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I'm gonna check out I'll see yall tomorrow

Happy chad Friday goys

All you guys are talking about jobs and I'm a NEET

It's no worries until bills are due

Ya son! Ya boy made it!

currently recording le report de Krypto


ah shit wrong thread

@Zorost > Holy shit...
>Part of Trump's speech on the Holocaust (which didn't mention jews):
“In the name of the perished, I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my Presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good,” he concluded. “Together, we will make love and tolerance prevalent throughout the world.”
>So the evil side won in WW2? Hmmmm...

Holy shit indeed!

@Myne1001 > What did he mean by this?

Hopefully he meant it's gonna be anudda shoah!

I'm Caerulus Rex on basically everything, and you can tell it's me because of my new fan art avi

I think Bibi saw an opportunity to not be an annoying kike for about the time it takes to compose a tweet.

You know whats funny is the most disdainful shit I've ever heard about Bibi didn't come from one of us. It came from the gay Jew that organized "Bama sits", the group of Bama students that go to Alabama sportsball events just to sit during the national anthem

Oh, btw he got kicked out of the fraternity he was in for sexually assaulting a chick at a party and using the excuse that he was gay, after already being in trouble for trying to find dudes to blow at another fraternity's band party after a gameday, while wearing letters.

The kid is from Long Island and his dad is an actual Jeweler

Well, when you troll that hard you're gonna elicit spergin

I wanna see some mother fuckers do dead lifts.

thats a shit show thres like 30 people in the VC

what you need nigga

goddamn it, yall have been arguing about that longer than yall have known me

nigger unplug all your analog radio recording stuff, plug in some 2017 current year fucking head phones and a mic and come in the VC

damn this nigga bantz back hard as fuck

nigga come explain about the little school kids that needed to stifle their power level

nigga how the fuck you make keto friendly nachos that dont make no goddamn sense. Next you gonna tell me Michael Jackson really is Paris' father

I'm bantzing Bryden on his periscope

getting food

They all have to go back

What happened Johnny you give too much attention to the other 5,000,000?

sup nigga

hehe, yeah

The best move I've made in this whole podcast process is getting Vendetta as my co host

The next three months of my podcast are going to have the sound of cars passing by, drunk people walking past my window, and the floor above me getting pounded by my upstairs neighbors, and probably the occasional sounds of [something, something...degeneracy]

I have to get the hell out of this city

I'm bouncing out too



yeah Azzmador finds it necessary to be a troll no matter what

And an update for all the Salting the Earth listeners; I'm now pretty sure the girl in the room above mine is a Jewess

Reactionary Report is pretty good. I'm salty they made it onto TRS after 3 episodes. My sound qaulity has been better than there's since week 8. They do deserve it though because their content is good

Nah first I had been thinking about it earlier and then realized every other person I know that drives a VW is a kike and then I looked her up on FB and gave her facial features a really good look, I never noticed before because you can only tell from certain angles but she definitely has the nose

The whole time I was looking at her pictures on FB I was lol'ing. I've been blasting all the podcasts I listen to cranked up pretty loud the whole time I've lived here.

probably, I always thought it was really fucking wierd

It's the only kind of car I've ever seen a star of david on

And I've seen several


I've seen one Beetle and I have no idea how many Jettas with stars of David on them, and the only Jetta I've ever seen without one is owned by a friend who probably doesn't follow me on twitter anymore, because he has to go back.

oy vey!

I'll be in soon lemme make anudda drank

I'm watching pewdiepies response to the media

Good morning to all you goys that don't follow me on snap chat

When they aren't in a combat zone

Then they pay an extra heavy nigger tax

Hell yeah

What time you wanna go?

Yes, @Asgardian117 what time is good for you

If you were coming on with your phone you have to start a new account from a PC with a VPN and then if you want to log in with your phone again you have to a) use a VPN and b) use your phones browser. Do NOT use the app.

Hey Johnny

If he was we would just be talking about how he is a 4-10 spaghettis nigger

Johnny might be a short spaghetti nigger but her is mein spaghetti neger

IAR was mein fav

Twitter isn't working very well with mozilla rn

Yeah, @Asgardian117 I bantzed back

Fuckin game deniers. Hilarious. They remind me of all the boyfriends I've ever discovered a chick had cheated on with me.

The best is people wanting me to say how much I dead lift. It's not likely anyone who can actually dead lift more than me gives a fuck.

Someone needs to make a fashy parody of Pink Floyds another brick in the wall..."Annudda brick in da wall, goy" and let me yell at the end "If you don't do the dead lifts, you can't have any tendies! How can you have tendies if you don't do your dead lifts!?!?!?!"

Some motivation for everyone

That didn't work the way I wanted it to

I'm basically a NEET 28 days out of the month, but I use my time to lift and be a professional racist


@WACRx 14:35 to 14:55


I just wrote a script for one of know what, actually, I'm gonna keep that to myself.


it already broke yesterday

major outlets are still scrambling to get confirmation and/or track down the source. Joe Bernstein is trying desperately to get un-content cucked. ARC isn't budging

We might fuck with him though


Yall read the above. Since the source brought it to us instead of (((((((((Joe fucking Brrnstein)))))))) (which I talked the source out of) no one seems to give a shit and thinks this is still about the creepy shit Milo said on the Joe Rogan show



Milo isn't just a victim or defender, he's a perpetrator

We already prevented them from being able to effectively pin it on us

The first confirmation goes up on an upstart Alt Right site that hosts a podcast that is also on Daily Stormer and TRS

And that confirming story was quickly RT'ed by both Dr. Duke and Richard Spencer

we are playing 1488D so fast even you guys can't keep up. Kek

1488D chess

We published that almost 24 hrs ago


and just in case anyone is wondering why we didn't just publish the video tape:

ARC is a website I work for

The website that content cucked Joe Bernstien

Because I helped talk the source out of going to him

I reminded him of what happened when Baked Alaska cooperated with Joe

The back lash from us

Made the point that the shit storm would be even greater, since BA has already been the example of "DO NOT FUCKING COOPERATE WITH JOE BERNSTEIN"



But so far our news is gonna be pretty goddamn triggering




@Chef Goyardee the links should be in the SC info

Well fuck I just realized I didn't leave a link to Starting Strength

actually nevermind its there

we just had a lot of links this week

@Nikephoros The best thing I've found to build forearms is doing as many things as possible in the farmer carry with dumb bells

step ups, lunges, etc. also doing farmer walks as heavy as possible (AHAP) for a set distance or as far as possible with a set weight

farmer carry: holding dumb bells at your side as opposed to a bar on your back

no meat or dairy for 40 days?

fuck that. That's unhealthy

The fuck?

As incredibly unhealthy as that dietary protocol is for every population with the exception of a handful of Asians and probably the Ashekenasi Jews, I seriously doubt...well, I'm not going to be that guy today. You can probably guess where I'm going with this

I'm not even sure 320 days is enough time for anyone over 30 to fully recover from the effects

And shellfish being fair game wouldn't do me much good, considering I'm allergic to them

yeah the rest of their food and lifestyle in general not being fucked by ZOG or a need to train for atheletic ability is probably the main reason they live so long

Yall are talking about TRS Official right?

The other chat, summed up in an image:

OY VEY!!!!!!!

@here I can jump in too if there's people

aight goys coming in a sec

Even sand niggers don't want to be around sand niggers

Alcoholism is degenerate.

you wanna come in a hangout and help me figure out a thing with some sound software?

mein negers, I will be in after we finish recording the war room

or just load them on barges and sink the barges

ya son

So the kikes are stealing and repurposing weev tech? Preheat the ovens.

affirmative action bakesales are funny. Lolbertarians are always talking about doing them (they came up with the idea) but they are always too fucking milqtoaste to actually do one

I hate people that come up with ideas that are then too much of a pussy to do them.

This is the most elite discord server in the Alt Right.

Hes said basically the same shit before. He's fucking with the media and the left.

total thot

getting milk


I'm gonna jump in after I grab a drank

(((High Fructose Corn Syrup)))

That's a nice poster, you got the pdf


either of you goys wanna help me see if I have corrected a tech issue?


your shit isn't transmitting or my end isnt receiving



^no, I was working an issue with hangout

kebabs BTFO

Ya son

ya son, this is going to be the worst episode of Salting the Earth since before I got my Snowball

I'm triggered


nah, if Jewesses wanna fuck niggers whatever

@PrinceHubris sup nigga

@Adrien Arcand He already got one of the RR guys

My roommate is in his room by himself and thinks he has to talk into his phone like he is in a bar with loud nigger music playing

Spaghetti niggers out, REEEEEEEEEEE

I've seen this material before

It wasn't called "2d4d", just digit ratio

It's not a Roman but I'll take it

I endorse @Yankee

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