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I have 2-3 driving out from Colorado.

Anyone know of some lodging? I'm fine to sleep in my car and shower at a local YMCA, but we at least need to be able to put up 1-2 of us somewhere.

We have a carpool coming from Colorado probably via I-70 and we may end up having an open seat.

I may just be the random swipple here who's into this, but are any of the rest of you all swing dancers or contra dancers?

If there's a few of us and we can get a portable speaker it might be fun to do a little dancing at some point.

Hell, I teach swing and call contra/folk pretty regularly if people are into the idea.

If it comes to a gunfight, there's liable to be plenty of 'em laying on the ground.

I'd be fine with floorspace.

Others would as well.

Hell I'd sleep under the stars on a back porch so long as the location was safe.

If people wanted an alt-right swing dance lesson I'd do it. Contra's easy as shit and tons of fun too.

I'm in IE; can I get added to the IE specific channel?

12 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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