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2018-11-03 02:30:50 UTC

Ethnic protectionism?

2018-11-03 02:31:42 UTC

Eh most โ€œhealthcareโ€ is just poison pills.

2018-11-03 02:31:53 UTC

@Flint Best description of socialism I've heard yet.

2018-11-03 02:32:43 UTC

@Nerv - VA Yeah, the whole med industry needs an overhaul

2018-11-03 02:32:55 UTC

European socialism > Soycialism

2018-11-03 02:33:17 UTC

Its a moth with a tiki torch

2018-11-03 02:33:24 UTC

@Nemets It's a moth at the UTR rally, holding a tiki torch, saying "Torch"

2018-11-03 02:33:35 UTC

"Lamps will not replace us!"

2018-11-03 02:37:57 UTC

Redpilled qt gf

2018-11-03 02:38:48 UTC

Blondes love to have 3rd position socialism autistically explained to them

2018-11-03 02:38:51 UTC

Ben Shapiro fans are hard to sway, in my experience.

2018-11-03 02:38:54 UTC

Boys, you're in luck

2018-11-03 02:39:15 UTC

Do they know Shapiro is a never-Trumper???

2018-11-03 02:40:03 UTC

@Hector bc they think they're armed with facts and don't care about your feelings

2018-11-03 02:40:14 UTC

"Excuse me m'lady, would you like to go on a date and talk about IQ charts with me"

2018-11-03 02:40:30 UTC

*Israel is our greatest ally, triggered snowflake? hehehe*

2018-11-03 02:41:32 UTC

Don't over think it, fellas, I just told my future wife I wanted to fight a mountain lion hand to hand

2018-11-03 02:41:40 UTC

Not saying that's what did it, but it worked

2018-11-03 02:42:00 UTC

@Nemets nothing is a great topic for dates really
any interesting topic requires debate which is exactly *not* something you want on a *first* date

2018-11-03 02:42:07 UTC


2018-11-03 02:42:18 UTC

it also necessitates two people knowing shit about the topic

2018-11-03 02:42:21 UTC

which let's be honest

2018-11-03 02:42:23 UTC

@Nemets Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man...

2018-11-03 02:42:28 UTC

most women don't know much about any singular topic

2018-11-03 02:42:33 UTC

or men for tha tmatter

2018-11-03 02:42:44 UTC

I'm not gay, but If a gentleman discussed Russian literature with me on a first date, I'd get out of there very quickly.

2018-11-03 02:42:50 UTC

Most of the women I spend time with are the type who wear that one choker and have pink hair and they walk back on their dumb politics pretty quick when they find out what I think lol. It's a meme they don't want the soy men they promote but it's true

2018-11-03 02:43:16 UTC

@Selma well I wouldn't run out because I know some russian literature and I can talk about it

2018-11-03 02:43:22 UTC

but most people would yeah

2018-11-03 02:43:29 UTC

Apolitical girls really are the best. If they respect you, theyโ€™ll go along with whatever you think.

2018-11-03 02:43:32 UTC

If he discussed things I do know about, I would not.

2018-11-03 02:43:42 UTC

I can see how a guy can seduce a lady with talk of Russian literature--especially theatre

2018-11-03 02:43:45 UTC

Most women don't have strong political values of their own free will.

2018-11-03 02:44:06 UTC


2018-11-03 02:44:10 UTC

Yeah, then she'd love it.

2018-11-03 02:44:15 UTC

Every girl I know is apolitical because they're too busy being degenerate

2018-11-03 02:44:17 UTC

I have never once ran into a person get seduced by literature

2018-11-03 02:44:22 UTC

@Hector Any stats on how often women vote the same as their husbands? It's probably a very high percentage.

2018-11-03 02:44:23 UTC

But acting like a know it all or a pseudointellectual can be a huge turn off.

2018-11-03 02:44:25 UTC

Not to incel post but

2018-11-03 02:44:34 UTC

Apolitical gf is almost as good as based gf

2018-11-03 02:45:03 UTC

@NateDahl76 Possibly even better.

2018-11-03 02:45:05 UTC

Apolitical men are incredibly dull.

2018-11-03 02:45:10 UTC

@Salo Saloson It's not about the literature but the fact that they see you as passionate and persuasive

2018-11-03 02:45:29 UTC

I think we deal with very different crowds of people

2018-11-03 02:45:30 UTC

Well yes, women are incredibly interested in men who have an interest outside of women.

2018-11-03 02:45:31 UTC

which is waht 2/3s of 'seduction' (for the lack of a better term)

2018-11-03 02:45:54 UTC

Women want a man who is passionate about something and somewhat aloof with them, at least at first.

2018-11-03 02:46:06 UTC

Tfw live in one of the only counties that went for Hillary

2018-11-03 02:46:13 UTC

I must deal with very different women than all of you

2018-11-03 02:46:28 UTC

Or maybe they are dealing with a different man /ho ho ho ho

2018-11-03 02:46:29 UTC

Perhaps women in South Dakota are more grounded?

2018-11-03 02:46:37 UTC

Salt of the earth wahmen

2018-11-03 02:46:40 UTC

>implying there are women in south dakota

2018-11-03 02:46:52 UTC

My workplace is almost all women and over half of them are blondes

2018-11-03 02:46:57 UTC


2018-11-03 02:47:05 UTC

East South and North Dakota are some of the most community oriented, collectivist parts of the country

2018-11-03 02:47:06 UTC

don't worry Theorum, I'll keep the women safe for you

2018-11-03 02:47:14 UTC

I know you Cali types have got your hands full

2018-11-03 02:47:18 UTC

Need to stop going for crazy goth women it's an addiction

2018-11-03 02:47:19 UTC

My area is 92 percent white.

2018-11-03 02:47:21 UTC

SD is also especially high IQ and Germanic too, I think. Seems like a nice state.

2018-11-03 02:47:35 UTC

@Salo Saloson if they have a college degree in something non-meme and are not degenerate, save em

2018-11-03 02:47:49 UTC

Tfw a based redpilled qt goth gf will never exist

2018-11-03 02:47:57 UTC

>goth and redpilled in one sentence

2018-11-03 02:48:00 UTC

What girl is a goth past the age of 18?

2018-11-03 02:48:02 UTC

Like, seriously.

2018-11-03 02:48:10 UTC

what girl is a goth in 2018?

2018-11-03 02:48:17 UTC

@Selma the ones with daddy issues

2018-11-03 02:48:27 UTC

Yeah seriously. I've never met a cute girl who was a goth past teenage yeras.

2018-11-03 02:48:28 UTC


2018-11-03 02:48:34 UTC

Just fat/old/ugly.

2018-11-03 02:48:36 UTC

Or not white.

2018-11-03 02:48:39 UTC

I've seen plenty

2018-11-03 02:48:54 UTC

Feminism is one big shit test most of our grandfathers failed

2018-11-03 02:48:56 UTC

There are still a lot of goth girls.

2018-11-03 02:49:06 UTC

Most of them are obese though, for sure.

2018-11-03 02:49:13 UTC

@Ald heavily agree

2018-11-03 02:49:28 UTC

Feminism is indeed a shit test, and they are the easiest people with whom to have a one night stand - especially if you tell them they are wrong.

2018-11-03 02:50:05 UTC

That's what like 85% of male feminists are doing

2018-11-03 02:50:21 UTC

You forgot about the appliance of birth control, Nemets.

2018-11-03 02:50:31 UTC

There used to be something called not sleeping around.

2018-11-03 02:50:44 UTC

Please remember we are in mixed company here. Identitarian and nationalist women have the same critiques of many of the behaviors of men inside and outside of our circles. Also, please no Siege posting. Also, sign up for the conference.

2018-11-03 02:51:29 UTC

Women of IE, please respond to our points, we would be glad to hear a differing perspective.

2018-11-03 02:51:32 UTC

Women should also be able to handle light criticism about their gender, though. Especially because most of what we say in here doesn't apply to IE women. But point taken, sir.

2018-11-03 02:51:38 UTC

We are open-minded here, amirite?

2018-11-03 02:51:48 UTC

Some women and girls will signal about feminism to impress their friends, but when you dig youโ€™ll find theyโ€™re not actual feminists, much less third wave. Keep a relatively open mind

2018-11-03 02:52:38 UTC

@Matthias Absolutely. Plan to sign up soon

2018-11-03 02:53:15 UTC


2018-11-03 02:53:17 UTC

Yes, but the minority of IE women are probably not going to stroll into a debate about the legitimate or not female behavior of women in this context. @YourFundamentalTheorum

2018-11-03 02:53:35 UTC

One thing I've noticed about the younger guys in the alt/dissident right is a less than favorable view of women, which i find a bit disheartening.

2018-11-03 02:53:53 UTC


2018-11-03 02:54:02 UTC

Yes, certainly, I have noticed a member in here who seems to have a chip on his shoulder in regards to women.

2018-11-03 02:54:03 UTC

it might be a pendulum effect though

2018-11-03 02:54:03 UTC

Yeah I dislike hatred of women, very beta

2018-11-03 02:54:07 UTC

I won't name names, but it's disheartening.

2018-11-03 02:54:14 UTC

I guess it should be stated that if a lady is in IE, then she is obviously not who we are talking about. We rip on soy boy/betas even more so than modernist women

2018-11-03 02:54:36 UTC

we rip on everyone, even ourselves @Flint

2018-11-03 02:54:39 UTC

1. We're mixed company
2. No need to get autistic about women/men, if you understand the other as people like yourself then you will understand what you need to know

2018-11-03 02:54:41 UTC

IE women are inherently trad

2018-11-03 02:54:58 UTC

Acting like women are the problem is pretty beta imo.

2018-11-03 02:55:09 UTC

I just want to strive for a more traditional harmony between the sexes.

2018-11-03 02:55:10 UTC

@NateDahl76 I've heard people try to call incels "alt-right". It's totally ridiculous, but just meant to hurt the right more

2018-11-03 02:55:17 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD *A* promlem, though

2018-11-03 02:55:25 UTC

J's are *the* problem

2018-11-03 02:55:45 UTC

The sad thing about women is that they are much more likely to be "NPCs"

2018-11-03 02:55:53 UTC

At least in my limited experience.

2018-11-03 02:55:54 UTC

quick question what is the Brown's record this season

2018-11-03 02:56:03 UTC

I haven't given up on women but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't occasionally black pilled on the state of western women

2018-11-03 02:56:14 UTC
2018-11-03 02:56:14 UTC


2018-11-03 02:56:18 UTC


2018-11-03 02:56:34 UTC

@Hector we live in 21st century america, women and men have a real world to work in not some trad-meme LARP

2018-11-03 02:57:13 UTC

Tbh I was manosphere before identitarian which is where it comes from. I've come to see it all as at least as much of a failure of men though, and understand this was intentionally done by malign foreign forces. Patriarchy should be upheld and the nature of women understood but no need to incelpost

2018-11-03 02:58:04 UTC

One can believe in having a relatively more traditional gender. dynamic while still respecting women (unironically). That being said, some need to come to terms that some women *have* to work, with high costs of living, children, etc.

2018-11-03 02:58:09 UTC

PUA is western feminism applied to liberal men

2018-11-03 02:58:11 UTC

Men failed society by letting it get where it is now. Putting that of on others won't fix the issue.

2018-11-03 02:58:20 UTC

But if this is too controversial we may have to drop it

2018-11-03 02:58:21 UTC

Youโ€™re right, this kind of conversation isnโ€™t useful in an identitarian movement really.

2018-11-03 02:58:41 UTC

We have our failure, but to be a supreme gentleman here, women are not automotons. They should be able to see what feminism leads to and choose to not engage in it

2018-11-03 02:59:06 UTC

Identity is about the folk which is half men and half women, so it is worth thinking about

2018-11-03 02:59:51 UTC

As we expose feminism, many young women are rejecting it. That's a big win

2018-11-03 02:59:52 UTC

A lot of women do choose to not engage with feminism At the same time women are trying to navigate the world and one "non-trad transgression" can be used to judge them unfairly

2018-11-03 03:00:10 UTC

All great Indo European civilizations have been patriarchal and that term should be reclaimed from "senselessly oppressing women"

2018-11-03 03:00:12 UTC

This chat is approaching an almost feminist pitch.

2018-11-03 03:00:15 UTC

I suggest we change the topic!

2018-11-03 03:00:30 UTC

In fact only 25% of women in the US identify as feminist

2018-11-03 03:00:35 UTC

What happened in the news today, I was busy at work all day.

2018-11-03 03:00:38 UTC

That's less than identify as democrats

2018-11-03 03:00:51 UTC

Any cool stuff?

2018-11-03 03:01:14 UTC

The results were split along party lines with 63 percent of millennials who identify as Democrats surveyed saying they associated themselves with the term and only 29 percent of Republican millennial respondents saying the same. Forty-eight percent of those that identified as independents said they felt they were feminists.

2018-11-03 03:01:17 UTC

Slightly wrong, Chris.

2018-11-03 03:01:21 UTC

You are including older women.

2018-11-03 03:01:31 UTC

We are speaking about younger women in our dating range.

2018-11-03 03:01:45 UTC

also probably more white women bother to identify as feminist

2018-11-03 03:01:51 UTC

>not taking the mgtow pill

2018-11-03 03:01:59 UTC

mgtow LOL

2018-11-03 03:02:16 UTC

*roblox oof*

2018-11-03 03:02:37 UTC

@Selma since several people want to move on, I'll DM you on that

2018-11-03 03:02:44 UTC

Thank you, Chris.

2018-11-03 03:02:53 UTC

Thanks to you

2018-11-03 03:03:46 UTC

11pm, late night IE begins, fam


2018-11-03 03:04:10 UTC

I would read it

2018-11-03 03:04:20 UTC

@Nemets probably needs to be done

2018-11-03 03:04:51 UTC

We need it on just about everything

2018-11-03 03:05:47 UTC

lots of US skirmishes not widely known

2018-11-03 03:06:05 UTC

Marines in Tripoli, for example

2018-11-03 03:06:12 UTC

@Nemets I know white flight has a lot to do with the history of Nyc's suburbs like where I grew up, would love to read more about it

2018-11-03 03:06:26 UTC

the media lies and hollywood revisionism sucks

2018-11-03 03:06:33 UTC

Baltimore white flight was horrific

2018-11-03 03:06:52 UTC

If youโ€™re thinking about writing it then full send bro, Iโ€™d read it

2018-11-03 03:09:28 UTC

This chat is pozzed.

2018-11-03 03:10:02 UTC

You'll need thick skin, there'll be spergs mad that the huehuehue pact of 1901 wasn't included

2018-11-03 03:11:31 UTC

I'm sure there is, maybe not in the chat now, but definitely

2018-11-03 03:11:46 UTC

You mean grammar and spelling?

2018-11-03 03:12:11 UTC

Because that is indeed my forte.

2018-11-03 03:12:20 UTC

editing is sentence structure, word usage, the whole deal

2018-11-03 03:13:17 UTC

but a grammar and spell checker would relieve that burden

2018-11-03 03:13:41 UTC

Well Mr. Nemets, if you did need help with that, I'd lend you a hand.

2018-11-03 03:13:49 UTC

@Nemets I know about it from personal experience, itโ€™s definitely well documented though.

2018-11-03 03:13:52 UTC

But I have no experience with that outside of my job as a receptionist.

2018-11-03 03:17:37 UTC

@Freiheit - CA just Trump and Obama rallies I think. Trump made a speech about his asylum policy today or yesterday in which he said rules of engagement would allow lethal force if projectiles were thrown at troops.

Tucker was on saying the House will probably be lost but Ingraham and Hannity said it will probably be won. Just different strategies to get the vote out.l, imo.

2018-11-03 03:18:46 UTC

The Baltimore take on white flight isnโ€™t as bad as it seems because people recognize it literally destroyed the city. The poz kicks in when you get to redlining and really purposeful self segregation

2018-11-03 03:19:00 UTC

I'd say Tucker is just trying to rally the troops to "Pokemon Go To The Polls" @Logan

2018-11-03 03:19:09 UTC

@Logan Thanks bruh

2018-11-03 03:21:27 UTC

Anyone watching the weekly sweat?

2018-11-03 03:23:07 UTC

Is that the thing with Prince Hubris and Beardson?

2018-11-03 03:23:19 UTC


2018-11-03 03:23:30 UTC

And Iโ€™ve never actually watched it

2018-11-03 03:23:38 UTC

I miss TV KWA, man. He fell of the face of the earth, but he was doing some pretty awesome and out-there stuff...

2018-11-03 03:24:24 UTC

THat guy with the mask?

2018-11-03 03:24:27 UTC

What happened to him?

2018-11-03 03:26:53 UTC

Yeah. I don't know; he just seems to have stopped making stuff and faded away...

2018-11-03 03:29:37 UTC

He's still around

2018-11-03 03:29:51 UTC

He's still active on twitter.

2018-11-03 03:34:11 UTC

What happened to the content emmys

2018-11-03 03:34:20 UTC


2018-11-03 03:34:32 UTC

They got hit with a cease and desist.

2018-11-03 03:34:42 UTC

I watched the last ones.

2018-11-03 03:34:45 UTC

by the Emmys or whoever holds that brand

2018-11-03 03:34:51 UTC

Sam Hyde called in - very poignant.

2018-11-03 03:35:05 UTC

Whatever happened to the guy who won, "most wholesome account"

2018-11-03 03:35:42 UTC

You remember anything about his @? I canโ€™t recall

2018-11-03 03:35:59 UTC

Was it one of those bards?

2018-11-03 03:36:41 UTC

Some account called space giko i think...

2018-11-03 03:36:50 UTC


2018-11-03 03:37:07 UTC

That train guy

2018-11-03 03:37:08 UTC

Oh alex won that?

2018-11-03 03:37:22 UTC

Okay good, he deserves it.

2018-11-03 03:37:30 UTC

He totally does

2018-11-03 03:37:58 UTC

What are you guys talking about?

2018-11-03 03:38:02 UTC

Never heard of this before

2018-11-03 03:38:08 UTC

A weird corner of twitter.

2018-11-03 03:38:18 UTC

I feel like a boomer out of facebook

2018-11-03 03:38:27 UTC

I can't stay off craigslist, my dudes.

2018-11-03 03:38:40 UTC

I want an offroad vehicle.

2018-11-03 03:38:50 UTC

If only you knew what it felt like watching Radec video ๐Ÿคข

2018-11-03 03:39:08 UTC

Suzuki Samurai @Papa Pizzagate ?

2018-11-03 03:39:10 UTC

What kind of ORV?

2018-11-03 03:39:25 UTC

4runners for life my dude

2018-11-03 03:39:36 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate craigslist is a godsend

2018-11-03 03:39:53 UTC

Can't really justify a second vehicle right now...

2018-11-03 03:40:18 UTC

Samurai's are interesting, but I'd rather go with something that has a ton of available parts.

2018-11-03 03:40:19 UTC

Is an ORV ever really justified?

2018-11-03 03:40:25 UTC

Wasn't Sasuke Samurai a yugioh card?

2018-11-03 03:40:44 UTC


2018-11-03 03:40:45 UTC

So like a 4runner basically or a Jeep cherokee or some other yota.

2018-11-03 03:40:49 UTC

Maybe a truck.

2018-11-03 03:40:51 UTC

toyota is the AK of 4x4s

2018-11-03 03:41:05 UTC

tacoma or a 4runner, specifically

2018-11-03 03:41:06 UTC

Yeah, dude I'm a big yota/lexus fan

2018-11-03 03:41:17 UTC

Dad has a Tacoma.

2018-11-03 03:41:24 UTC

I have a 4runner personally

2018-11-03 03:41:38 UTC

Shit gas mileage though, no?

2018-11-03 03:41:48 UTC

learned stick on 4x4 toyota hilux overseas

2018-11-03 03:42:04 UTC

kinda, compared to a prius

2018-11-03 03:42:11 UTC


2018-11-03 03:42:20 UTC

chicken tax is such bullshit.

2018-11-03 03:42:25 UTC

but it's super reliable, parts everywhere

2018-11-03 03:42:31 UTC

The Japanese have all the good small trucks.

2018-11-03 03:43:01 UTC

resale value holds better than anything else I know of

2018-11-03 03:43:06 UTC

I had a Toyota Tacoma for a while. Most reliable vehicle I ever owned.

2018-11-03 03:43:16 UTC

a '96 still goes for 5k

2018-11-03 03:43:21 UTC

Yeah, Yotas are awesome.

2018-11-03 03:43:39 UTC

If you can get a 4 door tacoma, you're set

2018-11-03 03:43:40 UTC

@Flint alright, lets not go that far.

2018-11-03 03:43:57 UTC

a '96 for 5k?

2018-11-03 03:45:00 UTC

maybe if it's hyper low mileage and extremely clean

2018-11-03 03:45:52 UTC

well yeah, what else would you buy? 4k might be more realistic though

2018-11-03 03:46:12 UTC

Mexicans seem to know Toyotas are where it's at, it's like the only brand they seem to drive around here.

2018-11-03 03:46:41 UTC

People don't ever give up their 4runners unless they're beat to hell

2018-11-03 03:46:58 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD They last a long time with 0 maintenance and just about forever when cared for.

2018-11-03 03:47:22 UTC

I had a perfect 3rd gen 4x4 until someone pulled put in front of me

2018-11-03 03:47:35 UTC

totaled. now I have a 4th gen

2018-11-03 03:48:13 UTC

Brother in Alaska bought a 5th gen (he became a believer after driving mine)

2018-11-03 03:48:59 UTC

Not a fan of the look

2018-11-03 03:49:18 UTC

the 5th? me neither. 3rd gen was peak

2018-11-03 03:49:47 UTC

the 4th gen carries my kid better, though

2018-11-03 03:50:27 UTC

very family friendly, looks nice enough to not embarrass the inlaws

2018-11-03 03:51:05 UTC

The 5th gens are still 4runners though. Compared to some other long standing brands, its not a bad transition to modernity

2018-11-03 03:51:12 UTC

I'm not into the bubba raised trucks, wrecking their transmissions and all

2018-11-03 03:51:50 UTC

I don't mind, so long as they are pretty decisively off-road/farm only.

2018-11-03 03:52:03 UTC

If you are doing that kind of goofy stuff as a DD though...

2018-11-03 03:52:12 UTC

๐Ÿธ ๐Ÿšฌ

2018-11-03 03:52:30 UTC

that's like 1 in 30 though

2018-11-03 03:52:37 UTC

Very true1'

2018-11-03 03:52:42 UTC

fat thumbs

2018-11-03 03:52:45 UTC

very true

2018-11-03 03:53:40 UTC

When I was in California, I saw a ton of jacked up trucks. It was really weird.

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