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2017-08-07 16:49:48 UTC


2017-08-07 17:00:27 UTC

Tbh if you're broke and don't want to pay for an overpriced membership just lift in your garage

2017-08-07 17:00:59 UTC

Pick up a martial art too

2017-08-07 17:01:07 UTC

Find a sparring bro

2017-08-07 17:01:58 UTC

Ignore the cringy larping that comes with it, and join SCA heavy fighting. The experience in shield walls and using a club/sword will be invaluable, I am much more handy with a club as a result.

2017-08-07 17:21:25 UTC

@everyone I need a screenshot and an archive of the Wes Bellamy tweet telling the Antifa group to #Resist our rally

2017-08-07 17:23:51 UTC


2017-08-07 17:24:10 UTC
2017-08-07 17:25:56 UTC

I'd join the chat if I wasn't working

2017-08-07 17:26:10 UTC

RIP vasilis 1488-2017

2017-08-07 17:26:18 UTC


2017-08-07 17:26:18 UTC


2017-08-07 17:31:00 UTC

Hey I made a call into the local right-wing radio station this morning to plug the unite the right rally they finally played it over lunch break here. I said quote everyone should be paying attention to the unite the right rally this weekend somebody's got to stand up for free speech and I'm glad I'll be there with these guys to do that un quote
nD media is pretty based tbh FAM

2017-08-07 17:38:34 UTC


2017-08-07 17:38:51 UTC

And here we go

2017-08-07 17:40:57 UTC

Such bullshit that we even have to keep jumping through these hoops.

2017-08-07 17:49:56 UTC

Think they shut it down?

2017-08-07 17:55:25 UTC

Wouldn't shutting it down cause even more chaos fornthe general public? Aren't people bound to show up regardless.

2017-08-07 17:55:32 UTC


2017-08-07 17:56:29 UTC

I'm showing up regardless

2017-08-07 17:56:54 UTC

I paid money and damnit if I don't do shit in Charlottesville

2017-08-07 17:58:30 UTC

UGhh just fuck these cucks, I'm so sick and tired of it

2017-08-07 17:58:39 UTC

Agreed Vasil,

2017-08-07 17:59:50 UTC

If any of you guys have to sleep in your cars, you should try to find a common lot with other fashy goys and take shifts to make sure you aren't jumped

2017-08-07 18:00:08 UTC

Shut it down and you will see a riot because the police will pull out and we will show up

2017-08-07 18:02:59 UTC

that would be dope if you guys made an actual fashy circle wagon of cars somewhere

2017-08-07 18:15:15 UTC

@Chad Radkersburg-ND

I would hope media in ND is that way. Last I checked, the population of ND consisted entirely of half a million Germans

2017-08-07 18:15:23 UTC

We're running a caravan up the east coast with some FL goys

2017-08-07 18:38:57 UTC

@everyone Retweet this. We can't let Airbnb's insolence go unpunished


2017-08-07 18:42:12 UTC
2017-08-07 18:54:55 UTC

its clearly discrimination. but wont a lawsuit require proof that they cancelled because of one's politics?

2017-08-07 18:55:41 UTC

Its kinda similar to the making christiand bake cakes for gays however...

2017-08-07 18:55:48 UTC

They can deny service,

2017-08-07 18:56:00 UTC

But politics is not a discriminatory factor that is protected

2017-08-07 18:56:00 UTC

You can discriminate against politics

2017-08-07 18:56:15 UTC

That's why people get fired at jobs,

2017-08-07 18:56:22 UTC


2017-08-07 18:57:42 UTC

What do you goys think I should paint on my riot shield?

2017-08-07 18:58:04 UTC


2017-08-07 18:59:30 UTC

For your shield.


2017-08-07 19:02:06 UTC

Alright guys I'm headed down to free Dylann roof and we are going to head to cville in a parade formation

2017-08-07 19:02:30 UTC

Be sure to salute your godking when he arrives atop his float

2017-08-07 19:05:23 UTC

@everyone If you have a Twitter or a platform on one our websites or podcasts promote the #BoycottAirBNB hashtag

2017-08-07 19:05:46 UTC

Lol @ the people still using AirBNB through this

2017-08-07 19:05:48 UTC

At some point either before or after the event we need to make them pay for this

2017-08-07 19:06:05 UTC

By them you mean the Jews right?

2017-08-07 19:06:07 UTC

All of them

2017-08-07 19:06:18 UTC

I'm on it. I'll kick out some tweets

2017-08-07 19:06:36 UTC

This is just the first wave of resistance guys

2017-08-07 19:06:43 UTC

They're being stupid about it

2017-08-07 19:06:49 UTC

This kind of shit only empowers us

2017-08-07 19:07:04 UTC

Be prepared for the real backlashes soon enough, they are coming.

2017-08-07 19:07:10 UTC

I did one tweet. I'll do another with the #boycottairbnb

2017-08-07 19:07:15 UTC

Whether you make it out to any events or not.

2017-08-07 19:10:59 UTC

Remind your relatives/friends that don't want to come out due to fear of being doxed that being White will be good enough as doxed in the next 20 years.

2017-08-07 19:11:45 UTC

2017, here's the line in the sand. They are doing this openly against us for being politically WHITE.

2017-08-07 19:12:00 UTC

What's the next step?

2017-08-07 19:14:32 UTC

The next step is shutting down your credit cards and banks accounts and getting you fired. If you are still reliant on the system get prepared because these kikes have zero stake in maintaining the status quo. They have no qualm in bringing down the entire economy.

2017-08-07 19:14:56 UTC

They have done it before and they will do it again

2017-08-07 19:21:42 UTC

Agreed Mack. What they don't realize is the Right is far better prepared to weather an economic collapse

2017-08-07 19:21:56 UTC

Maybe in Texas

2017-08-07 19:22:02 UTC

Not in other states

2017-08-07 19:22:08 UTC

@Mack Albion grow pot

2017-08-07 19:22:12 UTC

They need to get their asses in gear.

2017-08-07 19:22:35 UTC

@swoligarch, you jest but that's better than being reliant on the system.

2017-08-07 19:22:51 UTC

A renewed Republic of Texas? Sounds good to me.

2017-08-07 19:23:01 UTC

I'm down for it.

2017-08-07 19:23:16 UTC

I'm in SC, I'll be over there lickity split brother, guns and all

2017-08-07 19:24:12 UTC

@Mack Albion no jest. It is an implicitly white industry. Just don't use it.

2017-08-07 19:24:38 UTC

Holy shit I hate some of you

2017-08-07 19:24:41 UTC

Well I'm willing to do all I can to save the whole of the south if possible. I'm from NC and I'll be damned if the state my ancestors founded is ceded to niggers and Jew carpet naggers.

2017-08-07 19:26:10 UTC

I'm in IE; can I get added to the IE specific channel?

2017-08-07 19:38:49 UTC

@MadDimension Jason - the only thing about prmoting the boycott airbnb hashtag - it might bring awareness to us who have not been busted yet
I am sure there are way more airbnb reservations currently being kept than have been canceled. if we bring too much awareness to this issue - we might create a housing crisis for us.

2017-08-07 19:40:25 UTC

Someone pin these everyone tags. I can't scroll 30min a day for small tags

2017-08-07 19:41:44 UTC

rally has been moved?

2017-08-07 19:42:08 UTC

McIntire park now

2017-08-07 19:42:54 UTC

^ I heard it has officialy been moved @here

2017-08-07 19:42:57 UTC

City Council just said the rally is being forcibly moved to a new location

2017-08-07 19:43:32 UTC

Can't stream this at work. What the fuck are these cucks saying in the presser?

2017-08-07 19:43:34 UTC

I'm not sure what to think about that. Its for the monument....

2017-08-07 19:44:38 UTC


2017-08-07 19:45:20 UTC


2017-08-07 19:46:03 UTC

@everyone stand by. We are working the problem.

2017-08-07 19:46:39 UTC

Waht's going on?

2017-08-07 19:47:09 UTC

Can they stop us from marching from one end of town to the other!?

2017-08-07 19:47:18 UTC

The city has now basically obligated itself to provide us with safe, secure, general parking for the rally since they are ordering it moved.

2017-08-07 19:47:27 UTC

Are they going to shoot 1000 men?

2017-08-07 19:47:56 UTC

Relax Spencer it's moved not cancelled

2017-08-07 19:49:03 UTC

Lee park was too small anyway

2017-08-07 19:49:07 UTC


2017-08-07 19:49:11 UTC

There's an advantage

2017-08-07 19:49:15 UTC

McIntire is smaller

2017-08-07 19:49:17 UTC

This should surprise no one. The only surprise is that they haven't tried to shut it down completely.

2017-08-07 19:49:20 UTC

Many of the antifa won't be updated on this

2017-08-07 19:49:26 UTC

They aren't great at organizing

2017-08-07 19:49:29 UTC

Does the location even matter, honestly

2017-08-07 19:49:33 UTC

McIntire is not smaller

2017-08-07 19:49:33 UTC


2017-08-07 19:49:42 UTC

@Tiwaz Yes it does

2017-08-07 19:49:51 UTC

Yes it matters a lot

2017-08-07 19:50:03 UTC

Just because of the monument?

2017-08-07 19:50:12 UTC

Much larger park about a mile north


2017-08-07 19:50:13 UTC

@Sallie I know it wasn't cancelled but it's tantamount to putting us in the corner somewhere. The location may not matter in the physical sense but certainly in the optics and political sense.

2017-08-07 19:50:15 UTC

Because of everything. We must control our own streets.

2017-08-07 19:50:20 UTC

McIntire is way larger on the map. My suggestion to the organizers is that they demand the police designate the entire Charlottesville High School parking lot as a secure and protected location for all of our people to park.

2017-08-07 19:50:21 UTC

Yes. That's part of it.

2017-08-07 19:50:46 UTC

McIntire park is where we had the conference after C-ville 1.0

2017-08-07 19:50:47 UTC

So what's stopping us from showing up there anyway?

2017-08-07 19:50:57 UTC


2017-08-07 19:51:02 UTC

That was Penn park

2017-08-07 19:51:18 UTC

My bad. I was thinking of McGuffey. Brain fart.

2017-08-07 19:51:27 UTC

I think this is a purposeful move to screw up random newcomers showing up and let them get fucked by Antifa

2017-08-07 19:51:33 UTC

@LadyOfTheBlackSun I thought it was two different parts of the same park

2017-08-07 19:51:37 UTC

I don't think so

2017-08-07 19:51:40 UTC


2017-08-07 19:51:44 UTC

They want to confuse people that they know are out of the loop

2017-08-07 19:51:55 UTC

McIntire is where they have the carnival for the dogwood festival

2017-08-07 19:51:59 UTC

It's much bigger

2017-08-07 19:52:06 UTC

This suuuuucks

2017-08-07 19:52:07 UTC

I know it's much bigger, I've been there

2017-08-07 19:52:10 UTC

@HipToTheJQ That's what I was thinking but there will be Antifa who don't know about this either

2017-08-07 19:52:16 UTC

Point is

2017-08-07 19:52:25 UTC

They could have done this a long time ago

2017-08-07 19:52:36 UTC

Honestly Lee park is important but a huge disadvantage to be surrounded like that

2017-08-07 19:52:41 UTC

High school is horrible for parking. No firearms period.

2017-08-07 19:52:43 UTC

No matter what I'm going and I'm going to be wherever we are, doing whatever this group of organizers say. I'm just furious at the injustice of BEING SILENCED IN THE LAND MY GODDAMN FAMILY HAS LIVED IN SINCE PEOPLE SHOT MUSKETS

2017-08-07 19:52:47 UTC

Parking wise, McIntire is probably much better if the police and city council cooperate

2017-08-07 19:53:03 UTC

@SpencerReesh Your sentiments reflect all of ours

2017-08-07 19:53:07 UTC

I'm just pissed

2017-08-07 19:53:22 UTC


2017-08-07 19:53:23 UTC

In fact, when Kessler got the permit they should have just said "You're bringing up to 1000 people, Lee park is too small, we're making you go to the other park instead"

2017-08-07 19:53:26 UTC


2017-08-07 19:53:41 UTC

The fact that the city forcibly moved it do to threats from violent leftists makes the leftists look like thugs and makes us look like the good guys

2017-08-07 19:53:57 UTC

They are not just incompetent, they are malicious. We know their connections to radical leftists

2017-08-07 19:53:59 UTC

Yeah, we're the only ones that fact is visible to lol

2017-08-07 19:54:07 UTC

Would it be possible to have the streets as well? I mena during the kkk rally they didn't do anything with everyone in the streets

2017-08-07 19:54:14 UTC

These tactics are expected. Don't allow (((them))) to rustle your jimmies. That is what they want

2017-08-07 19:55:12 UTC

So how far do we have to march to the statue after we kick off the rally? ✊🏻

2017-08-07 19:55:13 UTC


2017-08-07 19:55:33 UTC

guys i know this is very exciting. But its actually best if everyone chills out for the next 12-24 hours

2017-08-07 19:55:40 UTC


2017-08-07 19:55:50 UTC

The larger area will be nice.

2017-08-07 19:56:00 UTC

There will be a court battle. We will win. Like we won at Auburn.

2017-08-07 19:56:16 UTC

They have a right to move it.

2017-08-07 19:56:28 UTC

up to 1000 people in a .2 mile radius is not a good idea considering the street layout. They could theoretically completely surround us.

2017-08-07 19:57:10 UTC

this rally is about the statue shut the fuck up its not some military engagement

2017-08-07 19:57:28 UTC

Lol I am just being honest.

2017-08-07 19:57:31 UTC

I need information on parking. So Antifa doesn't stomp on top of my car

2017-08-07 19:57:36 UTC

I thought it was about "uniting the right"

2017-08-07 19:57:46 UTC

As long as everyone gets the word out. Its worrisome that this will cause confusion at the last minute.

2017-08-07 19:57:56 UTC

It's not 100% about of the statue.

2017-08-07 19:58:05 UTC

thats why i suggest people chill for at least 12-24 hours

2017-08-07 19:58:11 UTC

Well I agree

2017-08-07 19:58:15 UTC

led the leaders all call each other

2017-08-07 19:58:16 UTC


2017-08-07 19:58:25 UTC

They know what to do

2017-08-07 19:58:28 UTC

Tbh if we just wanted to go to any big park we would choose a more central location and pick a better one not in cville. The entire point is the statue.

2017-08-07 19:58:30 UTC

the city fucked up bad legally by not doing this last minute

2017-08-07 19:58:40 UTC

they could have fucked us bad doing this friday or thursday before

2017-08-07 19:58:43 UTC


2017-08-07 19:58:56 UTC

this gives us like

2017-08-07 19:58:58 UTC

They didn't learn their lesson from Auburn apparently

2017-08-07 19:59:03 UTC

over a week to rape them into the ground in court

2017-08-07 19:59:04 UTC

The point was a lot about the bs going on in the city after may

2017-08-07 19:59:39 UTC

A packed park is better than a spaced out crowd of the same size at a bigger park

2017-08-07 20:00:49 UTC

One where the thousands of opposition can literally surround you in small quarters?

2017-08-07 20:00:53 UTC
2017-08-07 20:00:58 UTC

The larger Park is just asking for us to be ambushed

2017-08-07 20:01:19 UTC

the fucking event isnt about safety its about the civil war statues

2017-08-07 20:01:32 UTC

its the police's job to keep us safe

2017-08-07 20:01:34 UTC

Police even said it will actually allow them to stage properly

2017-08-07 20:01:39 UTC

and protect our pemitted first amendment rights

2017-08-07 20:01:52 UTC

they have NO right to move the permit

2017-08-07 20:01:54 UTC

at all

2017-08-07 20:01:58 UTC

they will get raped

2017-08-07 20:02:00 UTC


2017-08-07 20:02:02 UTC

in court

2017-08-07 20:02:03 UTC

Legally they do

2017-08-07 20:02:09 UTC

I have trouble believing Police in this situation

2017-08-07 20:02:12 UTC

no they legally dont

2017-08-07 20:02:14 UTC

It capacity isn't enough

2017-08-07 20:02:19 UTC

There is no point in a rally, safe or no, if it is tucked away in an irrelevant and ideologically meaningless corner

2017-08-07 20:02:27 UTC

The permit says 400

2017-08-07 20:02:38 UTC

4000 people showed up to the fucking KKK rally

2017-08-07 20:02:47 UTC

No they didn't

2017-08-07 20:03:02 UTC

Lee park will hold 1200 easy.

2017-08-07 20:03:03 UTC

I watched the streams. it was shoulder to shoulder

2017-08-07 20:03:19 UTC

There is legal grounds to move a rally if the city honestly feels they can not protect your safety. The city is now on the hook to kiss our ass to avoid having to defend their decision to move the rally in court.

2017-08-07 20:03:21 UTC

It is out of the way...


2017-08-07 20:03:26 UTC

It was 1400 as an overzealous guess

2017-08-07 20:03:44 UTC

No where near 4000 for the KKK

2017-08-07 20:03:46 UTC

I watched videos from July 8th and I beliebe that the protesters were only about 500.

2017-08-07 20:04:09 UTC

1000 was the more accurate estimate

2017-08-07 20:04:09 UTC

Media claims of 1,000 and 1,400 are typical eggerations

2017-08-07 20:04:24 UTC

Kkk rally was in Jackson park, tho

2017-08-07 20:04:52 UTC

The optics are simply better at Lee Park with overflow and shoulder to shoulder solidarity. A loosely dispersed crowd looks like a state fair, not a political rally.
Even the Portland thing that just happened looked random and sparse.

2017-08-07 20:04:54 UTC

It was packed but it's a very small area

2017-08-07 20:05:01 UTC

They're expecting 1000 clergy and church people alone

2017-08-07 20:05:07 UTC

This makes it so these other assholes don't have parks to be able to stage in around us as well.

2017-08-07 20:05:08 UTC

Would y'all stop sperging for a bit, now is not the time to be a sperg but rather to be call & collected and work to solve the issue

2017-08-07 20:05:24 UTC

@Narrative-Collapse @LadyOfTheBlackSun @wyatt I was the one filming the KKK rally. Definitely over 1,000

2017-08-07 20:05:27 UTC

But I'm in wherever it is.

2017-08-07 20:05:35 UTC

This is complete fucking bullshit. The whole POINT was to be at the LEE STATUE. They cant just move us to bum fuck, optics are much better with LEE. Fuck this, fuck all of these people.

2017-08-07 20:06:09 UTC

Hey folks,

2017-08-07 20:06:19 UTC

Let's let the leadership get together and discuss

2017-08-07 20:06:26 UTC

they can roll something out to the people

2017-08-07 20:06:27 UTC

The Unitarians will not get 1,000 Clergy. They are not even taking their own claim seriously. They said the 1,000 people will all stand on the steps of a church facing the park. How would 1,000 fit.

2017-08-07 20:06:44 UTC

Everyone is just venting. Hail our people, hail victory!!!

2017-08-07 20:06:56 UTC

I'll be there no matter what.

2017-08-07 20:07:07 UTC

Y'all are underestimating how fucking left this town is

2017-08-07 20:07:16 UTC

She has a point

2017-08-07 20:07:21 UTC

Even the centrists and the normie republicans will be protesting

2017-08-07 20:07:35 UTC

I'm sure the corruption is similar to that of berkely

2017-08-07 20:07:36 UTC

I am certainly just venting but Cville is trying to remove my history, white history. The Lee statue was KIND OF IMPORTANT

2017-08-07 20:08:21 UTC

Cville is east coast Berkely essentially

2017-08-07 20:09:41 UTC

As much as I'm all for rallying around the statue, I am being real about it. Also this whole shit will most likely expedite statue removal.

2017-08-07 20:10:20 UTC

Remember that time when the racist statues brought the white supremacists to town?!? Thank god their not here. That's where we live and yeah it's bullshit

2017-08-07 20:11:31 UTC

Yeah the statue is coming down no matter what we do so we have nothing to lose

2017-08-07 20:12:23 UTC

Optics depends mainly on people dresses nice and acting professional. I can see several benefits. We have people flying in to crop duster airports and planning to taxis and ubers to Lee Park. Parking situation is potentially dramatically better at McIntire. Imagine taking a taxi into a mob of protesters. There was an episode of Seinfeld about this. A lot of the left-wing fucks may not even show up to protest now. Moving the rally makes us look persecuted and the the protesters look like violent thugs trying to supress other people's rights. The fact that so much shit is going down, will discourage other city councils from taking down statues.

2017-08-07 20:13:52 UTC

I'm fairly certain their right to relocate it written in to city code somewhere.

2017-08-07 20:14:00 UTC

It will come down but I don't think these protests are in vain as it Deffiently makes the process of removal more difficult

2017-08-07 20:14:01 UTC

Did they say anything else besides they are moving the location?

2017-08-07 20:14:20 UTC

They were being very careful- they would've canceled if they could have gotten away with something

2017-08-07 20:14:29 UTC

Not really

2017-08-07 20:14:37 UTC


2017-08-07 20:14:40 UTC

So stupid.

2017-08-07 20:15:29 UTC

They had to do something to make themselves feel like they accomplished something. Lets make sure it backfires on these fags.

2017-08-07 20:16:48 UTC

Kessler just had a live stream over it on his fb.

2017-08-07 20:17:31 UTC

The permit does not even include 1000 people does it?

2017-08-07 20:18:14 UTC

If we were blacklivesmatter we would walk into city hall without a permit and no one would do shit. This is all about testing our will. @everyone

2017-08-07 20:19:08 UTC

@everyone The demonstration is still happening in Lee Park. Obviously we're going to challenge the city's decision in court and we are still going no matter what.

2017-08-07 20:19:19 UTC

We have to show resolve or the Alt-right will never be taken seriously as a political movement.

2017-08-07 20:19:19 UTC


2017-08-07 20:19:28 UTC


2017-08-07 20:19:32 UTC

We are with @MadDimension

2017-08-07 20:19:38 UTC

post that on twitter for RT's

what decision, link?

2017-08-07 20:20:00 UTC

@MadDimension post it on twitter

2017-08-07 20:20:19 UTC

We will be working to make sure any problems encountered are ready Game Day

2017-08-07 20:20:35 UTC

Time for everyone to get their big boy pants on.

2017-08-07 20:20:56 UTC


2017-08-07 20:20:57 UTC

We will stand strong as long as we stand together

2017-08-07 20:21:12 UTC

🖐🏻 Where does one purchase big boy pants?

2017-08-07 20:21:24 UTC

The same place as ammo

2017-08-07 20:21:27 UTC

We still comin nigga mob deep

2017-08-07 20:21:28 UTC


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