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Much appreciated. It's an honor to be here.

Hello everyone

Wait, if Vanguard America ceases to exist would it be beneficial to absorb the former chapters into PF? I'm pretty sure they have a chapter here in Okla.

@Thomas Ryan I'll use my company printer next time and save up for a better phone for better picture quality. I'm about to go out and put up another couple of flyers in a few hours, when traffic slows down.

@Thomas Ryan Will do.

@Thomas Ryan What platform will the meeting take place on?

@Goodest_Boy Thank ya. Glad to be here.

@Goodest_Boy I'm just a Romaboo.

America is the 4th Incarnate of Rome. It will birth a new age of peace and imperium. Hail Victory.

I will be in attendance.

RomaOK 2017-12-01 04:12:22 [Front And Center #activism]

I have a flyer idea. Gadsden flag with a blue filter with a white font that says: "Dont tread on us!" At the bottom right hand, the PF logo, and at the bottom

When is the meeting?

Which channel?

Nvm found it

Doing good. Printing some new posters and stickers tuesday.

Will be attending

RomaOK 2017-12-18 05:05:44 [Front And Center #activism]

My camera is pretty shitty. I'll have some better ones this week.

I'll be at the meeting.

@Thomas Ryan It turns out I will not be able to attend. My grandmother needs help putting everything together for a family get-together tommorow.

Just got done talking to my friend about the JQ and race realism. It really looks like it has sunk in. I've got more to tell him, but its a start.

Happy new years Goys.

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