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2018-11-03 02:43:42 UTC  

I can see how a guy can seduce a lady with talk of Russian literature--especially theatre

2018-11-03 02:43:45 UTC  

Most women don't have strong political values of their own free will.

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2018-11-03 02:44:10 UTC  

Yeah, then she'd love it.

2018-11-03 02:44:15 UTC  

Every girl I know is apolitical because they're too busy being degenerate

2018-11-03 02:44:17 UTC  

I have never once ran into a person get seduced by literature

2018-11-03 02:44:22 UTC  

@Hector Any stats on how often women vote the same as their husbands? It's probably a very high percentage.

2018-11-03 02:44:23 UTC  

But acting like a know it all or a pseudointellectual can be a huge turn off.

2018-11-03 02:44:25 UTC  

Not to incel post but

2018-11-03 02:44:34 UTC  

Apolitical gf is almost as good as based gf

2018-11-03 02:45:03 UTC  

@NateDahl76 Possibly even better.

2018-11-03 02:45:05 UTC  

Apolitical men are incredibly dull.

2018-11-03 02:45:10 UTC  

@Salo Saloson It's not about the literature but the fact that they see you as passionate and persuasive

2018-11-03 02:45:29 UTC  

I think we deal with very different crowds of people

2018-11-03 02:45:30 UTC  

Well yes, women are incredibly interested in men who have an interest outside of women.

2018-11-03 02:45:31 UTC  

which is waht 2/3s of 'seduction' (for the lack of a better term)

2018-11-03 02:45:54 UTC  

Women want a man who is passionate about something and somewhat aloof with them, at least at first.

2018-11-03 02:46:06 UTC  

Tfw live in one of the only counties that went for Hillary

2018-11-03 02:46:13 UTC  

I must deal with very different women than all of you

2018-11-03 02:46:28 UTC  

Or maybe they are dealing with a different man /ho ho ho ho

2018-11-03 02:46:29 UTC  

Perhaps women in South Dakota are more grounded?

2018-11-03 02:46:37 UTC  

Salt of the earth wahmen

2018-11-03 02:46:40 UTC  

>implying there are women in south dakota

2018-11-03 02:46:52 UTC  

My workplace is almost all women and over half of them are blondes

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2018-11-03 02:47:05 UTC  

East South and North Dakota are some of the most community oriented, collectivist parts of the country

2018-11-03 02:47:06 UTC  

don't worry Theorum, I'll keep the women safe for you

2018-11-03 02:47:14 UTC  

I know you Cali types have got your hands full

2018-11-03 02:47:18 UTC  

Need to stop going for crazy goth women it's an addiction

2018-11-03 02:47:19 UTC  

My area is 92 percent white.

2018-11-03 02:47:21 UTC  

SD is also especially high IQ and Germanic too, I think. Seems like a nice state.

2018-11-03 02:47:35 UTC  

@Salo Saloson if they have a college degree in something non-meme and are not degenerate, save em

2018-11-03 02:47:49 UTC  

Tfw a based redpilled qt goth gf will never exist

2018-11-03 02:47:57 UTC  

>goth and redpilled in one sentence

2018-11-03 02:48:00 UTC  

What girl is a goth past the age of 18?

2018-11-03 02:48:02 UTC  

Like, seriously.

2018-11-03 02:48:10 UTC  

what girl is a goth in 2018?

2018-11-03 02:48:17 UTC  

@Selma the ones with daddy issues

2018-11-03 02:48:27 UTC  

Yeah seriously. I've never met a cute girl who was a goth past teenage yeras.

2018-11-03 02:48:28 UTC  


2018-11-03 02:48:34 UTC  

Just fat/old/ugly.