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Anyone coming through or near nothern ohio on their way? Need a ride

Can pitch in for gas money

Anyone from TX still carpooling? I have a friend not on the discord that needs a ride up there, PM me if you can help him out.

Already found him, thanks


Are the cops going to search for weapons at some checkpoint?

Is there a list of forbidden items

nvm just saw above

Someone discussed knives above, what abount blunt objects like batons?

does anyone here have a good, reliable article or forum poast that details antifa's strategies at rallies?

i have heard their general strategy

but the more info the better

Thanks goy

they do have strategies @Melektaus

Does anyone here know if expandable spring batons can be carried openly

or not at all

Can you only carry ASP's, period?

The law on this seems super ague

Can someone put me and aryan down as confirmed please

We definitely should memorize some southern songs, or the anthem from that video

Which song are we doing?

I like the welsh anthem

What about the welsh anthem?

whats up goy

so, rip shkreli

isn't game of thrones pozzed as fuck

I have stopped watching most TV beacuse I can't handle the pozz anymore. I love Shamless but they push race mixing so hard that I can't deal with it anymore

Its disgusting

I agree, its pozzed as fuck

And the walking dead

I never liked the walking dead, I watched the first 2 seasons and occasionally peeped in when my family was watching

But when rick got with the black chit

That was it for me


Yea I agree

With all of that except negan

Everything in the show is predictable

No major character dies until the season finale

They just get close to death

Hes an interesting character but I wish they would give him sone humanity so it wasn't just black and white

Probably, yea. It is interesting that its a show about zombies, watched mostly by people who are metaphorically zombies

The only good series recently that hasn't been pozzed was breaking bad

Bryden why are you boomer posting

If you are going to boomer post you have to mention reagan and the veterans too


I think this qualifies for boomer meme of the year:

Can you link me to the lyrics

or paste them here

and I like that idea

Of changing it to europe and white men

I dig it. Someone needs to copy a full version of the lyrics that people can memorize by reading all at once

Sweet. And you just repeat?

someone should pin that

Get a mod to approve

Also cambria is another name for wales

So just replace it with europe

If any of you guys have to sleep in your cars, you should try to find a common lot with other fashy goys and take shifts to make sure you aren't jumped

Did we get our permit revoked?

We're not going to go to McIntyre are we?

We have literally made all our plans based around going to Lee Park

It would fuck us if we had to change with only a few days left

Any news on the permit?

The police did?

Or a judge

What version of dixie are we doing

They did

Don't take uber that's retarded

There's security for the cars

Are we doing a press conference that needs security?

Where will it be? I have some vanguard guys who might be down

Someone message me the location of the press conference, I have enoch in my house and he wants to know

Plus I have vanguard guys who can do security

No, don't disavow

do you guys only do meetups in dayton?

yea, fair enough

Maybe if you guys want to do a larger meetup with DRW and Vanguard we can all get together


Detroit Right Wings

Yeah. I went with DRW and Vanguard, we had to busloads to cville

Was like 25 people total


And those were only cville attendees

ohio pool party? how many are in that

damn. even if its only half

if we could get them plus IE

we could probably turn out like 100 in columbus

Ohio is actually considering a bill right now to call all "neo nazi" groups terrorists, we could march about that

Call it the "White civil rights rally"

something like that

To protest political suppression of white advocacy

I think that would be good

I think it was a Dem

And yea we would be able to control optics. We could also just do a more normie march with a fashy element

Maybe a march protesting Kasich being anti trump and soft on immigration

Outside the statehouse

We would use MAGA optics to get a high turnout


Yea, if we ran that angle we would

And yea, I am fine with a free speech rally, but we should add an element to it that makes it a little less cucky

Maybe specifically talk about how pro white advocacy is suppressed

March for White Sharia

Invite the local muslims to march with us


idk if we want to do anything to turn off the capitalists

i am sure there are plenty in our groups

who still like kosher economics

I have said for a long time that we need to brig the fight to the left and protest their rallies

Maybe we could organize a few counter protests against them

I have talked to a few vanguard goys about marching on a pride rally

With an anti degeneracy message

"No gay propaganda on our streets"

Something like that


We could organize a few counter protest marches on pride rallies

I would like that

That would be pretty based

And look bad to who? Shitlibs?

I think a lot of people nowadays are permissive towards gays but they still despise gay propaganda


They don't like seeing a bunch of fags whip their dicks out in the streets and parade in drag

So we could go and just protest gay propaganda

v. gays entirely

Blackpilled why? If our event could be the catalyst for counter protests against pride parades all over the country, it would be huge

Maybe if we did it right people would use us as an example of how to bring the fight to the left

And we should have people go and take pictures of parents that bring their children and doxx them

And then start a public humiliation campaign online

"This is Joe Blo, he exposed his children to degeneracy, this is his FB profile, this is his number, tell him how you feel about bringing his son to a gay pride rally"

We need to start taking up their tactics


I agree with brig. It looks bad that if we have a little pro white rally of 50 people, we get ran out by an angry mob of 1,000, but they can parade naked on the streets unopposed

We need to bring the fight to them too

idk, I think the left is getting bolder and bolder, they are escalating their tactics and we are not turning up the dial at all

We will lose if we don't

Because they will escalate regardless of what we want, the best we can do is try to have a few fights on our terms instead of on theirs


I disagree with that, a lot of people on our side want to see us punch back. We have a lot of peopel on our side who refuse to get off the internet becasue they are blackpilled


If they see we are winning, they will get off their asses and start coming to rallies


Half the people in our movement are blackpillers, and are blackpilled esp. right now

A few victories would make them more motivated

Idk, the attitude I have seen on mpc and shit is "We are going to lose every time anyways, so why come out?" / "Its not worth the risk"

Its easy to get people on our side excited from rallies if we win. Show them a few videos of someone punching a commie, some funny chants, post memes of some people who do crazy shit

And there are 3 scenarios at all of our rallies, 2 of them are victories

1. We get our shit rekt by the cops or antifa, we are forced to leave. (The bad one that rarely happens)

2. Antifa attacks us, we stomp their shit, even though we don't get to hold our rally, and we win

3. Antifa doesn't do shit, we hold a rally peacefully, we win

Its a win when we beat the shit out of antifa too even if we don't get to do the rally

Nathan Damigo punching that hairy porn lady was a meme for months

Brig, you said you go to Miami? Do you know Sarah Fraley or Edith Lui? lol

One of them is a hapa waifu I dated before I was redpilled (obvs wouldn't know) and the other is just some chick I know from high school



Hapa's are as crazy as everyone says they are

You guys poster at miami though? Based. lol. Its encouraging knowing that there are fashy goys everywhere

We are easily 10% of the US population

Like the polls have been indicating

I think thats a propaganda piece we need to run more often to scare the left

"We are everywhere. We are your neighbors, we attend your universities, we serve you your coffee in the morning, we sit across from you on the subway. Even in the most liberal cities."

Think about how much that would russle jimmies

did i? if i did it was unconsciously


I like IE's posters

Nice aesthetic, very simple but poignant message

Which is exactly why it helps when it makes local news that they were at your university

There's a sense of mystery

"Why is that bad? Why did they have to tear that down? Why should we be angry about that?"

-looks up the phrase

-looks up IE

i mean, that would happen for twp too


People need to start bringing hate facts to posters


As posters

Or signs

That way the media will be forced to put those hatefacts on their footage of the rally

Or kvetch and black them out


has anyone ever thought of using paintball guns against antifa


only half serious

ya, true. if it was a tippman or something that was obviously a paintball gun tho

re: fevs

the 2nd one, yea. but you would be arrested for fighting antifa period

might as well do it in a funny way

a tippman pball gun is not gun shaped

oh, ok

anyone in here an ntw fan

or total war

at all

napoleon total war


>be me

>be a cheap piece of shit

>go to a german festival

>drink labbatt instead of a lager

>german part of me is ashamed

>probably culturally jewish due to my cheapness


tfw you try to educate thots on traps and they reject you

We clearly need gendo-nationalism, thots have become intolerable

No, thots do not get my seed

Gendo nationalism is the way of the future

Dating app, lol. As you can see I don't really use it seriously

Under gendo nationalism, we can reproduce by giving thots temporary work visas

Once their use is up, back over the wall

Fact: If you fuck a woman with a low body count, you can easily redpill them since they are more attached to you and will believe a lot more of what you say

Esp if they were apathetic before

And I don't want to be outed as a white nationalist on an account that is connected to my faceberg


good propaganda poster

it is from a video, i had to pause and screenshot it

1 sec

would just have to be redone a bit

the contrast

i like it overall tho


this is literally heartbreaking, this guy is such a beta, he got cucked so unbelievably hard

he could have avoided it all just by growing a pair, but still, you have to feel bad for him


Man, that story confirmed in my mind that all women are natural thots unless you tame them

Fuck PUA tactics, but obviously you have to be firm

with these thots

I bet you can now find anon on every MGTOW forum on the internet

RIP him

Yea man, it was. I am not sure if I should take the PUA/MGTOW route and be like "if she breathe.." or blame him completley for being a cuck


I think its somewhere in between

That whole thread/poast was the best justification for white sharia I have ever seen in my life

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