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2017-12-18 23:49:30 UTC  


2017-12-19 00:35:15 UTC  

@Josh OH Yeah I've done it twice so far. There's tons of people there this time of year which makes it a pretty good spot to poster

2017-12-19 00:35:37 UTC  

yea good job, people are definitely seeing them

2017-12-19 00:52:13 UTC  

Well that's good to hear, a lot of them were taken down pretty fast haha

2017-12-19 09:16:40 UTC  

What do you guys make your banners out of?

2017-12-19 09:17:27 UTC  

I've been using tarp because the place I buy them has pre-installed grommets, but the spray paint tends to flake off a little.

2017-12-19 09:17:49 UTC  

They're also sturdy. No worries about tearing off and flying away.

2017-12-19 09:19:09 UTC  

thats what I was thinking too

2017-12-19 15:42:51 UTC  

i used a white painting drop cloth and installed my own grommets. Took the paint really well. total cost was about $20.

2017-12-19 15:49:25 UTC  

I used a drop cloth but didn't use grommets. I put radiator hose tape on the corners and stabbed a hole with a knife.

2017-12-19 18:18:25 UTC  

@John Wick - UT That's a good way to do it.

2017-12-24 06:50:18 UTC  

Went to portland community college

2017-12-24 06:50:30 UTC

2017-12-24 06:50:43 UTC

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Then along Portland's water front

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2017-12-24 08:28:07 UTC  

That second one would have been great if it wasn't for the glare. Hate when that happens.

2017-12-24 15:30:59 UTC  

@The Hooknose- UT Great work.

2017-12-24 15:31:56 UTC  

*But*, if you can make a bit more sure the posters are larger in frame, and readable, that'd be helpful.

2017-12-24 15:49:47 UTC  

This X200 cars at hebron baptist church Dacula GA

2017-12-24 15:50:02 UTC

2017-12-24 15:50:03 UTC

2017-12-24 15:50:03 UTC

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@Chris GA You put those flyers on the windshields of 200 cars?

2017-12-24 15:52:27 UTC  

Looks like it was raining. Hopefully they stay dry for when folks come out.

2017-12-24 15:52:57 UTC  

Yes, I did, but I had help from a friend. He put in his application yesterday

2017-12-24 15:53:58 UTC  

Yeah it thankfully stopped raining, at least for now though

2017-12-24 16:51:58 UTC  

We should make a white guilt is over type thing

2017-12-24 16:52:25 UTC  

This channel is for photos of activism, not suggestions for new designs

2017-12-24 17:13:54 UTC  

Use 24 lb paper and laser print if you're going to poster when its wet.

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Whoops sent that one twice

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Only hit there spots because it's a lot busier out here than I expected, spray adhesive works wonders though.