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This thing ain't connecting

RIP TaySachs

Think Jack was mad about this? LOL

Best one

Stealing that, fam

Dem sloppy hangers

Ah, I see


Stealing that one too!

Maybe he means one drink at a time, Ken lol

I'm giving ya shit, dude lol. BTW, been enjoying TKR.

Azz was fuckin' triggered on not the last one, but the one before where kiddy diddling came up. Never heard him that amped up before. Wonder what's in store this weekend

Looks good. I would eat that like I would TayTay's clam wallet lol

Ugh, Planet fuckin' Fitness. I'd go full fash there too

Why the fuck did Cantwell block ya? Did ya ask him how ReekanJew pussy tastes? lol

Never Forget

Hey, does the TRS board, are they still doing invites?

Fashy Beauty standards

Why would she?



The old I Came meme

What shit?

TFW your waifu is tired of your shit

Barloesius Schrift


When they take away your water filter sheckles

LOL Nice


^Dank OC

Faggots are gonna faggot and then pedo. that's the news, Steven

He talked like he was normalizing men to fuck 13 year olds.

You niggas do talk a lot

I'll hop on voice in a bit. Got off work a bit ago and eating now

Fuck, I oughta make a new Twitter, but I'm coming back as a nigger

I'm hear but I don't have my shit hooked up

here* Goddamn I'm retarded lol

BTW, I found a video outing Milo.

D'marcus, I dunno how that throat don't get sore with the NigJew voice lol

I'd suck Ann Coulter's Cock

It's just a really big clit I've heard

Asgadian is on Do Not Disturb. We were talking about Sour Dough Yeast Infections and he had to go fap lol

Just be glad ya ain't in the other chat lol. Lotsa degeneracy


Porno ET would be ashamed

This is how Weimar started

I'd almost rather watch Porno ET than libshits sperg out at a college campus

Please clap

Emenant Domain is Imminent. Border territory probably cheap AF too


I'l hop on in a few, hang on

Wait, ya can hear that?

Shit, my bad


Damn, I shoulda played some Pantera for you guys lol

My shit must not be working

Me too. 16 Shoahs under my belt

Hey, I gotta move before this happens though. I'm not getting stuck with more Muds and Fags around lol

I'm gonna X out and restart and maybe my headset will wanna work




Ya think ol' Rocky there was Jewish? lol

Sweden... YES!

Have a good one, goy

Hold on, I'm gonna make my nigger account

Aw shit, I need a Ukranian phone number to sign up. Damn

Yeah, they didn't do that on signup last time I was on Twitter

Later on Chef. Keep that oven warm

Shit, does anybody have a free SMS or message service that Twitter hasn't found out about? The one I'm using I think they're wise too

Shit, this is frustrating. Google Voice won't let me use SMS Online for it

I don't wanna have to go to Kroger and get another cheap Samsung for 20 bucks. Dammit

Guess it is after midnight on the East Coast.

Fuck it I'm out for now. Talk to ya niggers tomorrow

In his defense.... would you fuck a purple nippled unibrowed broad whose pussy smelled like week old curry or a nice white girl? I still say he gets the rope, but I'm just saying

Holy shit I'm way behind on here

I haven't done that yet. Not gonna jinx myself tho

Hahahhahaha, I'd buy that for a dollar

How old are ya, Asgard????

Was wondering.. ya posting Dinosaurs on Twitter and Bonnie Tyler lyrics and all

Thought you were older than my old fart ass for a minute lol

Gimmie a bit Bella, I'll hop on.

Earliest vid from them I've seen was the Duke video in 2005 I think.

The fuck?


Real Mufugghen AIDies moozic

We whites are fucked now lol

See, like I said,.... a downsy version of the Roman Salute lol

Hey, I'll be back

Goddamn it, I was post cucked.. nig kike

Hey goys

Just so ya don't fear the #SwoleLeft, I found their leader lol

Vidya posting???

What's with all the voice rooms all split up like that?

oh.. okay

Hahahaha, Mel's thinking "Goddamn, at least wipe your hands after ya have KFC"

Gimmie a minute here and I'll hop on

Hang on, I gotta reset Discord

Ya watch the oscars, Bran?

Oven Time

Shoula known with a name like [REDACTED]

There will be no bun in the oven for her..just her lol

LOL Good work

Damn son.... she kinda got ya

That video... I only have one thing for it

Okay, gimmie a bit and I'll jump in

Hey, No Guido Nationalism here, Asgard lol

They're all fat... goddamn. Just a huge gut protruding from their sad, pudgy selfs.. Sad. The only thing protuding on me is my crotch, nigga lol


"British Culture" now

Hang on Eli

How to check for traps in the AltRight

Fuck, I'll do it

Do they wanna throw the Jew down the Well?



Because I'm not there to give her a nice massage lol

At A Kabul Singles Bar

Check out Gay Skyrim at Berkely

This is what ya blast when ya got black neighbors

This whole chat with women

Me too fam, I need a palate cleanser

Another black pill of a different variety

This is why no Mars

Nah, closest one to me was in Woodstock IL, 100 miles away from me

Nigger Parenting

This is a 10/10 In 'Straya

Fuckin' right, m8

We gave her the Crocodile Dundee test, OAth.. it's all good


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