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2017-04-01 00:32:34 UTC

2nd Vatican council ruined the Catholic church

2017-04-01 00:32:48 UTC

Tfw you only hail to Pius IX

2017-04-01 00:32:59 UTC


2017-04-01 00:34:20 UTC

I had another normie dox me about an hour ago but this time really good. He picked my voice out of the last Daily Shoah. I haven't talked to him in 5 years and he has been alt right since this past summer. Just had a great chat with him.

2017-04-01 00:34:52 UTC


2017-04-01 00:34:58 UTC


2017-04-01 00:35:01 UTC

https://twitter.com/PrisonPlanet/status/847469750267412482 look, PJW did something useful, this is a Colin Flaherty article

2017-04-01 00:36:31 UTC

he was in the army with me and he is a good goy. He's a damned apprentice gunsmith which is bad ass

2017-04-01 00:37:24 UTC

That is pretty sweet

2017-04-01 00:39:21 UTC

To commemorate Dylan Roof's service... he wuz a good boi, wuz just goping to church n' turning his life 'round https://youtu.be/Ni-sFzs4nbQ

2017-04-01 00:39:29 UTC


2017-04-01 00:39:37 UTC

@Eli Mosley how the fuck did that phone call start

2017-04-01 00:39:45 UTC

"uhhhh so i listen to this podcast and..."

2017-04-01 00:39:55 UTC

one sec brb and ill tell ya

2017-04-01 00:40:31 UTC

@Eli Mosley and his stories..........mannnnnn you main chief round the campfire!

2017-04-01 00:40:51 UTC

This Eli Mosley nigga everywhere

2017-04-01 00:43:27 UTC

@wyatt if someone has your bound email address, they can send it

2017-04-01 00:43:37 UTC

sry, was at hockey game with family

2017-04-01 00:44:07 UTC


2017-04-01 00:47:14 UTC

@Caerulus_Rex started doing the swings with my 25lb kettlebell, its the only one i have at home and seems alright to me

2017-04-01 00:47:44 UTC

also, @Caerulus_Rex my editing shit was rushed in that video

2017-04-01 00:47:46 UTC

He basically called. Asked how I was doing and I told him I was getting into political activism way more than I used to be (when he knew me we were both doing stuff for Ron Paul campaign). He then brought up Trump and the MAGA marches and I said I was at the Philly one. Then he came right out and asked me and we chatted about the alt right for like 45 mins.

2017-04-01 00:47:56 UTC

i had to go pick up family and hockey tix

2017-04-01 00:47:59 UTC


2017-04-01 00:48:22 UTC

@Eli Mosley it feels good to be slowly redpilling old normies i used to know

2017-04-01 00:49:00 UTC

since im on lone wolf status idgaf and am just constantly feeding them red pills

2017-04-01 00:49:47 UTC

I mean he was redpilled already. He listens to TDS and stuff. I asked him his red pill story and he said "bruh we both always couldn't stand being around niggers and spics". But he actually came through Milo.

2017-04-01 00:50:14 UTC

yeah i just mean im even doing it to the libs i know

2017-04-01 00:50:38 UTC

i got one hippyish dude i went to high school withto start hating niggers

2017-04-01 00:50:38 UTC

>using those 2 words together

2017-04-01 00:50:52 UTC

Milo to daily stormer specifically. He saw Milo vs DS and said "thank god there are non fags"

2017-04-01 00:50:55 UTC


2017-04-01 00:51:01 UTC


2017-04-01 00:51:02 UTC


2017-04-01 00:51:07 UTC

fuck what did i say....

2017-04-01 00:51:12 UTC


2017-04-01 00:51:13 UTC

Russian, you silly goose

2017-04-01 00:51:31 UTC

you are such a jokester

2017-04-01 00:51:33 UTC

Gray, I'm a Professional Russian now, not a Mad one.

2017-04-01 00:51:45 UTC

See my oliver people's glasses?

2017-04-01 00:52:13 UTC

I mean it's not rare that people come through Milo

2017-04-01 00:52:19 UTC


2017-04-01 00:52:21 UTC

its true

2017-04-01 00:52:52 UTC

that's why i won't disavow stickman hardcore

2017-04-01 00:52:58 UTC

because milo brought people through

2017-04-01 00:53:05 UTC

and at least stickman doesnt suck nigger dick

2017-04-01 00:53:14 UTC

I'll disavow stickman more than milo

2017-04-01 00:53:23 UTC

Because of those faceberg posts

2017-04-01 00:53:36 UTC

dude he was probably just sperging or drunk

2017-04-01 00:53:43 UTC

ill give him benefit of doubt

2017-04-01 00:53:45 UTC


2017-04-01 00:53:47 UTC

I can thank the Navy+Morrakiu

2017-04-01 00:53:54 UTC

and i know Gavin McAnus has been in his ear hardcore

2017-04-01 00:53:55 UTC

But milos a fag so he won't have kids

2017-04-01 00:53:57 UTC

a LOT of people have

2017-04-01 00:54:00 UTC

Stickmans kids are hapas

2017-04-01 00:54:06 UTC

since he got soooomuch attention all of a sudden

2017-04-01 00:54:10 UTC

Hapas are usually fucking nuts dude

2017-04-01 00:54:18 UTC

well we can just deal with his kids later

2017-04-01 00:54:21 UTC

I've only known 2 hapas to be mentally stable

2017-04-01 00:54:24 UTC

yeah dude

2017-04-01 00:54:28 UTC

i hate hapas

2017-04-01 00:54:39 UTC

but if he wants to keep bashing people with a stick im cool with it

2017-04-01 00:54:45 UTC

Haha true

2017-04-01 00:54:50 UTC

maybe he will end up killing his kids one day

2017-04-01 00:54:57 UTC

he did go fashy haircut

2017-04-01 00:55:00 UTC


2017-04-01 00:55:01 UTC


2017-04-01 00:55:06 UTC

his kids aren't the traditional hapas they're SE Asian so they're probably less neurotic with their lower IQ, they're basically flips

2017-04-01 00:55:18 UTC

that cracked me up that he got the haircut

2017-04-01 00:55:23 UTC

Idk dude

2017-04-01 00:55:34 UTC

SE hapas usually are more likely to be normal

2017-04-01 00:55:39 UTC


2017-04-01 00:55:46 UTC

But it should still be avoided at all costs

2017-04-01 00:55:51 UTC

SE asians dont fuck me off as much

2017-04-01 00:56:01 UTC

"as much"

2017-04-01 00:56:06 UTC


2017-04-01 00:56:54 UTC

SE Asians should be deported to Mexico they look similar and I don't give a shit

2017-04-01 00:57:33 UTC

this may be oven worthy, but the new efukt video is about a guy that decided he and his wife should "swing," but while at an orgy, once some black dude started banging his wife, all of the other chicks left the room, so he was just left there watching his wife get banged by some nigger. Pretty good metaphor for modernity.

2017-04-01 00:58:33 UTC

efukt actually makes you hate porn and almost all degeneracy

2017-04-01 01:00:22 UTC

@everyone please watch!


2017-04-01 01:00:34 UTC

efukt is hilariosu

2017-04-01 01:01:45 UTC


2017-04-01 01:03:08 UTC

Your boy is redpilled as fuck already, Asgard. He doesn't even need to read Culture of Critique now lol

2017-04-01 01:05:25 UTC

I was so surprised lol

2017-04-01 01:05:53 UTC

proud dad moment

2017-04-01 01:06:54 UTC

look at my based son in a trump hat

2017-04-01 01:10:31 UTC

based son should be a meme

2017-04-01 01:13:47 UTC

Ready for the 1488th Battalion.


2017-04-01 01:13:49 UTC


2017-04-01 01:14:26 UTC

>the foot placement on that roundhouse kick

2017-04-01 01:14:34 UTC

I hope your kid does not like his knee

2017-04-01 01:15:22 UTC

He's 5 he's learning lol

2017-04-01 01:16:12 UTC

He could be eating soy and watching mtv @SLUG2_

2017-04-01 01:16:18 UTC

He can already beat up antifa

2017-04-01 01:16:49 UTC


2017-04-01 01:18:55 UTC

woah, look at that dank kid doing a roundhouse kick, fucking based.

2017-04-01 01:19:04 UTC


2017-04-01 01:19:08 UTC

thats great

2017-04-01 01:19:14 UTC

@FylnnGardian he needs a red MAGA hat

2017-04-01 01:19:31 UTC

He needs a hood more right now

2017-04-01 01:19:39 UTC

If u know what I mean lol

2017-04-01 01:19:43 UTC


2017-04-01 01:20:04 UTC


2017-04-01 01:20:06 UTC

you must have him on red pill supplements

2017-04-01 01:20:25 UTC

High Test

2017-04-01 01:20:32 UTC

That's the ultimate red pill

2017-04-01 01:23:56 UTC

Ok i gotta go return this pool valve

2017-04-01 01:24:00 UTC

get my shekels back

2017-04-01 01:24:29 UTC

be back later tonight likely

2017-04-01 01:29:32 UTC

later man

2017-04-01 01:33:54 UTC

Later bro

2017-04-01 01:55:17 UTC

better version

2017-04-01 02:01:10 UTC

Article in the MSM about MGTOW and the comments are all about how shit feminism is...
Jesus how far has the window moved

2017-04-01 02:02:08 UTC

We have to push it further

2017-04-01 02:30:27 UTC


2017-04-01 02:32:47 UTC


2017-04-01 02:36:01 UTC
2017-04-01 03:01:19 UTC


2017-04-01 03:02:53 UTC

Where is everyone

2017-04-01 03:12:40 UTC


2017-04-01 03:14:13 UTC


2017-04-01 03:27:39 UTC

Welp I just got a 7 day ban over a boomerpost

2017-04-01 03:27:51 UTC

Some report fags in the group

2017-04-01 03:39:38 UTC


2017-04-01 03:41:23 UTC


2017-04-01 03:42:08 UTC

Apparently it's against the terms of service to say Gook. That's what you get when you invite actual boomers in. ITS SATIRE BRO

2017-04-01 04:01:36 UTC

>fight gooks in Korea and Vietnam
>see your buddies shot in the face by them
>some kid on the internet calls them gooks
>report them

2017-04-01 04:15:46 UTC

probably had no issues calling them gooks when he was shooting at them

2017-04-01 04:17:56 UTC


2017-04-01 04:19:07 UTC

>implying they shot at them and didn't either burn their draft cards and attend Woodstock and take acid or just shoot heroin and smoke dope when he was supposed to be watching his buddy's back

2017-04-01 04:23:41 UTC


2017-04-01 04:27:06 UTC

HIGHLY recommend watching this

2017-04-01 04:31:19 UTC


2017-04-01 04:33:51 UTC

In the full documentary the dude goes on to tell about how he made a necklace with VC ears and such. Crazy stuff.

2017-04-01 04:56:03 UTC
2017-04-01 04:56:14 UTC

That explains why I got banned from fb

2017-04-01 05:01:47 UTC

Boomerposting gets too real

2017-04-01 05:16:18 UTC

>ywn go bearhunting with Varg "I eat Christians" Vikernes

2017-04-01 05:21:46 UTC

>tfw you're just trying to ride the tiger and the sores and ulcers on its back start to fester and leak on you... 🀒😷


2017-04-01 05:40:33 UTC

Oy vey

2017-04-01 05:40:53 UTC

Where is a Nazi from the Ideology of Peace

2017-04-01 05:40:57 UTC


2017-04-01 05:41:12 UTC

sheeeeeeeit nobody in VOIP tonight/?

I refuse to believe anyone is asleep or doing something social on a friday night

2017-04-01 05:43:10 UTC

im playing rocket league online

2017-04-01 05:43:12 UTC

thats kinda social

2017-04-01 05:43:15 UTC

i'm reading

2017-04-01 05:43:21 UTC

Varge is a fag larping in the woods as a noble savage

2017-04-01 05:43:28 UTC

im on ps4 lol

2017-04-01 05:43:38 UTC

it was free

2017-04-01 05:43:43 UTC


2017-04-01 05:43:52 UTC

are you sure you're not a jew?

Bruh you'll never see my sick aerials

I think I have you Koba

2017-04-01 05:44:06 UTC

>he doesnt build a nice gaming pc and choose to play on ps4 instead

2017-04-01 05:44:07 UTC


2017-04-01 05:44:23 UTC

i still have a ps3

2017-04-01 05:44:25 UTC

>he buys games

2017-04-01 05:44:26 UTC


2017-04-01 05:44:29 UTC

i need to upgrade

I have a ps44 beside me

2017-04-01 05:44:35 UTC

This is fucking autism

2017-04-01 05:44:38 UTC


2017-04-01 05:44:49 UTC

@Koba shut yo mouf

2017-04-01 05:44:58 UTC

Ps4s r shit but if you dont have the money for a real desktop its permissable

2017-04-01 05:45:06 UTC

i literally have everything

2017-04-01 05:45:09 UTC

>console fags

2017-04-01 05:45:14 UTC


2017-04-01 05:45:15 UTC

pc, xbone, ps4, switch

2017-04-01 05:45:21 UTC

Literally noose yourself

2017-04-01 05:45:29 UTC

you know how often i use em

2017-04-01 05:45:30 UTC

i always had a playstation

2017-04-01 05:45:31 UTC

barely ever

2017-04-01 05:45:38 UTC

You could easily have a great desktop u use everyday

2017-04-01 05:45:43 UTC

i do

2017-04-01 05:46:01 UTC

gtx 970 and i5 4690k is more than enuff

2017-04-01 05:46:04 UTC

You know how much lead those consoles could buy

2017-04-01 05:46:23 UTC

Those consoles are like a good hunting rifle and 500 rounds of decent ammo

2017-04-01 05:46:24 UTC

heres the thing, i need ps4 for persona 5

2017-04-01 05:46:34 UTC

switch isnt technically mine

2017-04-01 05:46:36 UTC

>persona 5

2017-04-01 05:46:39 UTC

Literally what

2017-04-01 05:46:43 UTC

and xbox has all my rock band dlc

2017-04-01 05:46:49 UTC

brb unfriending you

2017-04-01 05:46:56 UTC

Fuck my autism is flaring up again

2017-04-01 05:47:07 UTC

lol at @badtanman that avi

I'd honestly buy persona

2017-04-01 05:47:11 UTC

You guys have triggered the shit out of me with this console posting

if Enzo wasn't such a fag with his ps4

2017-04-01 05:47:18 UTC

Cash me outside

2017-04-01 05:47:18 UTC

like holy shit nigga

2017-04-01 05:47:32 UTC

@Caerulus_Rex they were talking about flat earth in chat earlier lol

bruh I can't even watch anime on it without getting shit from that lil shit

2017-04-01 05:47:53 UTC

its a shame you cant threaten to deport him

2017-04-01 05:47:54 UTC

>watching anime

2017-04-01 05:47:57 UTC

it would backfire

2017-04-01 05:47:59 UTC

Noose ursel m8

2017-04-01 05:48:13 UTC

deport everyone who has even considered flat earth

2017-04-01 05:48:27 UTC

lol it's koba autism hours

2017-04-01 05:48:30 UTC

>tfw someone with barely functioning eyes and brain wants me to kill myself

2017-04-01 05:48:37 UTC

>u haven't taken the torus earth redpill yet

2017-04-01 05:48:38 UTC


2017-04-01 05:48:46 UTC

>he hasnt taken the sinead and console pill

2017-04-01 05:48:49 UTC

You guys are at like step 1 of the redpill

2017-04-01 05:49:05 UTC

>you haven't even heard of hollow torus earth redpill

Have you taken the hollow earth pill?

2017-04-01 05:49:14 UTC

the earth might not be flat but that sweet chest sure is

2017-04-01 05:49:14 UTC

You're not even /esoteric/

2017-04-01 05:49:25 UTC

You're all just fucking larpers

2017-04-01 05:49:29 UTC

You're not even alt right

2017-04-01 05:49:32 UTC

youre not wrong

We're just edgy libertarians!

2017-04-01 05:49:56 UTC

I'll have you know I just ate 3 sleeping pills and I'm not even fuckingtired that's how redpilled i,am

2017-04-01 05:50:03 UTC


2017-04-01 05:50:05 UTC

so is the earth not a solid sphere

2017-04-01 05:50:17 UTC

That's how much hate is flowing through my veins for niggers and kikes rn

2017-04-01 05:50:21 UTC


2017-04-01 05:50:21 UTC

the earth is shaped like a christmas tree you tards

2017-04-01 05:50:22 UTC


2017-04-01 05:50:26 UTC


2017-04-01 05:50:27 UTC


2017-04-01 05:50:29 UTC


2017-04-01 05:50:33 UTC

lolol koba

2017-04-01 05:50:58 UTC

>he thinks the earth is a donut

2017-04-01 05:51:30 UTC

I would unironically accidentally cut my brakes before flooring it into a #resist rally it one ever happened in pittsburgh

2017-04-01 05:51:38 UTC


2017-04-01 05:51:41 UTC


2017-04-01 05:51:43 UTC


2017-04-01 05:51:51 UTC


2017-04-01 05:52:07 UTC



2017-04-01 05:52:09 UTC

Sinead should be used as a sterile basic training dummy for White Sharia Enforement Battalion recruits.

2017-04-01 05:52:13 UTC

Fbi no bully white supremacy is a religion of peace

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