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most likely, my VPN acts up with voice chat

wow John Boyega's acting career really hit a wall

that'll get thrown out quickly, it's an express power of the president to do this

the judge is just throwing a menorah in the gears of justice

queen quadroon

I use niggertech (apple headset plugged into my $300 laptop)

that guy's nose is coming out of the screen right at me

indeed fam

@c6%G why don't you show up on the userlist

good opsec

gas geez why do they persecute us so

milker magnet

this is Goebbels not Hitler


this is the best timeline probably a shitlib faggot but i still laughed

i'm just glad you got out and got redpilled before dying in a marching accident

nite goys

ya son

just want to say @WACRx that your twitter is fire

i can recommend you a great rabbi

diary of a wimpy yid is so fucking good



that is not dadcore approved

15/89 hail hortler

@Bero not trying to be a dick fam, but Trump is the best thing we have going

avatars vs no avatars

'nite goyim

Steve Bannon will be keeping a close eye on (((Kushner)))

Don't forget that 6 month Olds recognizing race is due to structural white supremacy, goy

I thought it was the opposite

er wait I meant between Africans vs between Europeans

iktf steve

every large firm hires armies of semi literate IT monkeys

Sometimes I can't tell if the folks in the Argentina chat are joking or actually autists

I'll hop in this chat after I shovel my driveway. Dat exurb life

what fantastic news, Trump is exceeding expectations daily

A lot of the "Hispanics" are black Dominicans and Haitians

Most catchers are White or mostly white hispanics

I'll be in NYC over the weekend, goy

One day in the near future you'll hear a familiar smooth chocolatey voice crooning faintly in the background. You'll slowly turn around as the television affixed to the wall playing Fox News slowly comes into focus. You look into the eyes of this, the newest Trump administration official as a smile washes over your face. This is winning.

Sucks being muted but I'm in a loud bar

but isn't this where we come to get away from there? lol

namely us, we are pros

awww yea get crunk nigguhs

lol nice. I can't even look at that beaner after watching Lana's takedown of his antiwhite show

hahaha make jews squirm

It was so quiet in here while the cool kids were away

@c6%G isn't white

8ch told me

are you a jew shill? amren is almost as bad as TRS :^)

shouldn't the parentheses be around "fixing"

bachelor's in psych can you even round up to a dollar when you're handing out change for a soy latte


And look up alumni who are in decent careers and see how they got there whether it was on campus recruiting, old fashioned networking or what

still kicking myself for not buying a mitt

Cool I get to ice pick my driveway :/

but Miller has that chutzpah I'd love to see his coethnics in the media try him

"I didn't know how many they were gonna need, but I knew how many they were gonna use." -Johnny Monoxide as he gets thrown out of a bar


Yes goy just like Watergate hint hint

Just resign already

@D'Marcus Liebowitz ay son did the alcohol get to you, posting in the wrong channel my nigguh

I'll hop in when I get back to the car

don't drown in our thirstposting

I had a Jetta once

yo good to have you in the discord 88showers

wew the tism in the other chat

I'll be there man. Just want to get a feel for what the hell is going on over there

It seems that nonwhite races don't have long conversations about the goodness of women before popping out their worthless spawn

so basically your standard is white hot and smart

just jettison the intelligence reg and you'll find plenty of girls in LA

Then you're probably going to have to settle for less on the attractiveness scale

I sympathize with your situation it must be hard when most girls you meet are 2 standard deviations under you in IQ

I wouldn't know

Good luck man, sincerely

*suppresses notifications*

can confirm

Lol immediately discarded when I read he only dates whites, didn't read the rest. Fuck this Paki fuck

Thanks for your service though nothing against your work Asgardian

Ethnic nationalism is awful but I prefer your people to my own

maybe i'm burnt out from work but i cannot tell who you're trying to shit on here zorost

cat get your keyboard?

i take back my q after reading the last post :p

As far as subversive jewry goes that interviewer was an amateur, I expected better gotchas from a jewish professor

quite possible, i often discount that due to my blind hatred

oh shit we got Zeke on discord

all the best goys


to be fair, in Brooklyn traffic trying to get home in time for shabbat it's only 0.6 miles

*quietly updates blackpeoplemeet account*

goyim sure are stu- oh hi

Ideally use unique passwords or just use a password manager

dis nickname

howdy, congrats on your engagement my man

"I don't care who plows my wife as long as he supports free markets and Israel" -Richard Griffiths

hmm I wonder why he chose this channel to message me

Oh god im found out

don't tell her I'm cheating

thanks I know my totally real secret is safe with you

Correct, other than me it's quite good

>shall remain forever

*cries solitary tear*

It didn't happen

How was the pool party goys

FYI it's not a well kept secret thanks to certain goys who were kicked out

you could confed pill her

that's me

>tfw the one day you're home on time and no one is in voice

she needs a husband tbh

>tfw wyatt won't respond to your sexts

>tfw getting a drink

It's going to happen

just read the last line

Wtf Gayvin doxed you

I didn't hear your bacon

We saw this months ago it's invented by a literal rabbi

it did but nigger heaven stole it

ok you got me

Slug doxxxed

most! important! discord! is! niggkike bar mitzvah!

somehow i doubt this he'll probably be like, who

must bleed i mean read

yeah, Enoch tweeted it out earlier I just read it

complete with shabbos gook

I'm only the first part of that because we don't hire naggers

Doesn't IE sell patches

the real question is does it get normies to think of jews in new ways

to question

yeah there's only one part of a normie I'd inhabit tbh

named after how the niglet was conceived

Did anyone catch the NYT article worrying about the wage depressing effect in Mexico from deported Mexican laborers? Pure chutzpah

It makes sense that only (((they))) have the perfect word to describe their behavior fam

It's the type of article that gets pushback from the liberal whites in comments

so go listen to some

what came up, was it weed paraphernalia

yea im working from home tomorrow fuck that

I don't believe we matter that much

If by commies you're including the education and university system and cultural marxist jews, not ye t

The only choices are dead or autistic

oh gawd did no one warn chromosome dodger about you

milhouse is not a meme is a meme

found this better pic of lauren she looks really hot here, suck it haters

when did those kikes remove comments

what's it called when you hetero thirst over eli, convo

shut up fags


link that vid please



connor is their nickname for you

"tell me about brain guy, he's soooo interestinnng"


nah that's my fault


android update fucked with attachments ree

she's literally said that all the drugs she did in the past made her crazy

guess i'm an accessory to putin, it was fun but i'll be waiting for the knock on the door

nah if you want to get me you can address me directly

intrigued and terrified

not it

it's your fault that the questions weren't about weed or twerking

but goy don't you want to be prepared for the workforce where you will also deal with worthless niggers who take credit for your work?

doing manual labor with a jew might be worse

luckily there are no recorded cases

maybe you got fired for your taste in movies

*walks in and reads this conversation*

porn whores aren't swplnationalism

*shakes head*

who here /twofeetofsnow/

yes you guys are fugged almost as much as i am

>liking your job
yeah that's just a meme

>not working with a recruiter so you don't have to send any applications

and you probably didn't meet many real texans


yeah Texas is full of transplants from what i hear

you guys got rid of the cotton but not the niggers? smh

>not calling it tic tac toe board

Asgardian we're triple fucked

in the 2 feet zone in the hills

it's gonna take more than two feet of white powder to kill this guy

no, that's the only GOOD one

also i want a quad but i'm just suburban enough to not have any fucking space

oh the nagger at work asked me if the heat goes out when the power goes out

should've said no tbh


can't we just steal all the emojis from former argentina

and i was ignoring it

no i'm sexier

no i'm as tan as i've ever been and still as pale as an irish person

>tfw you hate animal collective but like many similar bands

47/50 oh man

are you sure you're ok to live on the open road

ok since you nagged me about it enough times fine

is this my future



but the jews told me that fascist leaders have inferior genetics

i can take the PC one since it's not wrongthink

ree why are they using a nonwhite subhuman

got them all right up until now

i ain't mad at cha

h-heh it was just a test to see if you recognized him

lmao you can't even interpret the test you autist

i'm clearly not

>analyzing the test this much

protip: the best possible outcome of 3d women is dying in a hospital at 80 so just jerk off to anime

it was always me

idk what to call it lol

can you put it in the soul

just overlay the members of any black metal band ever and you're set daily reminder that this is a real book and not a /pol/ meme

order now and get delivery in time for the race war

the detention facilities are their brains it's where you store the bullets

focus on building cool stuff

i provide professional services for jewish landlords

kill me

at least you're trying to stop the jews

i don't believe for a second that there are only 6M in the US

it's more fake than the number of illegals


not enough

no bully nsa

i prefer the jews go through a rapid process of sublimation

get three states of matter for the price of two, what a bargain

isn't that the one that's just giant rectangles taking up valuable city space

mid century like 1933-45

eh some of the new NYC buildings are really bad

gnome sane?

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