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the dollar menu challenge

Damn this place moves fast

i'm gonna hit the grocery store, i expect many missed messages while im gone hahah

@wyatt you are in here??? oh no......


using that ipad?



sounds like a fishing trip gone wrong mate

you put the bait on the hook

then you cast it in the water

I remember a few years ago when they put sprinklers to cool people at auschwitz for the tours

and people tripped the fuck out

that was fucking hilarious

anyone remember that shit?

shit that is bumpin

i have to do paperwork...

i want to rejoin the military

but i dont want to go fucking serve israel

Yeah I know.

Lol what


Tard Swag

@RedRightHand I'd be an officer.

But yeah lol.

oh god @Koba

stop making me think about him and his dick diapers

screenshotting private forums, discords, or groups anywhere is a descipable thing to do, I think the just punishment is ruthless cyberwarfare and doxxing of the culprit.

@YUGE I think most of the tests are similar, i took a different one, i got like 12 or 13 or something

@YUGE maybe mine was different because it said i exhibited almost no signs of autism, different grading scale, whatever

@Convo indeed, or using the windows Snipping Tool, even easier

I'd say im just...average/normal at it lol

that sucks man

sorry to hear

better to end it on your terms

ive made mistakes and held out and let myself be the one taking a spear in the back @Brad Small so stay strong and do what is best for you, sounds like you know

yeah thats good

i made the mistake of not payingattention to signs last time myself

this better be good!

im not autistic, I'm just too fucking nice

i quit drinking, and i started just being extremely nice and respectful to women all the time

and it turned out terrible.

lol tests suggest im not even remotely

i remember us talking about this earlier. im tired as hell today. falling asleep in my chair

i guess its 5pm

i've reclaimed my old discord picture



hahahhahaha i just spit all over my laptop

I do need to deal with the weeds in my alley....

Is there much chatter going on now?

I may join

cool if it's roling after I eat I'll come say hi


im jumping into a conversation so i might be asking dumb shit you clarified earlier for all i know


i understand then


for how long?

I'm a pathetic fuck and get seasick really bad

And I'm part Norwegian, I feel like I should have some genetic immunity to sea sickness haha

@Caerulus_Rex hahaahhaha that was probably the main reasons i joined army instead of marine corps


I'm Norwegian, and Cossack Russian

and I'm 5'9

@BIG4U terrible feeling brother

@D'Marcus Liebowitz lol I have always had this picture of bateman as a pic on iscord until a few weeks ago someone in IE had it too

and then went on some joking rant about how its thirs and they earned it

and i was ike what and changed it, was confusing to see to twopictures that were the same anyways

and now I switched it back

and damnt you just changed my name didnt you


@D'Marcus Liebowitz Marcus is a faggot anyways. He likes oliver peoples glasses like i do, similar suits, and even goes to the same barber..but my haircut is much better

And that piece of shit paul Allen thinks I am Marcus


Never been into Pizza hardcore

but i bet pizza sucks in the south


little caesars is probably top shelf shit huh

I have some family in Forida, mom's sister and her famiy, those fuckers are weird.....sorry if you are from florida

they live near sarasota, thats the only general region of florida i knew

that state sounds awful though

washington does sound nice

im sick of arizona



ther's a lib tipped dick trying to invade onthe backside there.

we need to bomb this bottom center portion of my state



having too many guns is just a standard norm for most people in arizona

it weirds some other people i have talked to out

but its how i grew up, everyone has tons of guns

and fuck all the money they get

im a california refugee

well my family moved here when i was 2 haha

so im basically a native

28 years is good

there's a number of mexicans

but our guns laws are amazing


my famiy lives in the forest in colorado

i am much happier there

I'm not cancer ๐Ÿ˜›

but most are

new mexicans are the worst too

i think my family hates them the most of people from other states that come to colorado

they are in the southwest though where its rugged and people build bnkers in the canyons

oh man

those fucking fags do look like they have AIDS

Yeah ^ me too

@YUGE What's going on sir

are they?

got a link or i gotta dig

i like seeing cernovich get attacked and his resposnes

fucker trips

ok, we follow each other ill go watch

we can run genetic testing on thots

they can be used for repopulation purposes, and offspring given to proper foster families or communities

yeah I almost think it's not as mucha genetic thing with them as just engrained denengeracy on a mental level. And life experience can change your DNA

but those aren't things that typically can be passed on in X and Y chromosomes

I will lmao

I'm a biochemistry major

and I got a good grant for research for next year, I have mastered chemistry, so I will fine tune my genetics work and learn more of genetic engineering.

Hahaha yup. I already have done work on collecting DNA samples on mysef and artifically growning strands to cause them to replicate, to search for certain genes

yeah i know

i just try not to science out

with my talk


its easy

@Convo I'm just trying to finish up my academic career

and see what the hell jobs i can get


i didnt get it for a specific purpose, its a pell grant, and I have to just choose what research I will assist with next year under what professor is doing what

I haven't chosen that yet


Patrick Bateman would NEVER think about such things ๐Ÿ˜›

Fuck, I gotta be at Dorsia in 82 minutes.

It was weird, I didn't apply for anything special or extra, and they threw in a huge chunk of federal grant money

for next year

Sorry, I was going through my album collection. I was going to play this new Robert Palmer track.


they look like "i jerk off in movie theatres" to me

@Convo omg it says mad russian

@Koba , the latest one he posted?

i got behind, was doing other stuff

lol nice Richard, good clip

Earl it seems like that one faggo did already

let's build Richard Spencer terminators

and unleash them on antifa

hahahahaahhahahahha omg i jus watched the mad russian one, that was great

@D'Marcus Liebowitz i is busy doin studyin right now, i canttttttt

Haha, maybe later though.

Mad gay.

fag gay even.

the original dune coons

omg im testing that out on google

this is moving too fast!!!! autism kicking in!!!!!


@โ˜‡Unlimited Powerโ˜‡ WAY behind on scrolling, but holy shit......the Dyatlov Pass incident has freaked me out for years

What do you make of it personally?


when i was younger i thought it was a yeti attack

Charlie poachin' turf!

@Koba no, I have XMPP and PGP keys though

@BellaDashwood what about slav ๐Ÿ˜ฆ No mine looks nordic with a bunch in the top from it being broken once or 5 times

only half russian

it does feel better on your ear when it itches and you scratch inside it with your finger, than your finger being like FUCK YES THIS IS AWESOME


but that is NOT an excuse for faggotry, just so my stance is clear.

hopefullly didnt help other people do it either right?

the temp has been going up and down for a few weeks pretty wild

but i fear its gonna stay hot now

fuck this state


when u need tendies

i never played wow

i played starcraft as a kid...i played...diablo 2....closest to that or whatever games

counterstrike DoD and halflife were fun

a week or 2 ago i think i had a hellmarch video on loop for an hour

i like to go post about Putin to all the normie people i know on facebook

i rememberwhen it first came out and you could only sign up if you were a college student

Comicon has always seemed pretty damn weird to me

yeah, or anyone lol

i'm just saying facebook first started when i first went to college

and they used to only let college students on it

then it blew up

i dont know how old anyone is so if im stating the obvious muhhhhbaadddd

depends on the professor

unless you mean high school

haha okay


i dropped some bioethicsclass because i was supposed to write a paper arguing for wage redistribution

and just got triggered and said fucking commies and left

winnie the pooh likes honey!

what about vanguard?



ew new mexico haha

there are some nice places in NM


i need some coffee my brain is getting AIDS

aw coffee is awesome

i used to like those years ago

i just hardly drik at all now

maybe sip on a beer if im out somewhere

coffee only lasts like 1 hour for me

then im tired

yeah i just dont react much to it

i usually just brew one cup a day

some people drink stupid amounts my current state. hahah

i want to take a nap but im trying to reset my sleep schedule


not good to have kids when you get close to 40

i've never had to deal with any ever

so i only hear tales of peoples' experiences


i should go make my cup of coffee, water is boiling

my last ex got knocked up by her boss at a job i got her a bit grumpy

cernovich is a schizo i think

what are they?

i don't pay much attention to him

he sells supplements like alex jones?

ill look this up

i bet i can figure it out

im a biochemist and used to be a supplement geek hardcore

so hes funding the cartels then!!

what do you mean.

if i know what i am consuming, then it's safe

lol ok.



yeah, that's kind of what i'm about, outdoor stuff, staying fit, and healthy diet

no ill be even more powerful then

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