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2017-10-30 04:28:08 UTC

@Deleted User yep. unjailing you now

2017-10-30 04:30:50 UTC

@Deleted User actually while we are at it, please change the username

2017-10-30 04:31:13 UTC

Mods have discussed this a few times, yes

2017-10-30 04:33:16 UTC

@Marius @Reinhard Wolff @sigruna14 Can one of you guys help with this?

2017-10-30 04:37:13 UTC

@Deleted User I'll unjail you and we will figure it out tomorrow. Please just review the rules in the mean time.

2017-11-06 03:33:17 UTC


2017-11-06 03:33:35 UTC

i can see everything despite being in jail. Terribru

2017-11-06 05:09:00 UTC

<@&358437309076602912> ^ What happened here?

2017-11-06 05:09:24 UTC

Don't worry about it @sigruna14

2017-12-07 01:52:39 UTC

@perseus- MA You have been jailed for shitposting in general and trying to circumvent our rules.

2017-12-07 01:53:34 UTC

False charges. I had no intent to circumvent anything.

2017-12-07 01:54:04 UTC
2017-12-07 01:54:47 UTC

Your posting record for like 10 minutes is just you saying bits and pieces of "nigger."

2017-12-07 01:54:50 UTC

Don't lie to me.

2017-12-07 01:55:25 UTC

That part is true, now I understand. I thought you were saying I was trying to circumvent rules by removing my state.

2017-12-07 02:09:54 UTC

@sigruna14 this question he is answering is legitimate

2017-12-13 03:51:20 UTC

Take a break @Deleted User

2017-12-13 03:52:06 UTC


2017-12-13 04:16:08 UTC


2017-12-13 04:16:11 UTC

who /jail/ here

2017-12-13 04:16:30 UTC

@Francisco Nuñez - CA 24 hours. You will not disrespect my moderators.

2017-12-13 04:17:25 UTC


2017-12-13 04:21:51 UTC


2017-12-13 04:46:31 UTC

Do not DM other moderators to free yourself either. @sigruna14 Please consider an increase.

2017-12-13 04:53:33 UTC

Yup, you can stay here for 48 hours now.

2017-12-13 04:53:45 UTC

Keep going and I'll make it a week.

2017-12-29 19:06:18 UTC

@Deleted User You have been jailed for 24 hours. Do not disrespect moderators.

2018-01-06 04:23:08 UTC

@Deleted User Bro you're going to need to chill out

2018-01-06 23:51:51 UTC

@Deleted User I've reset your role to jailed. This is a measure being taken until you've met with Mark.

2018-03-04 06:40:45 UTC

@Whole-Milk you've been jailed until we sort a few things out

2018-03-04 06:47:32 UTC

Please start by telling us when you moved from MO to CA

2018-03-08 00:09:18 UTC

@Whole-Milk When did you move to California?

2018-03-08 00:12:18 UTC

How long were you in Missouri?

2018-03-23 05:24:15 UTC

why am i in jail

2018-03-23 05:24:42 UTC

Don't be stupid. You know why.

2018-03-23 05:25:41 UTC

someone hacked my account i think

2018-03-23 05:26:27 UTC

Don't bullshit me Francisco. Is this worth getting kicked out of IE over?

2018-03-23 05:26:30 UTC

hi gills behave next time.

2018-03-23 05:26:33 UTC

okay bye

2018-03-23 05:26:40 UTC


2018-03-23 05:26:44 UTC


2018-03-23 05:26:47 UTC

ill behave

2018-03-23 05:27:27 UTC


2018-03-23 05:28:19 UTC

I'll find another server to shitpost in my bad

2018-03-23 05:28:25 UTC


2018-03-23 05:28:37 UTC

I wont shitpost anymore

2018-03-23 05:28:48 UTC

@Francisco Nuñez - CA we can brap somewhere else

2018-03-23 05:28:52 UTC


2018-03-23 05:29:01 UTC

i just made a brappost server

2018-03-23 05:29:13 UTC

fellas lets press P to pledge to never brap in here again

2018-03-23 05:29:13 UTC


2018-03-23 05:29:32 UTC

This doesnt look like behaving.

2018-03-23 05:31:49 UTC


2018-03-23 05:32:47 UTC

Imagine being an authoritarian that despises authority.

2018-03-23 05:33:54 UTC

i love authority

2018-03-23 05:34:15 UTC

Is this appropriate content to post in a server with doctors, lawyers and millionaires who want to contribute money to this organization? Who want to help awaken our people?


2018-03-23 05:34:47 UTC

I warned you several times, both in text and in the voice chat that *we all* were in.

2018-03-23 05:35:10 UTC


2018-03-23 05:35:41 UTC

A little late night goofiness is one thing, but there is a line, you were warned, and you crossed it anyhow.

2018-03-23 05:35:51 UTC

yeah i concede

2018-03-23 05:37:40 UTC

i didnt hear you say anything in voice

2018-03-23 05:38:23 UTC

Ok, maybe so, maybe not - I certainly posted an @ here in the channel though. Either way you should know the boundary. I'll let your coordinator sort this out tomorrow.

2018-03-23 05:42:21 UTC

Where do I post bail?

2018-03-23 05:43:19 UTC

I take payments in Bitcoin

2018-03-23 05:43:39 UTC

How about Finnish music?

2018-03-23 05:47:08 UTC


2018-03-23 05:47:34 UTC

But in all seriousness serve your time for a bit. Gotcha control the 'tism.

2018-03-23 05:48:53 UTC

Yeah, I know.

2018-03-23 05:49:09 UTC

Gotcha bud

2018-03-23 05:50:03 UTC

*"Be quiet in there prisoners!"*

2018-03-23 05:50:19 UTC

Seriously though, I'd can the convo for a bit.

2018-03-23 05:50:23 UTC


2018-03-23 06:13:45 UTC

@Francisco Nuñez - CA what part of can the convo do you not understand? There are thousands of other discord servers. go post in them.

2018-03-23 12:39:26 UTC

@everyone If there's one thing I don't like it's waking up to 100 messages in mod chat, three people in jail, and new members questioning whether they want to be here because of people shitposting in blatant violation of the rules and total disregard for how their actions represent our organization. @Francisco Nuñez - CA you in particular have been in jail here before and were warned very clearly about proper behavior on this server. I am very disappointed in you. That is not to let anyone else off the hook, either. Do not contact me. Your coordinators will handle this.

2018-03-23 15:49:23 UTC

A donor has now expressed disappointment with what happened last night in general. Gills, Nazbol, and Francisco will remain here until Monday.

2018-03-23 16:30:37 UTC

@Francisco Nuñez - CA will remain here until May 23.

2018-03-23 16:32:56 UTC


2018-03-23 16:42:52 UTC

Gents, after looking at the channel last night, a few more of you were posting after a Moderator asked everyone to stop. Donors have expressed disappointment with what happened last night in general. Everyone here will remain here until Monday.

2018-03-25 00:06:49 UTC

I repent

2018-03-25 01:05:52 UTC

@johnnyc best to either say nothing, or write a sincere apology.

2018-05-03 00:43:20 UTC

For activism participation, @Francisco Nuñez - CA will be released early, on May 6. *gavel smacks*

2018-05-03 00:47:07 UTC


2018-05-03 00:47:21 UTC

@Matthias thank you so much

2018-05-04 18:44:39 UTC

@Havamal, we're putting you in here for 72 hours for being divisive and rude to IE leadership.

2018-05-04 18:45:27 UTC

I don't consider him my leader.

2018-05-04 18:52:14 UTC

Haha, well he's your chief of staff and regional coordinator. Disliking that changes nothing.

2018-05-04 19:24:05 UTC

@Havamal#6240 Lets talk offline, brother.

2018-05-04 19:26:57 UTC

He's left the server.

2018-05-04 19:29:18 UTC

Temper temper.

2018-05-05 02:38:25 UTC

I finally get a cellmate and he kills himself

2018-05-05 02:38:52 UTC

What a pussy... I've been in solitary for 42 days

2018-05-05 02:54:25 UTC


2018-05-05 02:59:26 UTC

He saw your the anime girls you drew on the walls and opted out.

2018-05-05 03:00:27 UTC
2018-05-25 01:32:59 UTC

Hey @Zach Kon

I hope you’re doing well. Unfortunately there were some questions raised about your interviews and we’re going to be conducting 1 more at your convenience. What are some times that work for you?

2018-05-25 13:35:35 UTC

Anytime this weekend is fine

2018-05-25 19:02:03 UTC

Got it, thanks.

2018-05-26 02:25:15 UTC

@greg_p - TX Could you interface here and schedule a time to talk to @Zach Kon ? He said he is free this weekend.

2018-05-26 18:39:46 UTC

@greg_p - TX Good afternoon, please let me know when you are available for a phone interview to discuss everything in question. Thanks!

2018-05-26 19:16:36 UTC

Reading back now

2018-05-26 19:19:29 UTC

@Zach Kon when are you available this weekend?

2018-05-26 21:18:04 UTC

Anytime just let me know what time you would like to schedule

2018-05-27 00:32:04 UTC

I sent you a friend request. Let's DM and schedule it

2018-05-31 02:06:46 UTC

If you feel as though you're having to restrain yourself to a large degree, then it might be best to take a break from IE general. @Punisher

2018-05-31 02:07:43 UTC

Yea man no problem .....

2018-05-31 02:12:47 UTC

So am I being asked to leave the organization?

2018-05-31 02:12:50 UTC
2018-05-31 02:13:43 UTC
2018-05-31 02:14:25 UTC

Blaze!! What’s good brother!!! Beautiful son!!!!!!!!!!

2018-05-31 02:14:45 UTC

Thanks muh man 👍

2018-05-31 02:36:57 UTC


2018-05-31 02:37:03 UTC

What did i do?

2018-05-31 02:37:11 UTC

The john goodman video?

2018-05-31 02:37:35 UTC


2018-05-31 02:37:59 UTC
2018-05-31 02:38:17 UTC

Oh jeez

2018-05-31 02:38:23 UTC

Alright my bad

2018-05-31 02:38:34 UTC

How long am i in for

2018-05-31 02:38:45 UTC

72 hours minimum, and we'll get back to you

2018-05-31 02:39:04 UTC

Alrighty. Ill knock off the dirty jokes

2018-05-31 02:39:11 UTC

Sorry guys

2018-05-31 02:40:09 UTC

Btw i wasnt the only one who made that joke lol

2018-05-31 02:48:17 UTC

@Pinochetball ok 72 hours is good

2018-05-31 02:49:57 UTC

It looked like you were saying that Katherine "isn't tight." Were you saying something else? @Pinochetball

2018-05-31 02:50:15 UTC

no man

2018-05-31 02:50:26 UTC

i was replying to something she said about tinder

2018-05-31 02:50:32 UTC

i was mocking women on tinder

2018-05-31 02:50:48 UTC

read her message a few up from my reply

2018-05-31 02:51:18 UTC

i would never say anything like that about another member

2018-05-31 02:52:19 UTC
2018-05-31 02:56:29 UTC

Got it, thanks. I just saw your one message during the fireside and missed the context.

2018-05-31 02:57:40 UTC

Its all good

2018-05-31 02:57:51 UTC

Like i said, ill just knock off the jokes altogether

2018-05-31 02:57:59 UTC

Just sexual jokes are best to avoid on the main server.

2018-05-31 02:58:04 UTC

Better to play it safe

2018-05-31 02:58:08 UTC


2018-05-31 02:58:15 UTC

But what you said wasn't as bad as we had thought, so you'll be released in 12 hours.

2018-05-31 02:58:23 UTC

Thanks for being understanding.

2018-05-31 02:58:55 UTC

Ok thanks. Again, sorry for the douchey joke. Wont happen again

2018-05-31 03:03:06 UTC

No worries!

2018-06-13 03:01:45 UTC

@Envian You've been jailed for 24 hours due to your comment which broke Rule 4:

"Concentration Camp for migrant children."

Given that we just barely dodged a bullet in regards to an infiltration, there's no reason to be putting stuff such as that in the server, jokingly or not.

2018-06-13 03:03:30 UTC

The rules and the stance of this organization should be abundantly clear. We’re not going to tolerate the disregard for the work hundreds of others have put into IE so that a few /pol/ tier lines can go unchecked.

2018-06-13 03:16:03 UTC

That comment was in regards to an article someone posted saying that the trump administration wanted to put unaccompanied migrant children in tent cities on military compounds. It should have had a question mark at the end, but I wasn’t just asserting that as some sort of stance of mine. I was just responding to the article that was posted

2018-06-13 03:19:55 UTC

And that wasn’t a pol tier comment, it was quite literally the implications behind the article that was posted

2018-06-13 03:34:03 UTC

I suppose next time I’ll have to make sure to add a little more context into what I say rather than leaving it as such a general statement

2018-06-14 04:41:46 UTC

At what point do I get unjailed @Suomi Stronk

2018-06-14 04:47:10 UTC

Yeah it’s been 24 hours, I’ll let you out

2018-06-14 04:49:53 UTC


2018-06-26 03:39:41 UTC

@Anti Weeb Aktion You've been jailed for 24 hours for talking back to a mod.


2018-06-26 03:39:45 UTC

I don't really like doing this.

2018-06-26 03:39:56 UTC

I should jail you longer for posting bad content.

2018-06-26 03:40:13 UTC

I'm sorry :(

2018-06-26 03:40:16 UTC

But I'll take it

2018-06-26 03:40:59 UTC

There are so many other places. IE general isn't that place.

2018-07-26 02:02:03 UTC

<@!362605365218770944> I've set your server permissions to "Jail", pending verification with your state coordinator. Your username really is not at all appropriate here.

2018-07-31 03:45:07 UTC

hello @Infineon

2018-07-31 03:45:22 UTC
2018-07-31 03:46:18 UTC

@Infineon hey bud

2018-07-31 03:46:24 UTC

How ya doing?

2018-07-31 03:46:33 UTC

This isn't a conversation room.

2018-07-31 03:46:57 UTC

Good. both of you are jailed for 48 hours.

2018-07-31 03:47:08 UTC


2018-07-31 03:47:37 UTC

Yeah, I'm gonna have to disagree with that. No rule was broken unless you're invoking the catch-all.

2018-07-31 03:47:54 UTC

I’m wondering how you narrowed this down to us 2 tbh

2018-07-31 03:48:31 UTC

I wonder who started the shit show? 🤔

2018-07-31 03:48:52 UTC

Why do you think I @-ed about 6 people?

2018-07-31 03:49:00 UTC

No text followed it.

2018-07-31 03:49:06 UTC

That's not the way we moderate.

2018-07-31 03:49:08 UTC

Where’s their jail status?

2018-07-31 03:49:19 UTC

You’re virtue signaling for this dude

2018-07-31 03:49:30 UTC

Mike, shut up. This isn't the time.

2018-07-31 03:49:52 UTC

You know you were in the wrong.

2018-07-31 03:50:12 UTC

But, in your defence, coordinators and moderators were taking part.

2018-07-31 03:50:55 UTC

Bullshit. You were subtly teasing the new guy, looking for "intellectual conversation" mocking him with "indubitably" and "unquestionably".

2018-07-31 03:51:18 UTC

I @-ed your names as a warning - since you are ALL in the shitposting server together cackling about it.

2018-07-31 03:51:46 UTC

You two continued to mock this new member of our organization first. and now you are jailed.

2018-07-31 03:51:56 UTC

DM me or talk about this in donut shop.

2018-07-31 03:51:59 UTC

This isn't the place.

2018-07-31 03:53:11 UTC

Why not. You're being purposefully obtuse.

2018-07-31 03:53:13 UTC


2018-07-31 03:53:39 UTC


2018-07-31 03:53:51 UTC

I see a lot of names not in here.

2018-07-31 03:54:50 UTC

If this is simply for the agreements, then you need to apply it to all offenders. If this is for pinging you back, I simply did what you did to me.

2018-07-31 03:55:07 UTC

you, a moderator (former moderator?) were part of a group mocking a new member. I @ -ed all of the responsible parties as a warning - indicating I had my eye on the situation, and you and @Anti Weeb Aktion chose to keep shitposting.

2018-07-31 03:55:29 UTC

Again, reprimand everyone then.

2018-07-31 03:55:45 UTC

Don't go on this power trip on me.

2018-07-31 03:56:15 UTC

I see 4 coordinators that joined in on that.

2018-07-31 03:56:37 UTC

Let me know when you've calmed down and you're able to be talked to rationally. Until then, I'm out.

2018-07-31 03:57:04 UTC

No. This isn't about whether I followed 'autistic mod protocol'. infineon. this is about how YOU (a mod) were treating a new member (poorly). Don't worry about them. Worry about yourself.

2018-07-31 03:57:19 UTC

I typed 3 things tonight.

2018-07-31 03:57:28 UTC

This is about you going off on me for no good reason.

2018-07-31 03:57:39 UTC

Is mocking a new member appropriate behavior? Yes or no?

2018-07-31 03:57:51 UTC

Is agreeing with someone mocking them

2018-07-31 03:58:21 UTC

@Deleted User I was not @ ed on that little roster btw

2018-07-31 03:58:33 UTC

@Matthias You need to be in on this.

2018-07-31 03:58:35 UTC

You are being purposefully obtuse.

2018-07-31 03:58:39 UTC

No, I'm not.

2018-07-31 04:00:14 UTC

Yeah, sure. Bring Matt in here. Bring Patrick in. I'm sure they are cool with senior members of the organization mocking and dogpiling on noobs who don't get our culture and sense of humor yet.

2018-07-31 04:00:16 UTC


2018-07-31 04:00:42 UTC

Yeah. I think they'll see you're overreacting and power tripping.

2018-07-31 04:01:15 UTC

Now you're sitting in jail, just going off.

2018-07-31 04:01:21 UTC

I think you're being defensive for being called out on bad behavior.

2018-07-31 04:01:25 UTC

I told you this isn't the place nor procedure.

2018-07-31 04:01:36 UTC

We're honestly probably both in the wrong.

2018-07-31 04:01:42 UTC

No, it's mostly you.

2018-07-31 04:01:51 UTC


2018-07-31 04:01:57 UTC

glad we agree.

2018-07-31 04:01:59 UTC

Then yes, let's get the whole board on this.

2018-07-31 04:02:06 UTC

I'm done talking with you.

2018-07-31 04:02:12 UTC

Ok. cya.

2018-08-02 00:39:34 UTC

@Deleted User you are in jail for 24 hours, this was your second time being caught calling or joking about violence.

2018-08-02 00:41:04 UTC

The first time was May 23rd of this year.

2018-08-02 00:57:38 UTC

@ThisIsChris I deleted the second post within seconds of posting it, it was an honest mistake. I removed the comment myself. I don't mind being punished for what I did (and I don't expect mercy of any kind), it was wrong. I just thought it would go by unpunished because it was deleted by me personally. I didn't leave it up because I realized that I broke the rules after typing it, not before. I have an edgy sense of humor, and I forgot what server I was in. Sitting in here for 24hrs isn't awful, I just want you guys to know that I'm honestly and truthfully sorry and I want to follow the rules.

2018-08-02 00:59:01 UTC

@ThisIsChris What was the first thing I said btw? Could you DM me the screenshot?

2018-08-02 00:59:11 UTC

@Deleted User I hear you, and sure.

2018-08-02 01:00:28 UTC


2018-08-02 01:01:18 UTC

@ThisIsChris Thanks for hearing me brother. I'll keep out of general during firesides to avoid situations like this in the future. I tend to get into trouble with all of the energy firesides bring. Once again, I'm sincerely sorry.

2018-08-02 01:02:20 UTC

@Deleted User I appreciate your understanding that we take the rules seriously.

2018-08-02 01:03:31 UTC

Thanks for the DM. Every rule has it's reason. Rules aren't just made to be a hindrance. I understand why you did what you did and it's totally on me. @ThisIsChris

2018-08-02 01:05:05 UTC

Thanks, Wurdiz. Appreciate your understanding. We have to be vigilant on that sort of chit chat for numerous reasons.

2018-08-02 01:27:25 UTC

Thanks for being understanding, Wurdiz. We'll keep you away from gen pop while you're in here. Maybe give you some extra rations.

2018-08-02 04:48:18 UTC

@Deleted User it's been 48 hours kiddo

2018-08-11 05:19:08 UTC

Hey Bro, I Saw Your Post, Very Based, and Red Pilled as Well, Keep It Up Bro.

2018-08-11 05:19:29 UTC

Want to make it a week? @Deleted User

2018-08-11 05:19:49 UTC


2018-08-11 05:19:49 UTC

🤔 go for it

2018-08-11 05:20:00 UTC

Okay 1 week each

2018-08-11 05:20:31 UTC

Hey Bro, I Saw Your Post, Very Based, and Red Pilled as Well, Keep It Up Bro.

2018-08-11 05:20:35 UTC

make it a month big guy

2018-08-11 05:20:37 UTC

Okay off of the server

2018-08-16 01:17:58 UTC

<@477290792365588483> Really? Threatening the life of a politician? Are you trying to get us raided by the feds? You will stay here for a week.

2018-08-26 15:19:57 UTC

@The Soy Goy @johnnyc Gentlemen, last night I witnessed behavior well beyond the scope of IE afterhours shitposting. Between the two of you, I observed "HH", variants of a word beginning with the letter "N", and attempts at synchronized chain posts also beginning with the letter "N". This behavior undermines our efforts to bring about a better future for our people. A very disappointing show of energies which would be better spent on self-improvement or advancing IE's interests.

2018-08-26 17:02:56 UTC

@Argument of Perigee why did you wait until the day after you supposedly saw all this to jail us? I never posted HH or tried to spell nigger in the chat. There were like 5 other mods and coordinators and even Patrick on yesterday, do you really think if we were acting that out of line that no one would have stopped us then?

2018-08-26 17:07:06 UTC

I never recieved any warnings from mods either in dms or in the chat and the examples you provided just didn't happen so I'm confused why we were retroactively put in jail when at the time we weren't doing anything that even merited a warning.

2018-08-26 17:08:34 UTC


2018-08-26 17:11:07 UTC

I observed it all last night. Lying will get you nowhere. I chose to handle it this morning.

2018-08-26 17:11:50 UTC

I'm not lying, I'm asking you why you didn't do anything as this was supposedly happening

2018-08-26 17:12:14 UTC

I didn't do anything you're accusing me of, you can go see for yourself

2018-08-26 17:12:51 UTC

Gentlemen, you know what was posted. As well, I am currently going through and cleaning up numerous posts from the Richard Spencer discussion, of which several are yours - @The Soy Goy - sexually explicit in nature, accusatory, obscene, and just plain rude. I'm adding a week to your jail time on top of what @Argument of Perigee has given you.

2018-08-26 17:13:44 UTC

Aight cool, richard spencer is a faggot tho and as I've already said Patrick saw that conversation himself and didn't feel the need to comment on it

2018-08-26 17:13:51 UTC

If you disagree with my decision on this, or @Argument of Perigee 's decision, I recommend you take it up further with your coordinators or the board.

2018-08-26 17:14:32 UTC

Also @Argument of Perigee didn't even give us a time lmao, am I to assume its 2 weeks?

2018-08-26 17:16:57 UTC

Yes, 2 weeks total.

2018-08-26 17:17:10 UTC

Thanks chief

2018-08-26 17:17:15 UTC

1 for me?

2018-08-26 17:17:54 UTC

I'm still looking through all the posts, I will update you @johnnyc if I find the same behavior.

2018-08-26 17:18:05 UTC


2018-08-26 17:20:05 UTC

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL which coordinator should I talk to? John O is probably the closest one to me

2018-08-26 17:20:45 UTC

I'd rather not waste Patrick's or Matt's time with this tedious nonsense

2018-08-26 17:34:02 UTC

@The Soy Goy just hang tight, I will have someone, (probably Matthias given his familiarity with some of your previous issues with moderation) reach out to you.

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