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It's shame, a real damn shame. We lost two good men today.

GAS! GAS! GAS! I'm gonna gas all these kikes! TOOOONIIIIIGHT THEY DIE!

@wyatt I've had the new Kono Suba sitting in my HD, I don't it to end!

I really fucking like Krispy Kreme Kafรฉ

Can't wait till I get home cuz it just shipped

I see someone noticed what I was trying to do

But I ended up getting the pressurized container

I tried to talk about music but hazzard kept wanting to TRS post

@Convo ๅคฉใทใ‚‰้ฅ‚้ฃฉใฏใ„ใงใ™ใ‚ˆ

Next episode of Reichsmusik is gonna be on Euro Beats

I actually started unironically when I was 14

The bitch is a super thot, hitting on everyone, he decided to take the heat. I was surprised tbh

Convince the kikes we're making scientific progress

Hell its almost rare to see a white person tbh

If you have the disposable income and credit to get a loan, open a dialysis center

Ryancare is 5d move on Trump in order to discredit Ryan and the neocons

I think next place will be in either Africa or South SE ASIA

I kinda want to buy a HWNDU flag, raise it outside my house and see how long it'll take pol to get wind of

Finally get within the 100s on last episode

Every chat that I post I always seems to die

I give trump a week before he unveils trumpcare

@everyone watch this shit if you want the real healthcare redpill

It was for different reasons that me and freelance left though

mainly getting the levels right and transitions in

You could've saved face by growing at least 3 inches taller

either way im not here to start shit with you johnny

What is the official soft drink of the alt right?

If I said alcohol it'd have to Pilsner Beer

I won't bash it becuase as the night progress it always mysteriously appears at a poarty

Malibu is decent but it does make you a faggot

Kars4Kidsย is a multinationalย non-profitย nationalย car donationย organization based inย Lakewood, New Jerseyย andย Toronto, Ontarioย which donates its proceeds toย Oorah, an incorporatedย Orthodox Jewishย kiruvย (outreach) organization dedicated to "awakening Jewish children and their families to their heritage."[1]ย Kars4Kids is a United States basedย 501(C)3ย non-profit organization.[2]ย It is a gold level participant inย GuideStar's information exchange,[3]ย receivesย Charity Navigator's "poor" rating of one out of a possible four stars,[4]ย and has been criticized for inadequately disclosing its religious mission.[5]ย It was founded in 1994 by Rabbi Chaim Mintz.[6]

Okay so I asked this in the other server, but what is the alt. Right's official cereal?

Ya know there this person in my jap class who I still don't know if it's just a really skinny chick or a tranny

Ya know the alt right just ended up getting me more interested in anime


damn you Caifornia taxes and delivery fees!

I refuse to believe anyone is asleep or doing something social on a friday night

bruh I can't even watch anime on it without getting shit from that lil shit

@Koba sorry I can't get get on voice! Watching attack on titan and Boku no hero academia

If the OP isn't by Porno Graffitti I will murder these nips

Pres. Trump shows up to your door asking for lunch

what do you do?

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