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Does anyone know a decently priced place to get s custom flag made?

@MadDimension what's the link for the Facebook event?

Yeah that's what I heard, conceal carry only

An army surplus store in Randolph county sells riot shields for $50 for anyone interested, Im gonna go snag one later probably

@O.W. von Diez I'm bringing a friend of mine and we'd both be down for this shield action sir

Anyone know what the L stands for? And the I stands for identitarianism right?

Yeah I knew it was the Roman flag but I had no idea what it might stand for.. I thought legionnaire but that doesn't make much sense lol

Fucking based latinos

I have a buddy whose trying to find a carpool from Mississippi, can anyone send him an invite to the chat?

Sorry for interrupting the chat about the fag enabler

No no sir I wasn't referring to you haha

@Gusty-Chan i was talking about the woman herself not you haha

@Gusty-Chan of course sir 👌🏻

Can anyone make an invite for my buddy? Trying to find some help carpooling

I'm hearing whispers from some proud boys that they're going to rebel against McCuck and come to the rally

Any mods online that can invite some goys looking for carpools?

Will do, I have 3 or 4 people I know that want to come and find carpools

@Dilly_McDee it doesn't appear that there's a chat for your specific area but maybe you can find someone here passing through.

That's fucking gay

Saw this screenshot going around some Facebook groups.

I figured everyone needed to see it apologize for interrupting the convo haha

What do you mean we're fag friendly

Thank God

@SpencerReesh I believe that was his intent

What do you goys think I should paint on my riot shield?

Anyone around Jew York needing a ride? A friend of mine is coming down and he doesn't want to drive alone but his friends bailed on him

Can we pay for the afterparty at the door?

Thx goy

If anyone calls me a Nazi I'll just say thank you

@Eli Mosley you're a Godsend sir, thanks for what you're doing for us

Just tiki torches?

So what kind of torches do we buy lol

I cannot wait to send Dixie with you goys, I'll probably cry tbh.

I have a fucking confederate flag on my license plate

Some of confederate veterans

Maybe I can find a ride to the park so they don't see my stickers and plate

My password is literally 148833 lmfao

Sheeeeiit guess I won't carry a gun

some whites would, our whites wouldn't

@WhiteTrash my ghillie will hide me in the streets reeeee

Grade A autism ^

@Fevs you're killing me 😂

Hahaha i was talking some shit to loomer on FB the other day

What kind of torches should we get, just normal tiki torches?

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL thank you sir, is that what they used at the event earlier this year? They looked like some real torches to me haha


That was so fun, Cantwell was the star. When I them hit him we all started swinging

You goys who participated, thank you all.

But what's the plan for tomorrow?


Anyone that can drop someone off in NC today?

Lol I posted pictures of that rally on Fb and said “wow what bad optics” @BasedWhiteGoy

I am inclined to agree with you. I didn’t want to believe it until those frat boy fags decided to start counter signaling us


I’ve been told his name echoes

The girl I dated that’s in IE turned out to be a civnat and dated nonwhites in the past. She told me they all talk about doing drugs together too. Great bunch of people


It’s all the shekels obviously

Yeah the whole lot of them are

Agreed the ones who aren’t sure love to act like it

Accepting women is one thing but they also encourage them to come to rallies where it will get violent

@Eulogy that’s the group my ex is a part of lol

I agree

They encourage them to come knowing that they can get hurt so that it’ll make the other side look bad

They’re faggot markers anyway


Pretending to be based traditionalists while doing drugs and cheating on your actual traditionalist boyfriend

Genuinely I hate them

Because they’re hypocrites

Did he really? 😂

Gainesville was a shit show

They never will lol


But Spencer was the one who started that?

Wow that’s ridiculous

Their plan is to take over the GOP? 😂

Yeah most of IE is NS but they’re still little frat boy fags

@BasedWhiteGoy the Founders weren’t just slightly racist, most of them did want a whites only America. 😂

Everyone I’ve met in IE is NS

My local group had quite a few of them in it and they said they were going to quit but they haven’t so im taking a step back

I agree

Yeah my local leader was kicked out for professing national socialism

Now he’s trying to get back in

Doesn’t make sense just leave

Yep that’s what I thought

I do


I knew it

You have to go post shit on Facebook and make it public don’t you?

That’s why my ex started doing that shit knowing that it was stupid


I’ve been tempted to go hang up those IE posters with the swastikas and shit lol

Lololol when Burger got caught or whatever and he said “yeah I’m in IE” 😂😂😂

I might do something similar around here

Have you seen them? 😂

Oh man hold on I’ll find them lol

Wait they have a don’t ask don’t tell policy?

Really wanna print off a bunch and go hang em up

I live close to a bunch of big universities too lol

I haven’t seen that one 😂😂😂

30 days lol

Is my 3rd 30 day goy lol

On that account, my real account has had a couple too

They’re shit dude I’m gonna see if they’ll make me a mod and I’ll clear everyone out then leave

The only time I ever got zuccd for something that wasn’t completely retarded was one time I said

“The holocaust never happened and slavery/colonization was the best thing to happen to blacks

I wish

Yeah (((Asian)))

That’s what it is

Which picture are you talking about

Ahh I thought you were talking about Buchanan

That dude does look like a hapa

@SangreyHonor88 I know an Italian girl covered in tattoos that’s in IE. They have weird standards

@☦Colton of Yore☦ Spencer isn’t even NS, he’s a NazBol or maybe a nationalistic Bernie bro

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) you should hang them for sure. Im going to print all of them except the penis one because that one obviously looks fake lol

Best post about Spencer that I’ve ever seen

@Eulogy has he ever admitted to it?

@The Inquisitor [☧] yeah I knew that, wasn’t sure if he was open about itn

@SangreyHonor88 yes she is, do you know her lol

@BasedWhiteGoy great idea

@SangreyHonor88 she’s a whore

She is @SangreyHonor88 she has a nigger mentality. I had to pull her away from fights in Cville

Was it the one in DC?

She cheated on me with one of those guys

Yes she is

Hahaha my bad


Lmao first thing I see on Facebook

Oh my gosh both are

German Shepherd master race @Fevs

Oops tagged the wrong person

Did heimbach already get shoahd on Facebook?

I’ve heard rumors that Azov is funded by jews

Not sure how true it is


You’re right though

I’m torn on the situation because I honestly love Putin and his policies but muh nationalism

@Flaxxer i know the feel goy

Honoring faith, folk, and family of course. 😏 @Fash Dragon

I’m going to hung a lot too^

@Fash Dragon you need to come down here and camp with me and Jimbo sometime goy

@Fash Dragon it’d be sick if we could all get together

Hahahahahahaha I forgot about fucking Ben

He sounded just like him lmao

We aren’t kike infiltrators I promise. This dude who we camped with in Cville sounded just like Ben Shapiro

Cville Vets where ya at?

Any of em 👌🏻

@Fash Dragon you’re going to Alaska? Lol

I wish I would have went to 3

Glad you made that decision 👌🏻

I’ve yet to see TWP start it tbh

People in IE know it too, talked to a few earlier who are about to leave

Definitely. Not sure how that happened either

Yeah I think so too

@The Inquisitor [☧] who tf is grindr Greggy?

And didn’t Enoch say shit first?

Also, wasn’t Enoch at WLM?

Ohhhh yeah I know who you’re talking about

And yes I know that

So was this after WLM? What actually happened? Lol

Eh that’s pretty shady

Having her on his show that isn

Being married to a tribeswoman before the redpill I can forgive

Oh shit so he was still married after the redpill

Oy vey that’s strange

I understand that perspective @Fash Dragon but having her involved in it?

I mean yeah I understand that but that doesn’t mean you get her involved

When did he get doxxed anyway?

I don’t even listen to him so I can’t weigh in on that 😂

I thought he was NS lol

Sacco is isn’t he?

Again I don’t listen to him so I wouldn’t know what he pushes 😂

@Fash Dragon you know how the tradthot got all upset when seamus and Dave talked about white sharia? She’s friends with Sacco and didn’t care when he did it

I’m aware of that now

His marriage is definitely reason to make me question him

@Beastcoast that’s actually a good point

Open mindedness is helpful unless it gets to that point

@Fash Dragon same here

@Fash Dragon most rope culture shit is terrible written

I pretty much hate everyone in this movement aside from Cantwell and heimbach

Don’t trust any of them

If it needs edited then it’s poorly written

I don’t think it’ll ever succeed so I’m inclined to agree there

@Fash Dragon but in his defense, who’s to say Enoch has our back man?

If he’s out here counter signalling ya

I don’t trust anyone associated with Spencer tbh

But working with people who attack us?

Not a great idea tbh

I’m not talking about Enoch

I’m talking about Spencer and IE

I see no need to work with them

Enoch is too heavily associated with Spencer for me to trust him personally

But that’s me not everyone will feel that way


As much as people like to counter signal paranoid spergs, they’re untrustworthy for good reasons and they’ll likely never be backstabbed

I don’t trust anyone and I guarantee I’ll never get stabbed in the back

But did Enoch even start the echoes?

Idk I don’t mind the Pinochet meme tbh lol

It pulled in some solid dudes

We wouldn’t have folks like Cantwell without Pinochet and Hoppe

Well if you’re gonna countersignal cantwell I’m going to have to disagree with ya dude

Cantwell is the only reason I’m here

Well not everyone has that approach

For most it takes steps

I was an Ancap at one point goy

We work our way up

I didn’t wake up one day and decide to be a natsoc

It took a lot of steps

Started with Hoppe and ended with Hitler

It takes steps to reach it here for most people

As much as I hate faggot alt-light fucks they’re a natural step for most folks

I couldn’t tell you how many proud boys I’ve converted

Three of which have applied for TWP membership

So we have to use the faggots to our advantage

Definitely man, you should get in my server and jump in our voice chats sometime too @Fash Dragon

@Beastcoast that’s fucking gold lol

@Fash Dragon let’s chat tomorrow if you’re not busy my dude

How long you gonna be up? I’m finishing up some homework rn

Noice I’ll shoot you a text here shortly

And give you a call

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY i have no opinion of them aside from Sacco, I like him

I don’t listen to him but I met him and he’s solid

Same with cantwell, don’t listen to either but I’ve hung out with them

Eh idk about that but I won’t get into it lmao

I work and go to school and I’m always up late af

I might vomit


@Justin Burger (Major-GA) they’re not a part of us so what did you expect


I hope there’s a consensus about this

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