017-12-31 21:38:37 UTC

I haven't made one Thomas's way, but I will be putting together a step by step guide for how I do mine.

2017-12-31 21:42:58 UTC

My way isn't hugely different. Just that the stencils aren't custom made, and there's no paint gun.

Pick the slogan, lay it all out, cut the cloth so it fits just right, put the cord through the top grommets or make holes yourself, put white duct tape over the area you're going to make a hole before punching the hole itself so edges don't fray, spraypaint through stencils, and depending on the location, weights on the bottom.

2017-12-31 21:55:27 UTC

I only custom make my stencils because you can't buy them as large as I make them. lol

2017-12-31 21:56:50 UTC

have used these they work pretty well for the price

2017-12-31 21:57:33 UTC

Those are the ones I got.

2017-12-31 21:59:32 UTC

the tips on the w and m want to curl up. if you glue a Popsicle stick on them be for painting it will probably stop it.

2017-12-31 22:06:32 UTC

Patriot Front has conquered Stone Mountain! With the help of Maximus Ga


2017-12-31 22:06:50 UTC


2017-12-31 22:07:02 UTC


2017-12-31 22:07:02 UTC


2017-12-31 22:07:05 UTC


2017-12-31 22:07:06 UTC


2017-12-31 22:07:07 UTC


2017-12-31 22:07:09 UTC


2017-12-31 22:07:14 UTC


2017-12-31 22:07:14 UTC


2017-12-31 22:19:46 UTC

Nice work!

2017-12-31 22:37:27 UTC

Looks like it was a fun day. @Chris GA

2017-12-31 22:45:41 UTC

These are really cool. Good aesthetic. Also the photos have good compostion. Right on.

2017-12-31 22:46:38 UTC

@Thomas Ryan It was, and it's pretty good exercise too

2017-12-31 22:49:58 UTC
2018-01-03 02:04:05 UTC


2018-01-04 14:57:45 UTC

@Chris7577TX plz message @Victor MD about a guide for custom flag poles.

2018-01-05 01:33:13 UTC

Wanting to do another banner drop soon. Any suggestions for what it should say?

2018-01-05 01:41:29 UTC

Deport Them All
Keep America American
Revolution is Tradition
Blood and Soil
Reclaim Your Birthright

2018-01-05 01:42:10 UTC

Communisms gay

2018-01-05 01:44:13 UTC

Those will work, thanks.

2018-01-05 01:44:35 UTC

I like the communisms gay one

2018-01-05 01:44:36 UTC

the best

2018-01-05 01:44:38 UTC


2018-01-05 01:44:46 UTC

Sorry Hyena lol have to pass as enticing as it sounds

2018-01-05 01:59:44 UTC

Stand by the banner and have one that says "honk for honky ethnostate."

2018-01-05 02:05:34 UTC

We should try to do multiple mlk day banners.

2018-01-05 03:15:17 UTC
2018-01-05 03:15:54 UTC

πŸ’― ⬆

2018-01-05 03:17:31 UTC

Here are some common undercover cars they use.

Ford Explorer - notice the distinctive rims and that flashlight thing next to the mirror


2018-01-05 03:18:36 UTC

Chevy Tahoe


2018-01-05 03:20:01 UTC

Chevy Cruze


2018-01-05 03:22:52 UTC

Undercover cop cars tend to have tinted windows, a ramming grill, the flashlight, and the rims, but sometimes they are completely normal so be careful. If you see any of these vehicles just play it safe. Sometimes they might even have a bumper sticker or two to blend in.

2018-01-05 03:24:05 UTC

when in doubt, shoot it out.

2018-01-05 03:24:08 UTC

Lol jk

2018-01-05 03:35:38 UTC

Remember, guys. Postering at colleges is not a crime in itself unless you are using spray adhesive on buildings, which can arguably be vandalism, but you'll likely be okay if you don't get caught. If cops do confront you, go with it, and be honest if you give anything at all, which you probably shouldn't. The most they can do is give a tresspassing warning, which will effectively ban you from getting caught on campus.

Also, hanging a banner is usually against the law and is a misdemeanor or something, especially on a bridge, but holding one is not.

Of course, this is all what I would do, and it may be wise to do what I would do.

2018-01-05 20:25:39 UTC

More activism on Main Street, college, and elsewhere

2018-01-05 20:28:28 UTC




2018-01-05 20:29:07 UTC




2018-01-05 20:30:00 UTC




2018-01-05 20:30:44 UTC



2018-01-05 20:50:09 UTC

Very nice Adam

2018-01-05 20:50:31 UTC
2018-01-05 21:01:05 UTC

@Adam OK remember when postering on poles to get the top and bottom. And to make it hug the pole.

2018-01-05 21:27:10 UTC

@Adam OK are classes back in by you? They dont start here till the 16th till then its a ghost town here

2018-01-05 21:27:46 UTC

They start next week. On Monday @hyena

2018-01-05 21:28:45 UTC

Heres to hopen the get seen before then πŸ‘

2018-01-05 21:28:54 UTC

And after

2018-01-05 21:29:15 UTC

Id be worried about them getting taken down before they got seen

2018-01-05 21:29:41 UTC

There is a sizable staff and student population active when I got there. So now, it's just a matter if the staff report it

2018-01-05 21:30:06 UTC

Tfw unapproved posted material gets media attention

2018-01-05 21:30:27 UTC

Ok then legit. Campus here is nearly completley abandoned of class not in session

2018-01-05 21:30:52 UTC


2018-01-07 02:27:22 UTC

What if a banner is not "dropped" but hung between two poles?

2018-01-07 02:27:56 UTC

I mean, it can be a good idea depending on where it is.

2018-01-07 02:31:09 UTC


2018-01-07 02:33:20 UTC

Could work. Seems a bit risky. I'd talk to @NDO Eric - TX about it.

2018-01-07 02:34:52 UTC

Yes taking opsec into mind. I haven't scouted it.

2018-01-07 04:53:29 UTC


2018-01-07 04:53:42 UTC


2018-01-07 04:53:55 UTC


2018-01-07 04:54:24 UTC

Best before and after transformation.

2018-01-07 07:59:01 UTC

I love it! Keep up the good work buddy.

2018-01-07 15:19:57 UTC

Flyering again at another church. I'll get some pics


2018-01-07 15:50:25 UTC

@Chris GA good luck.

2018-01-07 15:52:47 UTC

Is there a image that you could send for the flyer

2018-01-07 15:53:06 UTC

@Adam OK It's in pinned messages

2018-01-07 15:53:14 UTC

On this channel

2018-01-07 15:56:08 UTC

Alright @southland

2018-01-07 18:10:44 UTC

190-ish cars got PF flyers on their windshields at 12 stone church in Lawrenceville GA. With @Maximus GA


2018-01-07 18:10:52 UTC


2018-01-07 18:10:59 UTC


2018-01-07 18:11:00 UTC


2018-01-07 18:11:00 UTC

Then we went to downtown Lawrenceville to do some postering


2018-01-07 18:11:14 UTC


2018-01-07 18:11:48 UTC


2018-01-07 18:11:49 UTC


2018-01-07 18:11:52 UTC


2018-01-07 18:11:53 UTC


2018-01-07 18:11:56 UTC


2018-01-07 18:11:56 UTC


2018-01-07 18:11:57 UTC


2018-01-07 18:11:59 UTC


2018-01-07 18:11:59 UTC


2018-01-07 18:12:00 UTC


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