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Hey hey goyim, thanks for the invite @BershaeS

Service is too shitty & cant reconnect, have a goodnight goyim

Fuck that berkley event got crazy, dam psychos were burning a tree

Their doing all the red pilling for us at this point๐Ÿ˜†

Over Milo too, hes not even edgy

โ€œWe shall drive the Christians into war by exploiting their national vanity and stupidity. They will then massacre each other, thus giving room for our own people.โ€ (Rabbi Reichorn, in Le Contemporain, July 1st, 1880)


Popcorn fish head

Dam I passed out in da chat lol

Lmao ^

Gonna have dinner before I jump back in

Ill make the fashy barbershop a reality when we take our country back

"The nigger is indolent, lazy, & spends his money on frivolities, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized, & intelligent" - A dead Commie

Ill be back


Is that a gun!!!๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Badass but knarly recoil


Welcome new goyim

Its a shoah

Funny shit Eli, gonna run some errands ill be back

In dingo land

My carry piece



Nice grips

California sucks otherwise id have more

The waifus pistol is cute

Nice hi power

P38 or p1?

Was that one a build?

Im jealous

Id get the 7.62x39
The fashy stigma is worth it

Pricy rounds goy


Thats fucked...

Sells out his people, converts to goat fucking & were the cucks lol


Welcome <@292012713498902528>

Every time!!!!

@Koba 50,000 volts of power



My connections shitty ill be back

Im up in the hills my connection sucks

I can hear you guys though

Hey D'marcus you should beat that arab who owes you money with a phone book, doesn't leave bruises

The day the black pill stood still

Its a party out here

Gowin to church n sheeit

Surrender 1st

@D'Marcus Liebowitz This one tops the charts is shitty millennial rock

@JohnnyTruthSeed I just larp as a jew to other jews to show my solidarity with the fellow goyim & accept my privilege of having my own ethnostate๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

One brick at a time

Is that a wheelbarrow as a front wheel

A honda civic engine

Bacha bazzi. Its horrifying




Niggers gonna nig

Trump at this point has nothing to lose, they will blame him no matter what.

They will not stop until all traces of our civilization are gone

If the sanctuary state law is allowed to pass in California we are fucked

I hate to say it but things may need to get a lot worse before we see any big changes. As long as the common normie has their comfort zone, they will continue to rationalize the bs & pretend everything is ok.

Boomers are worse than commies

Probably a citizen too. Once the cancer root sinks deep enough there is no ridding it. Why id prefer anarcho-communism over capitalism. At least the left doesn't care if they are legal.

Their votes & tolerance of based niggers & spics are gonna be what kills us slowly. The diabeetus will kill them 1st unfortunately.

That wont fly with us California goys

I envy you convo

I cant leave unfortunately. Even if I could I would miss the ocean & triggering shitlibs.

Let this be a lesson to always keep your head on a swivel

Sometimes you have no control over the situation. Thats why you never go alone.

The best defense is a large group, even if the opposition has a gun. All it takes is 2-3 to grab it.

Getting killed with your own gun is more embarrassing then a sneak choke

@Convo have you thought of going to church? Not all the girls here racemix

Lol wyatt on top of it

What part of cali are you in?

It all depends on personal experiences for the red pill, im having trouble red pilling my gf. I feel it, I plan on moving to el dorado county 45 min east of you, its all white.

Some of us gotta stay behind & keep our presence known here, theres lots of activism that needs to be done.

Black pill

Ive talked to Yuge many times, he agrees with you that im an idiot


Because I know its true, im clinging onto hope

& I know were going to lose here

Doxx the oath keepers as well

Id say pick the one who will be the best mother to raise & love your white children

Another dark skinned white guy

Don't worry goy well just build some more barricades

Is someone defending asians?

OUT!! OUT!!!

Great bullyciding @YUGE you have earned the Iron Cross

@badtanman you get the Rainbow Swastica

@Ilya Muromets That is hoping the boomers don't knock up their 20 year younger philipina wives before they croak.

Almost every boomer I know is divorced & dating a nip

(((Matt Stone)))
(((Trey Parker)))

They both are

Name doesnt sound jewish at all but hes one of the tribe

Randolph Severn is Treys real name,

Don't talk to me or my wifes son ever again

It was a major keystone in my redpill process


So he is

I got a funny whitepill story that happened today if you wanna hear ill be in the chat after midnight pacific

Record it for me im at work

Some Atomwaffen guy killed a gay jew in SoCal

Took him to the park


He wasnโ€™t at Berkeley I would have recognized him

Of coarse you know him Gesta

If you have his number please delete it immidiately

Itโ€™s still on his phone imguessing

Wasnโ€™t worth it



Does she at least have an ok fave


Go for the fatty then

We have faith in you

This dumpster fire needs more gasoline @Tigris Albus keep reading

Its not race mixing if your not having kids, the second that bowl hits the rice cooker though...

What a fucking speeg


This infighting gets to me but what can you do

I would assume not

White Sharia

Submit to a future for white children

@Illegal Aryan I have some expeience in animation, the second I have shekels for a pc build im getting back into it


Wrong Turn

I cancelled the interview @Vic_Mackey I have until June to move.

Im with chillbro

Anything helps bowlther

You da bowl @Vic_Mackey Also decided not to attend Shabos Allens event

It would have been fun to counter signal the Muh Israel

YUGE just arrived

Some shitskins are having a photoshoot right above

Ill fix it

Theres a fuck ton of traffic going south, I think ill chill on this beach with my glenlivet for a bit

@Krieg Fuck yeah bowl

Get a car first for the love of Roof

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