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So how many of Trump's staff are the libshits going to try and get fired?



I learned about how evil franco was today


literal robots

David Duke endorsed Ellison and the shitlibs are baffled,

My dudes help a goy out. I need some pics other than Spencer for getting a Fashy cut.

@d'marcus That painting always reminds me of this.

old art






I care

This piece is Schoenberg's first in the 12-tone style. (All twelve tones of the chromatic scale are treated equally so their is no tonic or hierarchy) he set the rhythm to classical dance forms. Peak subversion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19VxHGpzJBo

It was on in the student center at my uni and the snowflakes were triggered.

literally annuda shoah

behead those who insult the Dingos

A bad goy I know is looking for a new American news podcast a la FTN to listen to? Any ideas? I mentioned The Krypto Report.


@Roscoe Which are the boots with the coincidental swastika boot print?

damnit they recalled them. fugg

Remember this Roscoe

@Asgardian117 I doubt it, apparently a bunch of other teachers agreed. It's also Cali those union teachers are impossible to fire.

Was Dingo Land really like that in the 80s.

My only question with that song is how did the dingoes get introduced to reggae?

The Dingoes had one of the best Nirvana clones too.

If Hitler had won we would be vacationing in Africa watching the Jews dig diamonds out of the ground.

real #MilkTwitter hours


Baltimore - you won't ever find a more wretched hive of scum and SWPLry

Some exemplary cases of the 14 words.

What's up goys?

Burn twitter down as insane black nationalists.

Of course that will require a VPN for most of us now.

They kind of got us for now, but once they ban enough E celeb Trump supporters it's going to die off provided gab ever gets their shit together and makes an app.

Are they wise to "skypes?"

I like Ken's idea to make the NEETs learn lifting terms.

I've always wanted to play earthbound.
Dragon Quest VIII is GOAT.

That and KOTOR on Xbox.


@c6%G you aren't missing much the only series that deserves praise as of late is Dark Souls and the related games.

@c6%G FFXV is really good I was surprised given the 10 year development.

I really hope Dragon Quest XI is good as well.

I tried playing FFX recently and just couldn't the voice acting is so bad.

Not gonna lie a cactrot swastika tattoo would be top kek.

My favorite thing about FFVII is how Barret is what Japanese people think black people are like.

But they got the speaking in 70s blaxploitation dialog part right.

@WACRx keep your enemies closer.

@c6%G I hope they don't I want to hear polygon and kotaku cry about it for months and demand an apology from Square Enix.

@c6%G That was Nintendo's retard ass.

Third gender pokemon mains

I wish they would remake FFVI

FFVII only gets hype b/c ps1

FFVI has the better plot and characters.

Imagine the opera scene in FFXV cinematic visuals or even the opening scene.

>TFW no Nintendo consoles


tl;dr endless, pointless schisms

Praise Yakub

Can't. Too many normies around.

Lol antifa retards just made themselves the enemies of the extreme metal scene.

Marduk cancelled a show in Oakland because antifa has been dogging them for "fascist imagery."

Real question, why haven't the Dingos settled the interior?

Emus are nuts

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